Save the Date — The Future of Warcraft

I want more than 12 classes. It doesn’t need to get to 20, but getting 3 new classes in 15 years is a bit thin.

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Who else thinks it’s a Hearthstone-style Galakrond expansion? Dragon Isles maybe?

Any other hypotheses?

Also rumor has it, we may be getting Dark Rangers as our next class. Would fit in nicely, we haven’t had a ranged class added at all.

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It’s going to be the Starcraft-linked leak. Calling it now.

From what I saw, it’s a Dark Ranger quest in 9.2.5 where you can look like a DR. It won’t be a class.

they’re not balanced as is.

And they never will be. The game needs new content, new ways to interface with it, and we have multiple races who need a class that fits their lore. We need new classes to spice things up.

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Just announce WOTLK, any expansion by the current team will be garbage tier, the ending cinematic of SL proves they can not write a good story any more


Can’t wait for it

Dragonflight is the next expac. No need for this event.

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Convolutedite is farmed to buy a 15m buff that allows you to farm a rep by killing rare spawns that offer 25 rep per kill on a 8-12 hour respawn with 1 health and no immunity on spawn, once you reach exalted then you unlock a weekly that lets you farm 10 obnoxiousium which has yo then be smelted with 10,000 of the next expansion ore bars to create one “trifling obnoxiousium bar” 20 bars let’s you buy a ilvl 14 wand, which then unlocks a quest which requires you to make redundant portal jumps across the same continent 477 times.
Then 12 months into the patch the last chapter will unlock and you can take your ilvl 14 wand, combine it with the new whyamihere stone, which is a 1:3000 drop from a raid boss that’s got insane mechanics on it (but can be raid shared for world first guilds to be able to sell) where you then farm 10,000 ReallyBlizzard sigils to unlock another 12 month rep grind.


So do we have an exact time to tune in or just a date as that makes no sense to announce a date and no time unless they just drop it at midnight as a prerecorded video

The real date is 2-3 days before that, when real leaks start popping up like mushrooms after a monsoon.

But I’m excited thinking about it. it could be about robot dragons! And Azeroth is going to go through her celestial emergence and we’re going to have to call on the heroes of every expansion since Warcraft 1 to combine their powers via a DBZ Spirit bomb via the hidden eternals and turn her into a giant marble statue.

Oops did I give away the spoiler for next expansion?

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Anyone know how this announcement will be provided? I would like to know if there will be a live announcement, or do I come here and read an article?

I’ve been staying away from “spoilers” and have one week to go. I can’t wait to be dazzled by Blizzard’s awesome cinematics announcing the next expansion.

Come over here.

excited to see it

All aboard the overhype train! Choo Choo!

One of the big reveals will be Jastor Gallywix becomes War Chief
and all of the major cities become a New Vegas.

World of Warcraft Titans LETS GO!

I quit for good 5 months ago and come back periodically on the wow site to see if they decided to change their ways and make this game better. So far I haven’t seen them do this.