Save Big on WoW Black Friday Deals

Save Big on WoW Black Friday Deals

Whether you’re getting into the season of giving for your friends and family—or simply want to treat yourself to something fun—save up to 50% on Shadowlands, Burning Crusade Classic, and more during our Black Friday sale.

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I do kind of like the transmog. I’m hoping the tier sets are amazing as this transmog.

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A shame I already have the celestial steed, otherwise I might actually get it.

Why doesn’t Blizzard put all products/services on sale like race change, with all the new features that allied races got it seems like a good way to promote…


The hood looks weird but nothing there to ‘treat’ myself. Heck I ain’t spending my own cash on that, lol… not making enough gold either :frowning:

Not really much offered there for me so I’ll pass.

The upgrades are a tempting cheap boost.

I actually like the Murloc , I can finally carry a creature on my journey that isn’t a small critter I can barely see unless I get a magical biscuit

Glad I waited to get BCC Deluxe, $48 for a retail mount and 30 days gametime isn’t anywhere near as bad as $70 for that.

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Bring back the Grinning Reaver and I’ll buy some tokens. :wink:

What happens if you already have one of the items in the bundle.

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I know they’ve previously discounted it. I know for a fact they did at once point because I bought a bundle a few years back and it deducted the cost of an item I already owned.

Maybe someone who has purchased something similarly more recently can chime in if they still do.

They’ll have a note stating the price of the bundle will auto-adjust.

And transfers. I know a transfer bundle is coming but $25 is still pretty steep for an automated process.


Thanks Blizzard.

I was kinda waiting for this sale to happen to try out Shadowlands.

Do the shadowlands copies with the level 50 boosts get upgraded to a lvl 60 boost automatically? I read last week all level 50 boosts will automatically upgrade to level 60.

Where’s the bulk transfer?


Did you guys sneak a paid armor set into an announcement for a sale?

What exactly am I paying a monthly sub for I gotta be honest, keeping the servers online?

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So we get really uninspired looking tier sets for 9.2… but you make a cool looking mog set for the cash shop…?


No discounts on services? No ma’am Pam we’re not here for this.


Prob going directly in to bobby koticks checking account