San'layn/Darkfallen Coagulated AR/Customization Idea Megathread

I’m going to admit, I am extremely jealous of the Alliance right now. Night elves particularly got so much beautiful customization that I really wish we had on blood elves. It seems like every other race is getting facial piercings except for Blood elves and it is driving. me. nuts.

Look at dwarves with their different clans… look at trolls with theirs… orcs with a TON of diversity too. Draenei have two themes with their allied race. Orcs too. The elves on the Horde are getting the really short end of the stick. Not only do Void Elves now pretty much get all of what blood elves have (so… two themes) but Blizzard is now trying to make Blood elves ‘unique’ with jewelry that, in my personal opinion, looks gaudy and disgusting, of which is useless as heck for those who actually want to use the transmogs we collect. Sorry, I don’t plan on playing naked, so that silly body jewelry is entirely useless to me.

What about those of us that want to play blood elves in combat, are fierce, and that, I don’t know, actually fit in with the Horde? We’re bombarded again and again and again that ‘Oh blood elves don’t belong in the Horde, they’re prissy, they don’t fit in with the other races, too pretty’… so why not give us some fierce options, Blizzard? Why does every single ounce of customization for Blood elves have to be some gaudy jewelry? Bland hairstyles too, nothing unique, meanwhile other races are getting scars and facial piercings.

And the poor Nightborne still have faces that look like they’ve been hit with a shoe or in the case of female nightborne, hair styles that look like they fit better on a miniature poodle.

Yeah, they’re making the ‘ohhh look blood elves get blue eyes, WOO!’ monumental for us apparently and I’m sitting here like “I DON’T EVEN WANT THESE STUPID BLUE EYES ON MY DEATH KNIGHT.” To me, the blue eyes for blood elves thing is so utterly unexciting I roll my eyes every time someone tries to push it on me as something that actually matters.

And you’re right. Why does the most played race get the least amount of options? And no, I don’t want anyone coming at me in here with “BuT BloOd ElVeS ArE GeTtInG A LoT!” because silly looking jewelry with very little variation that will clash with transmog anyway and in some cases MIGHT AS WELL JUST BE BRACER TRANSMOG are NOT a lot of options. People aren’t getting that quantity =/= quality. At all. Plain and simple, in my personal opinion, this blood elf stuff has all been bland and uninspired as compared to what the other races are getting.

Like I said, as if we need more ammo for the people who come in our faces on a constant basis that blood elves do not belong in the Horde and are not powerful.

So we’re not alone? Because I feel like I’ve just been screaming into the void, being told to shut up, and most frequently: “Deal with it, it’s the theme of blood elves to be gaudy and cheap.” Yet void elves, which ARE BLOOD ELVES BUT WITH VOID FOR GOODNESS SAKES, get a gothic theme to them. Suddenly they’re magically ‘not cheap and gaudy’? But…also…they get to be non-void too, yet get to keep these gothic hair styles. I hope people are seeing my point.

Customization is about letting us play our characters as we want to see them. Why does every single blood elf player need to be shoved into a ‘go be a boring barbie no one likes’ box because oh wow, that’s their “theme”? I liked blood elves because to me there was more to them than that, but man am I sure being proven wrong now and regretting even bothering to play blood elves.

And it really is frustrating, because you have players like me and others in this thread who are clearly the minority but that shouldn’t matter because points at mechagnomes.

I was really hoping, truly, that in an undead expansion with a vampire themed section coming up, we’d have some signs of getting those vampires we saw back and wrath and were talking about for two years, that they teased us with in BfA. Even going so far as to saying they were looking for a home in the Horde. Instead, radio silence.

And no, silence isn’t a good thing. They revealed the blue eyes for void elves and blood elves (and non-void skins for void elves too.). So clearly they do toss out things that are going to be happening, and people have been talking about undead elves and the wants for them, but again, radio silence. I really am starting to think, based on the nonsense they keep adding for blood elves, they really aren’t listening to the players who want their blood elf characters to look nice and fierce.

For me at least, as you know by now, that answer is a bloody flat out no.

Again, I’m so glad I’m not alone in my frustration. I don’t wander away from this thread much because I don’t want to get shoved with “DEAL WITH THEIR THEME”. The answer is no. Throw the theme into the garbage. Themes bar from customization and people should be able to choose if they want to subscribe to a theme of a race, or if they want to go their own road. Restrictions. Are. Stupid. WE HAVE A YETI COSTUME AND A FISH WEAPON. Anyone that tries to argue with me “But racial aesthetic and theme” can go take a walk far away from me because I won’t stand to hear it.

And yes, all of this is relevant to this thread, because if San’layn are stuck being customization (and likely low effort too, judging on the nonsense they’re giving to blood elves) then we won’t get to choose their theme. Everyone’s so obsessed with theme, well then we’d better in the very least get gothic/punk options for blood elves if we’re given vampyr customization. If people want to play gaudy vampires too? Sure, fine, that’s your choice. You don’t need to go by the vampire theme, you can do your own thing as a vampyr. But give us different themes for goodness sakes to choose from as opposed to one singular gaudy ‘here have this jewlery and shut up’.

Here’s a live update of what I looked like while typing this post:


I’m extremely annoyed with the so called new customization’s that Belf’s are getting. Especially the gaudy necklaces that only go with like three transmogs, and the earrings. I can’t believe they are trying to pass off earring options that we already have as being new. There’s 3 new options that’s it. I don’t count painting the old earrings silver, as being new and exciting options. I want Dark Ranger, San’layn, and felblood options. This is World of Warcraft, not a My Pretty Princess make over sim.


Allow me to share official Blizzard art of Blood Elves and highlight the aestetics that look brilliant AND fierce. ahem

Also pictured: Scars.


I just wanted to share more official blizzard art of the Blood elf Aestetic AKA they can be fearsome warriors as well.


No aestetic ideas here but again, theme and a point being made that blood elves are not just gaudy elves that only should have gigantic jewelry offered as customization.

Oh look at that he looks fierce and has scarring. Hmmmmmmm

Look at Lady Liadrin in this image, she is the picture of fierce. And another elf proving my point. She could cut you to pieces and probably rip someone’s arm off with her bare hands.

This is official concept art by the way why did we never get this it’s a tragedy

((THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL BLIZZARD ART SADLY)) But come on look, it’s GORGEOUS and it shows the ferocity of them too.

There’s a TON of fanart of course that shows Blood Elves actually looking really fierce too, but of course people will argue “NOT OFFICIAL SO NOT AESTHETIC”. I think I made my point here though. Give us styles that will also make us look fierce and for goodness sakes undead elves (particularly San’layn but I mean me saying that is a given).

Also… that last image shows intricate and really neat armor AKA armor that would render that silly body jewelry and “BRACELETS” (which are literally fake bracer mogs I mean come on, it is NOT a real customization option and it bugs me that they’re pushing that as something to take seriously), and gigantic chunks of what bloody have you.


Maybe people aren’t really inspired by the themes of Blood Elves or what they are inspired by isn’t translating well as game assets.

There is always the possibility of them holding back a butt ton of cosmetics because they aren’t ready yet.


Truth is though, Blizzard has been cultivating the Blood elf ensemble for over a decade now. It’s boring. The red and gold elegance of Silvermoon and all that transpired there. It’s like… time to move on to something else. Add a different facet to all this. You can’t tell me a huge swath of players didn’t quit cause they were just bored with the Blood Knight theme. Blizzard explored the good side of Silvermoon and their trials and tribulations. Now they should explore the dark side with the San’layn. Especially now since it’s a goth themed expansion. That just makes total sense.


Could you guys check out my new thread compiling desires for Blood Elf customization?

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Perhaps they are leaving a night warrior unlock sort of scenario after we do the patch. Perhaps they are listening and will consider making the San’layn it’s own allied race. Perhaps after we deal with Kael’thas we may have a way to make new San’layn and thus unlock customization? I am just throwing out ideas since we haven’t seen any undead blood elf customization and I believe shadowlands is slated for a november release ( I may be wrong I read an article).

I believe the most likely release for any San’layn stuff would be if we get Kael’thas on our side so after the raid is finished perhaps. That could be patches later as the story progresses. I also would like to know how the dark rangers are in this position. Those new night elf rangers and the old high elf rangers. There customization is heavily requested and the aesthetic would be appreciated separate from San’layn stuff. I do hope blizzard is listening to this thread. I also have to wonder if they will continue adding customization as the expansion passes like they did allied races, or if they will even add new allied races in shadowlands. I hope we get some insight soon. The dev interview is on the 8th but I am not keeping expectations high on that presentation.

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Yeah aside from getting San’layn of course I really would like to see far more variety with blood elf options. Again this is customization we’re talking about and not everyone is going to want to be shoved into a Barbie box. Those in this thread know that as it is with our wants for darker elven themes. Just spamming jewelry at us, and jewelry with very little variety of character mind you, is so disappointing in my personal opinion.


Ah, you know you’re getting big when people come into your threads just to be snide, negative or dismissive. :stuck_out_tongue: Just got my first antis on both of my threads.

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There are lots of people all over twitter posting the TBC Box Art, Dark Ranger/San’layn stuff, and just logical things like scars and damaged ears.

There are a few people requesting more “Glitter” but they are starting to get sick of it as well.

Even people who like the jewelry are disappointed.

The lack of anything in a more brutal direction is starting to make me think that they have a rule to try and keep Blood Elves conventionally attractive or something.

Here’s my current completion of people suggestions for Blood Elves fore reference.

A lot of list are similar to that.

The only things in that list that can be not classified as a more “brutal” options are Nightborne Hair Strawberry Blond/Fades and Rose Gold Jewelry. And those are subjective.

And so far all they have done is Gold/Silver options for Jewelry.

He’s someone else’s list from twitter.

Runic Tattoos
Runic Scarification
Battle Scars (they legit fought through hell)
More jewelry colors
More gem colors (especially red and blue)
New faces
More hair styles
More beads WITH moustaches AND separated beards
Jewelry for the dudes too

Aside from the jewelry stuff we get things like Runic Tattoos/Runic Scarification and “Battle Scars (they legit fought through hell)”

And we are still seeing request for San’layn/Dark Rangers/Felblood.

Male Tauren just got Flowers and the like, so we know they are listening. But so far we have not seen any hints of grittier stuff for Blood Elves.

So either they are working out how to do it or they are scared to try.

And frankly I’m not sure which.

All I can say is for everyone to keep posting suggestions and feedback and pictures and hope for the best.

On a different note, people are starting to collectively refer to all Undead Elves as Darkfallen for some reason. I guess because “Dark Ranger” is too hunter specific?


Yea. I at least want the blood elf tattoos they supposedly have in lore. They were supposed to get stuff similar to demon hunters. But we still have time in alpha for options like that to appear hopefully. Magic tattoos fit the blood elves well.

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Sorry to hear that. Good luck though! I appreciate people who disagree with me that can do so in a kind manner, which has happened (rarely) on this thread. But much of the time people jump to just being rude.

Meh to me they aren’t attractive, they’re boring. Then again, I’m goth, so. :woman_shrugging: Everyone made goth women a meme and seems obsessed with us while at the same time completely putting us down. It gets annoying.

I’m gonna nab a tinfoil hat and dance around real quick, ok so…

The reason why we’re not seeing brutal options right now is that they’re collecting data, right, and from this thread and other undead elf threads. On next Friday or at some point before the expansion, they’re going to reveal that big theme all at the same time along with more lore for San’layn, Dark Rangers (what they’re doing since Sylv left), human vampyr, and whatever else.

That’s gotta be it. Right? …Right? :frowning:


I sure hope that is the case.

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It’s about a week until the big stream. I’m not getting my hopes up by any means, in fact I’m expecting to not really learn anything new/exciting. However, holding my tongue as to what I’d love to see talked about or announced is a silly idea, so here’s my wishlist:

  1. I’m hoping they go back on the ‘no Allied Races planned’ thing they said recently. They went back on 2/3 of the ‘nos’, as in ‘the blue eyes are for NPCs only’ and ‘Allied Race customization isn’t being a thing that’s touched for a while’. Therefore, there could be a chance they might be considering an Allied Race and setting one up for the expansion release, or even sometime prior to the expansion release to build up hype. San’layn would be a perfect candidcate. This is highly unlikely.
  2. Some clarification/additions on customization, and whether or not they’re actually listening to people who want more brutal/fierce looking options for Blood Elves. I think many would be thrilled to have the addition of red eyes and dark ranger skins as well. It would not satisfy me at all, by any means, as someone that wants specifically San’layn, but I definitely would be very thrilled for all of my friends who have desired for Dark Rangers.
  3. This is a longshot, but the vampyr curse being brought up again and perhaps a bit of lore to be explored wherever it originated, be it through the Venthyr or as a special weapon via Maldraxxas.
  4. The ability to choose body types for multiple races. I really want muscular female elves. Blood Elves aren’t just casters, there’s melee elves too, including women. I’d love to see the ability to add toning (heavy or otherwise) onto our characters.

This so much! :heart_eyes:

Why do I have to be a Demon Hunter to have abs? :sob:


Last fire will rise behind those eyes, black house willl rock, blind boys don’t lieeee!


If I can’t have San’layn, then I’ll settle for Dark Ranger options!

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Cry little sister! Awesome song and awesome movie! Lost Boys ftw!.


I’m not expecting a whole lot myself, though I will say my disinterest in Shadowlands as a whole is part of that reason.

New allied races before Shadowlands would be neat, but I’m not expecting that at all since they’re likely using all available resources to focus on getting the expansion worked on. I will say that I kinda expected at least one more pair of allied races and to tie that in with Shadowlands pre-orders. Having Death Knight Allied Races as a pre-order incentive just felt…like a flat note to end on, in my opinion.

For customization, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more tribes of existing races as customization options. I’m still hoping there will be some form of story explanation given for customization races, such as why Sand Trolls would join the Horde, or anything I’ve mentioned in my customization post several posts ago…but I’m not holding my breath.

The only other thing I can hope for is the increase of the amount of characters per account. I’m getting dangerously close to the limit with four slots being reserved for if we get Ogres and Saurok playable, and with new customization options and room for new races on the character creation screen in the future, it would be great to have more slots.

As I mentioned before, I’m not expecting a whole lot out of the stream. I’ll try to keep an open mind as I watch it, but I have no idea what to really expect for it. Still, would be great to get some Horde San’layn news out of it. :bat:


i would love to see darkfallen as a playable race :frowning: