San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

I dont think Maizou ever credited anyone in that thread except the originality of the poster.

Yeah, putting all of their effort into Dracthyr is a mistake. People were already upset over Demon Hunters only being able to be on one race per faction, and were disappointed that some ARs got so few class options, so to deliberately combine both of those issues onto a new “one race and one class” thing seems distressingly short-sighted.

Add on to that the multitude of highly requested options, like multi-coloured hair, much higher-res hair/beards, underwear customizations (in both style and colour), etc, all on a non-combat form for one race/class, and it just feels utterly pointless.

It just makes the entire thing seem tone-deaf. If they were updating other races to be along those lines, it would be great, but they aren’t. And the fact that Dracthyr’s unique combat form can only wear, what 3 pieces of gear? It would be like having “Moomkin” as your race.


That’s great, why don’t you go play your fake High Elf on your Void Elf then instead of coming to a Darkfallen Allied Race/customization for Blood Elves and Horde one harassing people? I mean do I have to block you forever to get you off of my screen forever like I have Sara and other that harass?


I’d prefer a San’layn AR, but I’d certainly be happy with customizations. It’s a shame that there’s a good chance we’ll get neither, but hey, I’d be happy to be proven wrong on that front.


Yeah I definitely prefer the Allied Race–as do many folks, to be honest. There’s a lot they could do with racials, and we’ve already seen it with San’layn. Dreven’s blood shield, for example, was a cool effect. Plus, there’s so many cool dance ideas they could implement.

It would be really cool. I guess a race could be hidden in the 200+ encrypted files. It doesn’t sound super unreasonable, at least. I don’t want to get my hopes up though, so I’m being cautious on that.

Oh yeah good point! It also would probably indicate a raid mechanic too. For that boss. Or a boss in the supposed ‘haunted dungeon’. I do wonder what sort of instances will be in Dragonflights. Definitely dragon-related stuff, but they explore different themes typically, too, in dungeons.

Yeah, for sure. The gear thing doesn’t bother me as much but I know why it bothers other folk. Mostly because I stilll want Sethrak though and would be content to deal with no helms etc in order to play them.


Oh, not getting all gear doesn’t really bother me, per se. It’s that they only get shoulders, belts and tabards? I think that was it.

It feels like even with all of the different customizations, many Dracthyr will end up looking similar enough to each other that it will be visually bland.

It also diminishes the impact of a third mail wearing class if you can’t see 90% of their gear in combat.


Yeah that’s fair. To play devil’s advocate, 80% of mail gear looks terrible :sob: I wish they’d just share it with leather already, I mean come on. But nah, I get what you mean, yeah. Chestpieces, legs, and boots should have been considered.


This is sadly true. There are some real standout mail sets, but they’re buried between mountains of bland, uninteresting gear.


Yeah. Some of my favorite sets aren’t the updated ones. :roll_eyes: I hope they make updates to old gear someday. It would be nice. Rather than it looking like paper wrapped over my character. Ironhide, I think it is? Plus, if we do get playable Darkfallen… well, there is DR sets, yeah, but that’s like the one in a few that look remotely good :stuck_out_tongue: I think it’s one set and not that dark, though.


Yes, I’m looking forward to this. At the same time though, it’ll suck that all of our characters have to ride dragons now, no exceptions. I like to theme my mount around my character. I ride Sundancer on this character for example, since it’s basically a high rez, flying version of the Quel’dorei Steed from Wrath.

Yes, this so much. I never /silly when I’m playing night elves, since one of their jokes references them being into men and I’m a lesbian, so it feels like the character isn’t me if you know what I mean.


Yeah that’s fair, and makes sense. I love dragon so much that I don’t mind it, but everyone isn’t me, haha, and has different tastes. Plus, Cloud serpents look neat to me! And aren’t the same ‘dragons’ as those. Maybe they will unlock the Dragon Riding mechanic for other mounts or something. That would be cool. I hope it’s well done & received.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense! Chooseable jokes would be tons of fun. I wish ><


It still annoys me that they not only don’t update the older sets, but they don’t make available fully made NPC exclusive palette swaps. There’s a red swap of Warrior Tier 2 that Outland mobs have had since TBC, but can we use it? Nope.

Heck, have you ever seen Ruul the Darkener in Outland? He was Red Warrior Tier 2, an eyepatch (even though he’s a Warrior), a Gladiator’s Netherdrake, and dual wields Thunderfury. And he’s a Blood Elf Warrior.

In TBC itself, he was a representation of everything you couldn’t have/be, and even today, he’s an annoying reminder of the freedom NPCs have over players.


Yeah. It’s a real shame too, because “Actually, I’m more of a morning elf.” is one of my favourite jokes in the whole game.


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Selectable voices/voice lines in general would be lovely.

Unfortunately, a lot of people seem opposed to an idea like that, but I for one would be very happy with it.


Oh yeah, and that reminds me–heritage armor. If San’layn become an Allied Race, we’d get that too. And it could be so cool. I know there’s been ideas tossed around–and I definitely favor modifications of the Blood Prince sets. The Blood Mage set, rather.

Actually, in Legion, they offered new updated sets as tier that looked really cool. Extra bells & whistles too. It’d be nice if they did that again for Dragonflight, since again, Northrend might be relevant.

But yeah… San’layn Allied Race would be neat for that heritage armor, not gonna lie.


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Even just being able to select pitch. I had a glitch on my blood elf DK where her voice was pitched down because I was shapeshifted into a Nightborne NPC model, and the deepened blood elf female voice sounds amazing.


It’s a shame they only really did that for Tier 6. It would be nice to have updated versions of other old sets.


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