San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

It would save a ton on race changes. I hope if they do customization, they do it the right way and don’t just do the eyes >< There’s so many neat suggestions. Really hoping Blood Elves get something good, bit it that, or other things like phoenix stuff. Still love what’s shared in the Blood Elf thread, it looks great.

But yeah. Folks do bring up that it’d be odd to get undead customization on Blood Elves, which is fair, and some jokes wouldn’t fit. I think. It’d be nice if we could sort of ‘choose’ jokes and if some could be added. I doubt that’ll ever happen though. :confused:

Yeah, I think there were some updates found previously in patches? I forgot if we ever figured out why. But it was for some Northrend dungeons. Specifically Icecrown.


I really hope they add some things for belves including San’layn and dark rangers! I unsubscribed and probably won’t be back for a while because as it stands I’m underwhelmed and frustrated.


I feel like all the drama starters are here to legit start drama, I’d ignore them if I were you just add them to the list of people to permanently block because really they never stop and it’s all kinds of creepy, all of them.


Yes, yes in fact they were. And it was totally uncalled for to put us on ignore just cause we said the drama should be solved out of the forum, but here we are. I had this community’s wishes in mind but with the way some people behave it’s pointless.

So in the same logic I should ignore every single anti because they’re associated with antis who have tried to label and defame our group. That’s not how I used to think, we should not judge a person because of their associations, but on a case by case basis. But it annoys me that some people here are so incredibly dense and absolute.


Hopefully it’s for something more interesting than “Well, here’s a little storyline wrapping up the Shadowlands story and ‘looking to the future’ that doesn’t really add anything of value, nor unlock anything.”

I’d really hope they wouldn’t waste the resources on making little scenarios out of Wrath dungeons for something like that, when there’s so much more that could be done with something like that.


Agreed. That’s why I’m content with just discussing hopes of San’layn and updates in general, to be honest. It feels like a ‘been there, done that’ sort of thing.

But yeah, we have fun topics to discuss still. Like those encrypted files and references to Northrend, and how Galakrond is mysteriously missing.

Would be super neat to have a huge skeletal proto as a boss or something to fight.

Yeah agreed, unless it unlocks an Allied race which would be lovely, haha.


I’m tired and read proto as photo and was extremely confused. :rofl:

Even if it’s an unlock of something more “minor” than an AR, like new customizations, that would be just lovely.

It would be very disappointing if it’s seeming to build towards an unlock of something interesting, only for there to be nothing in the end.


It’d be a giant floating painting of a skeleton that’s HAUNTED! Actually, utilizing something like that could be creepy if done right. Like you think you see that picture moving but then you’re not sure… etc. Wonder if mechanics would be built around that spooky concept.

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Yeah, for example like a bag that everyone was obsessing over getting… And of course, like you said, the non-updated gear.

I mean, the lore implications were neat in that prepatch, and it was fun seeing the old bosses brought back. BUT… the rewards were so lackluster.


Oh really? Who was it that kept spamming my thread with no, no no all teh time back a year ago when I made a friendly thread on Ellincia asking for stuff for several races? Who is it that constantly calls us fake, anti-belf and thinks we’re after Silvermoon and all their stuff? Without me ever requesting such? Is that not harassment? Constantly spamming people’s threads and trying to gatekeep their requests? Because that is literally what you and your group used to do.


It follows you through the raid before the final confrontation! I admit that might get me to raid.

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Oh I LOVE that idea, it’s super neat and eerie. Getting a haunted dungeon would be cool. I know there was one in BfA that was kinda neat that I enjoyed. Sadly I couldn’t stand that expansion either so didn’t enjoy it as much. Might be cool aesthetic-wise to go and visit again, though.

But yeah, that mechanic sounds like a TON of fun.

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If you say so they seemed pretty proud of themselves for making the comment and bragging about it

Well I am glad Ale here was spoken to if that’s what you claim

I think again it’s a fair observation of the people who are being described that way of which I haven’t seen that being you, did you tell a victim of harassment she was playing victim or was that someone else? Did you brag about trolling her and comparing her to Amber or was that someone else?

I wouldn’t let things that don’t apply to you effect you.

You and I are never going to agree on hair colors over VEs as I still think that was detrimental to BEs visual uniqueness and they’ve yet to see anything for it. But that doesn’t mean I dislike you unless you do something that goes beyond that disagreement.

Assuming VEs are sitting patch 9.2.5 out, I’m going back to bumping the VE thread though for Void related things, but I’m sure we have common ground there.


It could occasionally do damage in other fights leaving people wondering wtf. It could be pretty cool!

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For sure. It feels like they should have done something more with it, given that it was the much-hyped “Scourge Invasion 3.0”, but alas. I didn’t hate what we got, but it could have been so much more.
The real kicker is that it made you want to stay on an updated Azeroth and help fight back the Scourge, not run off to the Shadowlands for some boring sidequest.

Hopefully they’ll really knock it out of the park with an interesting, rewarding and engaging event. Only time will tell, but it’s not looking particularly hopeful at the moment.


Oh yeah, good idea. And it could be random in the raid, too, like any painting you see on the wall. Those who pay attention could get some insight as to what mechanics they may face in the fight. Hmm…

Agreed entirely, yeah. Again you’d think they’d REALLY need something to entice people. But sadly… I dunno. They have all their eggs in the Dracthyr basket right now. And people aren’t happy about the inability to have armor in their forms.

I’m not happy with such huge restrictions on it myself, so there’s that. I wish they could be more classes right away. I dunno. Lorewise, yeah, whatever, but you could just say some dragons came back after learning about some classes and taught some of them. I dunno. .-.


False. I made a big impact on the implementation of hair colors for VEs. Even though I never suggested the exact same hair colors as you have, but variations. I was quoted by a CR when I made my final push for white, black and brown.

I wrote the initial draft thread that Maizou put up on CC, which included suggestions for BEs and San’layn, for fairness and out of respect to people’s wants. I have made threads, I’ve often bumped Fen’s thread too.

I’m jumping back into the conversation because it’s what I actually care about but I’d prefer an actual Allied Race/Allied Races for the Horde rather than just customizations but I won’t say no to just customizations if they choose to go that route instead of the actual Allied Race since Blood Elves and Horde have lost a lot to Void Elves and Alliance in that department, plus I know customizations are easier to add than actual Allied Races so I’ll take whatever I can get to get stuff like San’layn and Dark Rangers playable for us. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Random possessions might be fun as well.

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