San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

It’s super fun. I wished we had more awesome vampire features in wow like the San’layn and Venthyr in terms of Building, and customization Options.

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Sure is. Ton of neat stuff that’d work great on San’layn. Most of which has already been asked for here in this thread. Neat seeing a game doing it, but sadly it’s not this one.

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I’ve considered it a few times. Not sure its the kind of game I’m looking for but it sure does have the vampire itch done well.

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I wasn’t real sure what to expect from it. Siblings had bought it so I grabbed it as well.
Have quite enjoyed it. It’s very likely one that’s funner with others, but there is a server browser and such, but we just did our own.
Really does it pretty well.
Been thinking of giving Vampyr a try as well. I think I’ve got it in my library but hadn’t got around to playing it.


This would be fun with my Ark group maybe…

mmm…Will need to consider my servers use…

On another note…

Still waiting for red eyes and the skin tones to be decoupled from one another Blizzard.

Also need more tones added especially to represent darker skin tones.

Also would be nice to use the red eyes on my DK… you know… for reasons.

Also wouldn’t mind the White and Black eyes common to San’layn.



Just putting this quickie thread up for consideration:


My brother is talking about cobbling together a little pc to use as a server for games we play on.
We’d found one that’d let us swap out various games we are playing, but he’s not been crazy about the small amount of ram the service has.

I’d really like to be able to have red eyes on my blood elf death knight. I’d make him into a san’layn in a heart beat…if he had one that worked :wink:


Hopped in to add this.

Been absent for a while playing FFXIV and avoiding the forums, and I will say I’m not coming back except to check in every couple months or so if people need something added to the second post. I’ve given my feedback much as I can, shared art, yet have been harassed by several parties to the point of damaged mental health as a result a few months ago.

I had to miss work a couple days due to how bad it got, by the way, so you can probably imagine my attitude toward the community is soured. It leaked out of the forums and was just wretched.

That said, I did want to hop in, though, and compliment the inclusivity changes. Also happy to see some toxic players leaving over it. Really hope they actually keep their word on that one, because the WoW community is due for some major improvements given just how much it lacks empathy and is toxic. Hopefully it will bring new players in and allow people to feel more happy with their characters. The people whining about something that has no effect on them, but is important to other folks who go through a lot of horrible nonsense due to their identity can take a hike and let the door hit them on the way out.

As for San’layn, hoping folks get them eventually. As for me, I’ve moved on to FFXIV for my main roleplaying game, but am still supporting WoW due to the recent positive changes I’ve seen, which hopefully includes better treatment of their staff as well (Think I’ve heard they are improving on that end too.) Dragon stuff and models/art looks phenomenal as well. Major shame that the customization stuff didn’t go to races already playable, but I’ve said my bit on that, it is what it is.

I’ll be playing for the customizable mount given it looks super fun, so yeah. Not as frequently, even remotely, as a couple years ago prior to Shadowlands.


I saw the date of your last post after I put up my request. I feel for you. It definitely seems like you’ve had a rough go of it. Here’s hoping it improves! And maybe I’ll see you around Eorzea. :slight_smile:


No one should be harassed out of the community. That’s just unacceptable. If it happened in game or on this forum, they should be perma-banned.


Miss seeing you here but also hoping you are well. We all need to take care of ourselves. :hugs:


Still waiting for Blizzard to deliver.

Separate the eyes from the skintone!
Give more dead skin tone options for other skin colors!
Allow the eyes on death knights!
Give more San’layn options like claws, fangs, ears and scars!

Oh also let DKs use the red eyes…


This is my biggest issue with it because I want my current skintone with the red eyes and instead I’m suppose to be pale and I hate it so yes please separate it for everyone’s benefit.

This I support big time, it’s been such a long time since Death Knights got any new Death Knight specific customization, in addition to the red, they should also get green, purple, orange and black.

And this I will always support since San’layn should at least be fleshed out as customizations or as a full fledged Core Race/Allied Race.


give horde San’layn and give them the dragonflight flying ability with san’layn wings… we can already put wings on demonhunters… so gimmie my vampy


Makes no sense that at the beginning of SLs they separated everything out only to lock it now.


Dks deserve a little eye color love for once.

Aye, until they actually give San’layn options all we got was Dark Ranger options. There are plenty of things to ask for yet.

That would be neat.

DHs could use flying abilities too while they’re at it.

Honestly SLs should have given us wing options for each Covenant.

Venthyr bat wings…

Maldraxxi bone wings…

Ardenwealde moth wings…

Bastion… Well… Wings…


It would be nice if everyone can do the soar ability in a way with wings transmogs.

Would give blizz a reason to add more cool cloak stuff.


Does FF14 have the Forums too? Their version.

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They do.

Most large mmos have a forum.

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Very much this. I never liked the Arthas-style Death Knights. Teron Gorefiend was my main man. We took the abilities of the WarCraft II Death Knights, but not the aesthetics.


I want a vampire Mechagnome! It only drinks diesel fuel.