San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

I still wanna see a San’layn themed mico-holiday for donating blood.


I mean, who wouldn’t ;D

But yeah, I do think the fantasy can be achieved on a base level with reused textures. I’m pretty content with how we got the option to have some HE fantasy with very little dev work.

And it would be so easy and doable to unlock the red eyes and DK skins :sob:


Some of us have had the High Elf fantasy since BC playing the actual playable race. But to each their own, I like knowing who has the capital city and kingdom though.

Easy and justified to account for losing visual uniqueness.


" There are no plans to add Allied Races in Patch 10.0. The main focus is on the Dracthyr."

So chances to get a new allied seem to be pretty small for the 10.0. But keep in mind it’s only for the 10.0 so maybe for later. We could have something for the 10.0.5 or 10.1 but I have a big doubt about that.


Putting all of their cards in one restricted class and race is such a horrible idea. My interest just pretty much died.

No customization. No AR.

So much work into something new and not the characters I’d been working on for years.

Looks like the rumor about AR for pre-order is false. See everyone in a few years again I guess. :confused:

It’s so frustrating how they refuse to listen. There was an outrage regarding their ‘no more customization’ in SLs. They then did barely anything. Now all the focus goes onto this ‘shiny new thing’. I guess it might be to attract new players, but it definitely isn’t going to make me play much at all.

No housing, no new customization for what I’ve been playing for years. The only thing that looked interesting was the customizable mount, but that’s not going to get me to play much.


No allied races in 10.0 was a given, but wasn’t the rumor suppose to be at least one for 9.2.5? That’d be when any new allied races would come out with early access like with BfA preorders, assuming the rumor is true. Even with the rumored race or races becoming a preorder incentive for early access, they’d technically be out in 9.2.5.

I’m going to wait and see when 9.2.5 is announced and preorders are opened for Dragonflight before I say the rumor is debunked. Again, nothing is guaranteed and it is very possible the rumor isn’t true, but I’ll see what actually happens before I say it’s false. :wine_glass::bat:


I doubt it to be honest. They keep insisting that they’re focusing so hard on Dracthyr, so the answer is most likely ‘nope, sorry, we’re working too hard on something so restricted because we think we know what you want’ even though we’ve been asking for otherwise for years.

I guess it’s a technicality but with the way they handle and word things and with that much emphasis on “nope sorry all of our attention needs to go to this and this alone”… I doubt it.



Not if you don’t have a soul like the Undead.



Some of us have had the High Elf fantasy since BC playing the actual playable race. But to each their own, I like knowing who has the capital city and kingdom though.

I heard the devs will be sending an in-game medal to all belf players to commemorate this achievement.

Pouring so many resources into a race that can only be one class is kinda cringe as well in my opinion. Like just why…


I’m a usual suspect because I have MANY OPINIONS.

I’m exactly Pollyanna-ish enough to hope for something to happen in 9.2.5… And if nothing else, I’ll do my blood elf full quest line and my Dark Iron poke-stuff-with-no-dialogue. And then ride around a lot on my fire dog, which I hope unlocks for all my toons. The green hawkstrider, I’m less thrilled with, but I am ashamed to admit that I never really liked hawkstriders. I dig the tallstriders unironically (ok, and a bit ironically), but hawkstriders never clicked for me.

In the True Confessions vein, I also am hoping that if 9.2.5 involves Darkfallen unlocking… I don’t really know, but frankly I’m underwhelmed with that for Alliance. Maybe because I already have a night elf death knight who is perfect or just every bit of story involving the undead night elves has been annoying, stupid, unexplained, or all of the above.


I can’t stand those ugly chickens. And I’m primarily a blood elf player. They’re among the ugliest class mounts. Perhaps I’d eat my words if they got updates, but as of now, they’re terrible.


Really starting to agree with this. This new dragon race/class at first had me excited but then I saw the only female body form is a human. uck. If they keep it that way I doubt I’ll be able to play it.


They’re very colorful but so inelegant. It’s kind of shocking to me they chose such a clumsy mount for Blood Elves.


I always figured they included them as a reference to Chocobos from Final Fantasy.


Blood Elves deserve a unicorn imo


Clearly they are an allegory for blood elf society in TBC, beautiful elvish forests and architecture but internally a damn mess filled with political strife and underhanded tactics.

Or…they are just a weird mount :upside_down_face:

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Kinda hoping there’s surprise customization additions anyways. I won’t hold my breath but after seeing void elves get into the core race pass, then some how again in the AR pass (despite not being an AR that needed another pass when some core races haven’t had a second pass) you never know what could end up happening.

Given how easy it would theoretically be to for the options in question to work as customization.


I would kind of like a giant version on the lynxes.

They’re definitely still thriving in Eversong, whereas we haven’t seen the unicorns there in game. Maybe Arthas got them.

Besides, it is an innate elf trait to want to ride a giant cat.

More seriously, while I mostly use the PvP unicorns on my blood elves, I would kick someone in the shin for an arcane version of the Lightforged mech – like a magical golem to pilot.

Or a blood version. The blood golems were cool.