San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

I will admit… I never agreed with the suggestion either, but you already know that one, hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: I do love phoenix ideas, though.

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Yeah no flags from me either. We should be able to talk things out without all of that.


In fact both guys had the exact same title. What, is it coincidence?


(Pandaren cloud serpent flight form for druids would be super appropriate for Dragonflight, just saying. Figured I’d toss that here. :stuck_out_tongue: )


I think it won’t survive the redo.

It was a bit niche and always very unlikely. Better to facilitate the light themes on other ways.

The Phoenix stuff has far more interest overall.

I would kill for panda druids almost as much as I would for belf druids.


The Gilnean Druids started as Herbalists (Which is still meh to me), so I assume it’s mostly they started with an interest in cultivating and somehow tapped into the loa spirits?

Still kinda bitter they told us Draenei Druids were planned for Cata until the team decided to do Worgen Druids and make up the lore to explain them. Which is why Draenei didnt get a new class in Cata lol.


Ah, this reminds me.

(artist signature in art)


I always go back to this old comic that was hosted on the official WoW site’s weekly fan-favorite comic or something like that back when it… existed.


But there were faceless botanist mobs in both instances. Meaning the concept of arcane druid who just happens to share the same name in two cultures who speak a language 10,000 years separated simultaneously developed in two different cultures independently. I don’t really buy that, tbh.


I assume Botanist was just a rank in Elven society way back before the War of the Ancients, and that title somehow survived both in and out of the bubble?

Exactly, but given that both organisations specialised in combining arcane magic and life magic into something resembling a druid, it seems that title refers to that concept. It would be very coincidental otherwise.

With all that said:

Orc druids.


I don’t think Henitai is subbed anymore but they used to post about Pandaren options and they were the only uniquely neutral race (until the new Dracthyr race).

Arguably they could have unique options that played into their decision on faction choice.


I imagine that was probably just due to the fact Pandaren originally started neutral even at Character Creation.

But now that you have to choose a faction at creation, I imagine that type of thing can be done.

EDIT: Like, I always found it weird that Horde pandaren could choose the blue color for their hair, and alliance the reds. That would’ve been an easy way to add some faction uniqueness.

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This thread is like a Weeping Angel.

It moves really fast when I’m not looking.

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I love sunglasses cat with every fiber of my being and would die for that kitty.


Also of note is my compilation of customization and Allied Race threads at the bottom of the post I linked to you.

It’s also found in my void elf thread and my mechagnome thread. (and my furbolg but that’s less pertinent to this.)

You also may want to simply peruse the mechagnome one.


I mean I don’t think fur color should be faction specific. But I could easily see them have faction specific fur paint sort of tattoos. Horde could have the horde symbol for example, alliance the alliance symbol. And some unique hairstyles for both factions and faction ornaments. Horde = spikes. Alliance = idk what is the spikes equivalence but yea.

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If it’s not too much trouble I noticed a few things.

If there was any way to mention NEs unlocking the jewelry for guys too, NB guys get jewelry, and its not really asking for new jewelry its just unlocking it - same w the tattoos the NE female model can’t access to unlock that for them.

Also I spoke w Falls before I wanted to ask this and she can add her own points too, but if there is any way to remove the second SL image and re instate the red tattoo (I think it was) you had in for BEs prior? I was just worried too many examples of one request got added, and I’d think it more important to be cognizant of not having too much in the BE section while showcasing more of a range which the tattoo mock up that was there still worked w SL while not being specific idk if that makes sense.

This was the one I was thinking that made sense to remove to add that pic back to have more of a range w/o having to add more to your thread in that section.

Also I noted the index addition was nice which realistically can take you to the Forsaken thread, but if there was any way to add some Forsaken options to the thread, like a posture toggle, I know there is some jewelry listed as a request for them.

I can’t really think of anything else, a note to stop locking accessories to guys/girls on any / all races, and more diverse hairstyle for all races


Can confirm, I’d be perfectly fine with that! I’m alright with just one of those images being shown. Maybe the eye marks, because those look really neat. It’s the third image in the post.

I added this to the first post in this thread:

So folks would understand the picture examples are hidden better!

I did that to reduce the clutter, since there’s a lot. I figured if people want to see the extent of our ideas, they can stop in and watch the video and click those arrows!

Here’s something to replace one of those pictures with!


Also just for the record I’m also gay & I always try to be super respectful of peoples pronouns and usually use they/them if I don’t know, and while I’ll argue w you on a plethora of things I’d like to know so I don’t ever mess that up.