Save Up to 30% on Select Game Services for A Limited Time

Save Up to 30% on Select Game Services for A Limited Time

Experience life on the other side in World of Warcraft® with Faction Change Bundles. For a limited time, transfer your character or characters for less with the Paid Character Transfer service.

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You know, for a box price every 2 years plus a ongoing sub, you think some of these services would be bundled into a sub. Even at 30% off the pricing is insane.


Either buy it or reroll for free

Should be appreciated they give 30% off


Damn you Blizzard, you really know how to get people to spend money with cross faction!

Glad this is available though, my DK is becoming a Worgen yesterday.


No, they should be doing what they can to retain players instead of chasing short term profit.


Hehe that sort of logic has no power here.

Those services are there because people want to transfer/change

Well that comes to a cost

If you do not like paying for these services then you are free to make a new level 1 character on a server you choose

Lower the prices on your services to be more reasonable, please.


Look I got 26 characters so stop telling me to level new ones these prices shouldn’t be anywhere near the prices that they are for a game we already pay for. I can buy a brand new triple a game for the cost of moving 6-8 character. That costs blizzard close to 0 dollars.


lol, yes, let’s appreciate a rebate on a service that is 100% automated on Blizzard’s end and that costs them virtually nothing to offer.


More Money!!!

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it’s clark. his only purpose is to shill for blizzard. just stick him on ignore.


Eat that price Blizzard. Not buying it anymore.


Blizzard. The type of crafter that charges 5,000g to press a button.


Then do so no one will force you to buy character services

Your 27th character is free to be anywhere you please

A service that you should be charged for as you wanted to change your characters appearance or server

If it was free AH for example, would be in chaos as people will butcher low realm servers and raise them up in populated servers

nah hes right the prices are still ridiculously high for is a completely automated process. its a scam.


You misquoted me and removed the entire argument from my post, gj. lol

Blizzard: Gives elves dark ranger skin. Waits for influx of race change purchases.


6x character transfers are not showing as 8x in the in-game shop; and 8 faction changes is still showing up as $95.


And God said let there be light!

Thank you so much for this! I have multiple friends that are coming back to Alliance now due to the sale! I’m no longer going to be the last of my friends left on Alliance! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Less than two hundred bucks to faction change and server transfer 8 toons is not a bad deal