San'layn/Darkfallen Coagulated AR/Customization Idea Megathread

I am dying to know the mount for this faction! And the transmogs we get from the first raid! I’ve not liked the transmogs for a long while but I have really good feelings about this Dracula-esque raid. There’s so much I wanna know more for and I’m so happy we’re relevant again.

Guess my cautious optimism helped me this time :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like I’ll also be hopping back into game.

One question remains on my mind–faction restrictions. I wonder if those are going away? I can see Blizzard keeping faction stuff for wargames in warmode or something. Could you guys imagine visiting or roleplaying in the opposite faction’s city or something? I think it’d be very interesting. It’d open up so much new roleplay opportunities.


According to an interview the factions are not merging.

(Scroll down, it’s in the first of the comments)

However, I haven’t heard anything about Horde and Alliance specifically having faction-based presences in the Shadowlands. While visiting the other faction’s capital won’t be a thing, you’ll probably have a lot of interaction with players of the opposite faction who chose your covenant.

Of course, we’re all choosing Revendreth here, right?


I confess, I’m not seeing it ^^’ I think you can click on the specific tweet you’re talking about and then share the link that way. Still, there might be a neutrality questline that would be cool. It’d make sense if the faction restrictions went away and all that.

And yes, I am for sure on my main :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, sorry. I got a bit lazy there. :slight_smile:


Ah ok thanks! Maybe not a merge itself, but there’s still hope for a neutral questline or something. Or perhaps playing with the other faction while still being on yours. Never know! Rather than a complete merge, of course, which is what I think Blizzard was wanting to say ‘no’ to. I hope we get a more detailed response in the QnA.


Yeah, I’m very curious how the factions will be interacting in the new expansion, especially when it comes to PVP.

This is the question I asked in the main thread;


I didn’t see Blizzard getting rid of the Alliance, and Horde factions. Still I would love it if they would make a quest. One that would give players who are tired of this overdone conflict. The ability to join a Neutral Faction.


I’m curious, what would you guys think of the new Shadowlands vampires becoming playable?

Cool design. Don’t know much else about them yet.

But, if we were to go just on that…

They’re almost identical to San’layn. I suppose if we got them the “no more elves” crowd wouldn’t technically have a leg to stand on, eh? :smiley:


Venthyr are cooler than San’layn in every way! I hope they become playable at some point.

I’m alright with it, though personally I wouldn’t roll one. Yes, this is going to sound blasphemy from the leader of a “vampire” thread, but I’m really interested in the San’layn itself and their lore. Plus, I really like regal vampires over Nosferatu-grade ones. I’m in the minority here though, so most of the community would want the vampire race itself as playable.

That being said, I’m really hoping that with the customization expanding, we get San’layn customization for Blood Elves. That’d be perfect with me, the best of both worlds, and getting that along with the vampire race itself would be sweet. I’d want a lore reason as to why San’layn joined the Horde, of course, but it could be as simple as “These used to be your enemies but have forged their own paths, different from their kin”.

I’m really hoping that this vampire race opens up more discussion lorewise about the blood curse and its origins. I love all of the vampire stuff suddenly springing up, it makes me so excited. I just don’t want the origins to be forgotten about either. Be it through the ancient curse starting with the Val’kyr which I have a suspicion might have originated from the Venthyr, or through the San’layn themselves & Lana’thel, which were the first time we saw vampires in WoW aside from Dreadlords.

All in all, it brings me hope and while I wouldn’t play one, the vampire theme is pretty sweet and I’m excited. I really hope the lore of the San’layn is now expanded as extension and we perhaps get them via customization, if they’re not meant to be an Allied Race ^^

Though… please please please let it be not just red eyes. I really would love fangs & claws too, at least!

(I’d roll the bat-monster concept art humanoids in a HEARTBEAT though.)


I just want an entire vampire faction to play. Give me San’layn, Venthyr, Vampire Vrykul, and every other type of blood sucker Blizzard can create! I want it all!


That would be awesome. I’m mighty curious to see if the covenants open up some really interesting cosmetic customization for your characters. For example, turning them into vampyr. Everyone that joins it. That’d be an insane amount of work though so I’m not sure if they’d do that. If the blood curse is somehow linked to Venthyr, it’d be interesting if it could be used as an enhancement weapon should it be taught to be controlled.


As much as I love vampires generally, I was hoping that I wasn’t the only one interested in the San’layn’s origins & future specifically. I’m glad to see that is the case.


Yeah it’s why I put so much emphasis and love on the San’layn themselves in my thread. Also why I never said “Well vampire humans or vampire Vry’kul would be a fine compromise too!” It’s because I fell in love with the vampire theme via San’layn itself, and would be sad to see that abandoned for something shiny and new. I get the excitement and am happy too, really charmed by it all. But yeah, still holding out hope that we get lore for those folks as well, since their plight interests me the most. Not to mention, playing toons AS San’layn and getting to actually reflect that on their character would be awesome. Venthyr are new and shiny, and I love their aesthetics, but I’m also keeping in mind the original blood curse stuff too.

That being said, I have tons of hope for us getting the best of both worlds. :slight_smile:

Also there’s a huge chance that Blizzard might be looking into this thread for ideas now, so keep that in mind!

Double also, we can’t forget about KAEL’THAS who wouldn’t be a Venthyr, but rather…well, most likely a San’layn or undead-looking elf. I’m assuming, anyway. It’d be cool if they were inspired by our discussions and art we’ve shared ^^


Can’t wait to see the new model for this guy (assuming there is a new model).

And… perhaps we can help him find his way home…


Same! Kael’thas was one of my favorite characters from WC3! I am so excited to see his new, possibly vampiric model!

There’s no way he wont have one. Blizzard can not leave us with this…


They did when they used him for the blood elf heritage armor questline (._. )

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Boy do I have a picture for you… and I don’t have trust level 3 :frowning:


That looks so awesome! I really hope he resembles something like this.