San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

I think it’s pretty inappropriate to talk about personal problems when the thread clearly says “San’layn/Darkfallen thread”. Not “I am being threatened, and this thread is about me”

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It’s very interesting how you’ve brought up nothing about San’layn in this thread then and haven’t responded to any topics that have come up aside from FFXIV stuff, then this. But that’s none of my business.


It’s still part of the topic since it does say “vampyr coagulated”. Not “This is my problem thread”

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Nice language.

Again, nice language. :popcorn: Anything else you’d like to add while you’re at it?

Uh huh. Do you enjoy people being meat shields for you?

Aaaaand you’re definitely not asking for it. Oh, one more thing love. I was the one who wrote the thread that Maizou put up on CC. With the Blood elf / San’layn suggestions and all that malarky :slight_smile: out of respect for people’s requests. He added some more races on it and proofread it, but it was my idea and initial draft. But it’s kind of apparent you don’t deserve it.


How is it a threat if it’s venting IN A PRIVATE CHANNEL?

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Honestly, I would put them all on ignore at this point and ignore their lies. They’re trying to twist and frame things, and I’m done.

Best course of action is to block them completely because a further reaction is exactly what they want, as proven right now.

They came in here trying to derail the thread, let’s bring it back to the topic and not feed the trolls. They’re baiting and want a response. Giving it to them at this point isn’t the best idea.



Well, that makes it even more concerning since it is being discussed in a private channel, LOL. What kind of logic is that? That sound sus and makes it more convincing that you did wish someone to die.


You’re quite quick to block, while you allow people like that rude DK above derailing your thread and trolling. Also imagine putting me on ignore because I said Sara is a decent human being.

Blocking doesn’t always work to your advantage, just so you know.


Do you people not understand the concept of venting? I obviously don’t actually want the person to die.

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Lot of social media says a lot of things, but the first statement lets people sink in before making the choice to whether they’ll accept the apology or statement of “it’s joke” or “it’s a sarcasm”.

But then again, internet texts are hard to read if that should be taken seriously or not.


What we know right now:

  1. Northrend was referenced in the questline on the PTR, but also by Bolvar, I believe. Might be wrong, can’t remember.
  2. It was said that the scourge there is likely ‘worse’ than the attacks close to SMC.
  3. It was emphasized Vorath was working alone and of his own will.

It’ll be interesting to see if they expand on this.


Don’t pull that card out some people from your group like to call our group as harassers out of something that happened in discord between two other people. And even worse saying we defend harassment. Fallyn blocked us because we were defending ourselves from this accusation, and now won’t even mention what you said in the Discord. Oh the AUDACITY!!


I’d certainly welcome expansion on it, but it’s looking like it will go the way of the 8.0 San’layn AR tease.

"Hey, look! The San’layn may end up joining the Horde! Oh wait, no never mind. We decided to end AR support early in the AR expansion. :crazy_face: "

I’m not feeling optimistic about a DR AR/options at this point either. I’d think if they were going to add it, they would be hyping it up to drum up subs, not keeping it secret.


Yeah, I agree, it’s disheartening. You would think. Maybe the encrypt far more now though, including that sort of thing. But hype is more valuable than surprise. Who knows.

At least in that case they expanded on the lore. We know now there’s Neophytes and Marquis, and more are being made. Not to mention, Blood Princes keep popping up (like daisies).

Dreven was out of nowhere and not mentioned in prior lore anywhere. Vorath was a part of the TCG, which I believe isn’t canon. But he was brought in for recent shenanigans.

I’m very curious to see where they are all coming from, to be honest. So many questions and so little answers.


The TCG is for sure non-canon.

They didn’t even do Pandaria when Mists of Pandaria launched. Instead they diverged into Caverns of Time shenanigans dealing with multiple eras from Warcraft’s history.

It was a fun game. It had it’s problems, but I still miss it.

Yes, it would be nice if they were building up to something involving them. Would be a lot more interesting than just “Might as well pull out some old mob models we haven’t used in a while!” as the reason we’re seeing them now.


I remember going to the store and trying to grab some cards in hopes of getting a mount! Never did. Ended up spending the gold back in…what, MoP? Yeah I remember farming that for a month. For the feldrake.

Drake updates, when? Shame it probably won’t even be for Dragonflight for the old models :frowning: But the customizable dragon will be super neat, at least. I never actually played the TCG, though. :stuck_out_tongue: Just collected. Wonder if I still have some of those cards…

Agreed. I think Vorath just uses one of the Blood Prince models though, as did Dreven. No updates at all, though, which is a shame. If there’s extensive stuff going on in Northrend, I wonder if they’d update the undead models in general. Would be very interesting to see.

We have Dragonflight but sometimes they will touch on other areas in Azeroth during an expansion, even if not so much. With Northrend being mentioned twice… well maybe it’ll be part of the prepatch, actually.

Hopefully a more exciting one than Shadowland’s prepatch, though.


Ah, nice. I ended up getting… 4 mounts total, I think? I sold them all eventually, but it was cool to pull them at all. I also ended up with the non-swift Spectral Tiger from a Landro’s Gift from my Wrath of the Lich King Collector’s Edition. I waited years before I figured “Oh, why not?” And scratched it.

I never played in serious competitions or anything, just some fun rounds.

I hope they continue updating the old, out of date models in the game. Most of the feedback from updating older models, from zones to mobs, has been positive from what I’ve seen.

It would be nice if we got to do some content outside of the “New, unexplored islands!” It’s feeling a bit like BfA again.

That would be nice. We basically just got a new daily/world quest/world boss area to grind for that pre-patch. It was nice to get some unique rewards, but they could have done more with it. It also would have been nice to get the old Scourge Invasion gear again, even if it’s painfully low-res by this point.


Oh nice, I’m jealous! Those are rare nowadays. Really rare. Given they aren’t made anymore, haha. Would be nice if those got updates too.

Agreed entirely. I think it needs to be done. The old models look silly. If people want old out of date models, they now have Classic.

Agreed entirely. I miss questing around Azeroth and such like that. Hopefully they realize it’s the sentiment of quite a few people.

Yeah >< Come to think of it, I’m not sure if they’d use Northrend twice though. In a row. Never know! I have no idea what else they’d use since Northrend is pretty relevant to dragons at this point :stuck_out_tongue: And I doubt the prepatch would be on Dragon Isles itself.


People want Horde San’layn / Undead Elves and it seems that bothers some people.

I prefer the options for customization though myself to offset BEs losing visual uniqueness.

People on your discord were mocking Avarie and proudly bragging about trolling her / comparing her to Amber Heard. Were they told anything for that?

That’s in addition to also being part of the group that told her to “stop playing victim”. So I think the sentiment is a fair observation of several people.


For sure. They already removed the options they used to have to retain the older player models. I would think that would be a bigger point of contention than updating anything else.

That would be nice. I’d love an old world revamp that only takes Azeroth out of the Cataclysm era (which always felt way too specific to that time period to me), but is done far better than Cataclysm itself handled the revamp. With Zidormi and Chromie Time, we could retain the Cataclysm world while moving forward, finally.

It would be lovely if they updated Northrend in some way. I have to imagine Galakrond’s skeleton disappearing will tie into the pre-patch somehow.

It would be just crazy if it didn’t.