Save Up to 50% on Dragonflight Through October 2

Base edition should be $4 :rofl:

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Can they make D4 20$ already?

Imo just give it away for free with the cost of a sub for a month, and they can keep it too not a temp thing.

Maybe do this during the holidays :smiley:

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Its over lmao.

For a company as greedy as blizzard to put wow up for sale so often tells you they gotta be having some uncomfortable conversations in the office lol


This isn’t really a deal. The expansion is half over chronologically and like 2/3 over in terms of hype/content. It should be cheaper to be honest.


eXpanSion oN Sal3, itz 0/3r! lolz!!1!

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If they’re hurting for money…PLAYER HOUSING!!!

So many will return to make their own apartment or house in Stormwind/Org.

Make it like FFXIV and hold peoples houses hostage with a sub fee.


Dragonflight is a failure

bring on the cosmic storyline to save WoW!

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Won’t anyone think of the yachts?!?

Seriously though, I’ve never seen an expac get so many discounts, so often. Far be it from me to predict doom and gloom, but this is definitely a “tug on the shirt collar while smiling awkwardly” moment for Blizzard.


He’s a known troll who has been here for a very very long time. He knows how ads work here. Why feign ignorance and then act snarky to downplay information Blizz would like everyone to know concerning the extension of the sale if not to troll as usual?

No one “jumped on” anyone. His dismissal of Blizz trying to inform people of an extended sale was pointed out, that’s it. If you want to start drama claiming someone got “jumped on,” have fun with that, I guess.

Man posts like this are like flypaper for the doomsayers and perpetually negative posters ere.

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Dragonflop the expansion that has been 67% and 50% off for longer than its normal msrp. Free month of game time for the top edition was then added the el cheapo editions etc… etc… I ask you then when is the refund coming for all the suckers that paid full pop on pre purchases?


Free weekend when?!

The real question is, free expansion when?

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Sure signs of a very healthy and financially successful company meeting its targets: extending sales. /s

With physical goods you could make the case that they got more inventory or didn’t sell through enough and want to clear space. With digital goods it’s just clear desperation to draw in more income or increase customer-base (same thing in the end).

But go ahead Blizzard. You’ve burned bridges, broken trust. Go ahead and do what the lore-destroying devs want, do the cosmic nonsense for 11.0 and further destroy what’s left.

I’m not typically a fan of executives willy-nilly reaching down and interfering with process because micro-managing tends to be bad and brings about negative results, however, they’ve tried teasing customers with discounts, they’ve tried fomo with the trader’s cart, but they haven’t tried getting rid of the rotten people who destroyed the IP and its lore. Executive mandate now, pull the Bob Newhart it was all a dream lever and reset it to the good times, the money too will flow.


I’d say that’s debatable but I’m not here to kick up a storm about poster habits.

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Players would pay for it, then complain they had to pay for it because it should’ve been an expansion feature. Then they’d complain about how it doesn’t meet their dream requirements, and how the best cosmetics are locked behind renown, and a raid boss, and a M+ rating, and a PVP rating, etc.

I say bring it on – reading about it will be entertaining for the remainder of DF’s cycle.

I was merely clearing up the Vulpera’s conundrum.

We can go down the route of whether it is a good or bad sign but I’ve done that way too much and it goes nowhere so I thought I’d keep that bit out just for sanity’s sake.

Should of included the character boost with the base edition imo.
They would of sold more copies on the sale.

Thallia… I mean Sendryn has always kind of been that person that thinks they’re always right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: