Sargeras [A] <Blame it on Lag> currently 5/10M, now recruiting for SOD and Sepulcher!

Recruiting for current raid and next!

Lookin for more good peeps!

Looking for great players!

Let’s raid!

Looking for some more for this and next tier!

Amazing Team.

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Lookin for more~

Great players always considered!

Looking for a few more!

Looking for more peeps~

Looking for more dedicated people

Looking for more for next tier!

well i put in a app like over a week ago and no response…guess you guys are not serious about recruitment…goodluck …p.s you could at least give people a heads up on your intentions.

Looking for more for next tier

I checked on your application notes and it shows as under review pending conversation and the officer who noted it also noted they sent you a friend request in game and that your discord name was not correct and they couldn’t add you there (perhaps the wrong case?) We’re happy to entertain your application if you are still interested.

The discord you provided cokdiesel#8913 says not a valid user. Please feel free to add Tariya#5813 if you are interested in chatting

Sorry was capitol C Cokdiesel lol

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Still looking for kick booty fun people to smash some bosses heads in :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much about Kelvi and his “kick booty fun”. I swear he’s harmless.

Looking for more!

Looking for more!