San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

The Lightforged San’layn was just a bad joke. I do not want to see Lightforged San’layn or Forsaken even though I do love Calia’s model. An undead that isn’t so skinny is very nice.

Why would they release Darkfallen on Tuesday? Just because 9.2.5 launches? I’m confused. Have they ever not mentioned a new AR before it was released? I can’t see them just up and surprise us with a new AR especially when they could possibly get a lot of pre-orders if they include them in Dragonflight.


People were hoping the DF pre-order would be out when 9.2.5 launches, and that Darkfallen would be part of the incentives package.

No, but they just recently invested in encryption technology, so clearly keeping things secret is on their mind. Part of me thinks they got annoyed that DF wasn’t the surprise they were hoping it’d be.


Ideally: You can RP as however you want.

Lore/Logically: No. There isn’t a lot of lore based on it, just that they exist a small time. Whether they may be playable race or not is still not confirmed nor denied by developers. Maybe they are playable in the forseeable future, but are considered to be current villains atm.

The Nightkin & the Voidsent Queen Lilith

  • The Nightkin only appear in the Red Mage questline. They’re likely to remain relegated there for the foreseeable future as well, as at the conclusion of the RDM storyline Lilith is returned to the Void. Therefore, the taint of her stolen blood in those sharing ancestry with the archmagus, Calowise, will be restored.

Encyclopedia Eorzea - Nightkin: “The Nightkin is the name given to those descended from the archmagus who infused himself with the blood of the voidsent queen, Lilith. In exchange for granting immense sorcerous power, the tainted blood demands that Nightkin feed on mortal aether to survive. The corruption is also tied to Lilith’s presence in the material realm - should she return to the void, then its potency will fade.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea II Arya Gastaurknan: “Kidnapped by a murderous cabal, this young woman was rescued from her fate by X’rhun Tia and his adventurer apprentice. The ordeal had cost Arya much of her memory, but unwilling to remain a burden to her saviors, she expressed a desire to learn the empowering art of red magic. During her time under X’rhun’s tutelage, Arya would uncover the astonishing truth of her ancestry - she is a descendant of Archmagus Calowise, a Mhachi sorcerer who infused himself with voidsent blood in exchange for supernatural power. With the heritage of the ‘Nightkin’ flowing in her veins, Arya found herself marked by the gaze of the voidsent queen, Lilith.”

Sounsyy from FFXIV Loremaster has answered this in their tumblr:

Q: Where are vampires in Hydaelyn? We have vampire bats, vampiric plants, very vampire like villains in the red mage storyline, and even vampire costumes for halloween. But we have yet to see a genuine bloodsucker.

MCKF: It’s a lot like how we view vampires here on earth. You have these tales long ago of maybe people sucking blood, and that kind of grew into fairytales and legends and myths. Then they started using those names for bats and plants. You can see in the RDM storyline these vampiric-like beings. You can think of it as the same. There are vampiric beings, but are they actually vampires or not? I think that’s up to interpretation. I mean, we’re running out of names for stuff anyways, so it’s only a matter of time before vampire comes out.

MCKF is Koji Fox answering back during Live Letter 2018.

Not to bring an old topic back to life (huehuehue), but the term “vampire” and the mythology of human bloodsuckers does exist in lore, even if actual Spoken vampires may not. So using a term like “aether-vampire” could actually be used ICly if you desired, as scholars of aetherology interchange “life,” “lifeblood,” and “aether” quite frequently it wouldn’t be much of a stretch, though these are more than likely going to fall under a voidsent classification by most naturalists and smallfolk, as by definition, denizens of the void are aether-starved, humour suckers.

Hehe nice! Sounds like fun. I’ll be working on a new campaign myself sometime soon (I hope. We need one more player for our group and are good to go.) I LOVE RP stuff and it’s more fun than battle-heavy campaigns to me so I get you there. RP focused stuff is awesome, I bet you will have a blast!

As stated above, sort of but not officially. There’s a new vampire boss in the raid but I don’t think he’s called a ‘vampire’, and it’s lorewise in the past.

I’m a roleplayer/writer, though, so sometimes I’ll make my own lore within the confines of the world (I did this with San’layn too! Here it is if people are curious: ). What I did was combine alchemy and voidsent lore.

FFXIV has so much ‘unkowns’ and flexibility with magic, & how it affects the character. Some are ‘voidtouched’ (think demon hunters or how magic corrupts in WoW) and use that as their vampire lore. I do with a couple of mine.

With my main, though, she is a ‘mad scientist’ in a way. I have a couple Xaela with morphed bodies (sharp, blade-like teeth and changed digestive systems) due to a ‘strength potion’ that was loaded with voidsent blood given to their mothers. They were born with these mutations. The bacteria in their gut requires humanoid blood, and their aether (souls, essentially) is modified. They have enhanced strength/speed, but a higher metabolism so must feed.

My main worked with those two & produced a potion she accidentally drank (thought it was cranberry juice.) This also altered her aether and mutated the bacteria in her stomach, meaning she had a complete dietary change and became a vampire.

I run a City of Monsters FC (guild) in that game and am hoping to have more vampire roleplayers sometime. I’ve seen them around. It’s hard to grow one, though. But FFXIV is more open to creativity than WoW, I’ve noticed.

I’m at this point in my life too that I tolerate roleplay elitists way less. People can’t come up and tell me ‘no this can’t happen’ when we see magic in that game mess with people in so many different ways. My crafted lore for my characters fits fine within the confines of FFXIV, so people can deal with it or simply not RP with me.

They did? I hope so.

This would be cool, yeah. I know some claw-classes would be neat. I wish we had animations like that for if we ever did get San’layn, but you know they’ll think elves are too ‘fancy’ to make it and do the silly punch thing. Lesigh.

Makes sense to me. I’m assuming yours don’t need to kill when they feed?

This is very cool! You’re creative with lore, yeah. I think that’s interesting. Even if I’m not into the alien-sci-fi thing, I can appreciate a lot of what went into that. Especially the modified DNA. I love playing with that sort of thing, it’s a lot of fun. I do it in my lore too, even though my living vampires can reproduce, they can corrupt the DNA of a human with special venom and turn them… but the human-turned-vampire is still alive. Just sterile.

Are you an author too?

That’s neat. Science to explain ‘magic’ is always interesting, I do it somewhat in mine too (mana is the fuel that gives the energy needed to cast and such).

Are these alien vampires humanoids or some form of different animal?

Hah yeah I can see that sense of superiority right there for sure.

Big same. And the silly thing is, unlike Nightborne, they aren’t even ‘cured’. They still rely on the stupid Sunwell or risk going crazy, unless they stick with fel-sucking elsewhere. Why not go all in, then? They’re boring enough as it is nowadays -.-

No this is fine, lore sharing is a lot of fun, and you have an awesome and creative mind. These discussions are a lot of fun. I love discussing vampire lore with folks and what they have in mind. It’s fun to talk about :slight_smile:

Funny :stuck_out_tongue: I hate Calia’s model. But yeah I know it was a joke, still felt like explaining what I would find acceptable if it ever happened. It could be done well, if a competent writer took the wheel. That’s pushing it for Blizzard, though.


It’s O.K. that you don’t like her model. As they say “Thick thighs save Forsaken lives” or some such thing, lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve learned that my tastes are different from everyone else’s even when it comes to San’layn or Ogres.

As far as being done well, they should just open up threads for races and such that they are thinking about including and just let the community give them ideas. We’ve seen that players give as good and more times than not better advice and ideas.

They just need to do away with this secret agent crap and everything needing to be a secret/surprise. Plus, they could just add in some waiver that any info players put into these threads can be used by Blizz free of charge without penalty of infringement.


I recall there were plans to add in a post on the Community Council forums regarding playable race requests. A thread has been made by someone on there, seen here:

You can give a like to the post despite not being on the Community Council if you’d like to show support. If anyone can spread the post around, that would be appreciated so we can give it support.

Edit: A list of the race request megathreads have been given to them within the Furbolg megathread. We should be seeing others added to the post in the near future, including my Stonemaul Ogre post I mentioned. :smiley:

I’m very happy to see race request megathreads getting a voice on the Community Council. No guarantees we’ll see all our dreams come true, but it does help our chances, in my opinion! :wine_glass::bat:


Pretty neat that the Allied Race ideas got onto the CC. Happy to see that. Here’s to hoping we see some requests filled someday.


Combat is okay but RPG combat honestly isn’t the best thing about RPGs. It’s the actual roleplaying.

I hope so!

:open_mouth: fascinating.

Love that!

Ooh that’s awesome. What realm do you play on btw? If you’re willing to share.

Yeah I’ve never been a fan of that.

Not 100% sure but I vaugely remember hearing that a few years ago.

Eh the elves unarmed I think look pretty good. It isn’t really savage or desperate like some of the races.

In theory no. But the amount to take from a single human without killing them likely isn’t going to fill them entirely. Rogue vampires have to be careful especially if their maker didn’t teach them the proper way to do it. It’s not difficult to go overboard. Feral vampires straight up don’t care and will drink something to dust.

The aristocrats have their genetically modified aurochs. HUGE bovine creatures that have a lot of blood and can cope with excessive blood loss. They don’t feed from the creatures directly and find it unsavory to do so. Rather it’s extracted in a way similar to how to extract milk from cows without killing the animal and they drink from cups. It’s very much along the lines of domestication for us it’s part of that dichotomy.

The aristocrats have a sense of moral superiority because unlike humans they don’t have to kill to eat. Not a flower, not a beast. But as I said it’s not difficult for a vampire to over-feed and kill something. The vampiric aliens usually wouldn’t kill large beasts that tended to reproduce more slowly on their home world but would kill smaller beasts that reproduce quickly. Well they’re an advanced society now and don’t really do that anymore but that’s how it used to be.

Small rant about the alien vampires. They’re called the Venari. They have a strict hierarchy all the way from “High King” down to what is essentially slaves. They’re a biologically immortal race and thus people don’t tend to die frequently. People live for very, very long time in their exact position. Moving up or down the social hierarchy is virtually unheard of. While they are more advanced then probably a good 80% of the galaxy they have had almost no major technological innovation or change in 2 million years. They remain almost perfectly stagnant.

They like this. They WANT it that way at least the leadership does. They’ve basically turned the idea of stillness, of an unchanging eternal empire being the thing of highest value. That any and all change is bad. That everything must stay the same as much as possible. Other species rise and fall and the Venari sit in their eternal perfection. Death and reproduction is rare but they do have things in place for those occasions.

They were not always like this of course. Otherwise they wouldn’t have become an advanced civilization. Once they were expansionist and conquered many worlds and were constantly growing and expanding. But a major event nearly wiped them out. Which led to two factions forming. One which felt that their near extinction was due to progressing too far, too fast. While the other was determined that only by pushing forward could they survive. Ultimately the progressively were exiled and the remaining Venari retreated to their home world and set up their government and policy on the ideology of stillness.

Ultimately a pair of high caste individuals including the crowned prince and a duchess decided that no Venari should have to be subservient to another. So they thought to find a new species (humans) to turn into a slave caste. However despite being high caste this was incredibly taboo and their ship was sabotaged. Ultimately causing them to get stuck on earth. They were never meant to return with their change that threatened the stillness.

Another little thing is they don’t exactly give live birth as we know it. When a child is “born” it’s born in a flesh-sac that is fed blood by others. And will stay that way for years before reaching maturity and the adult individual breaks free. So they do not experience childhood or youth in a traditional way. Because of this if a child IS turned into a vampire the Venari dna prevent them from aging into an adult because the Venari have no DNA to control a human development process. In theory this could’ve been rectified but wasn’t exactly a priority among the Venari and then they were overthrown.

Ahaha sorry i can rant and rave.


I have nothing published if that’s what you mean. But yeah I do a lot of writing. My ADHD makes it very difficult to write a linear story that is easily digestible by the average reader. The stories come to me chaotically and out of order. I’d love to write and publish a book but I have to get my house in order so to speak. And by house and mean brain.

There is actual magic but yeah some things thought to be magic are literally just advanced technology. The teleportation is somewhat similiar to star trek transporters but the visual indication is a smokey mist.

They’re mostly humanoid yes. Vaguely mammalian. They’re kind of bat-like but not really? To call them humanoid bats would be more inaccurate than not. But they have some batlike features. They have a sort of “heat” based vision rather than light based like humans do because light is so scarce on their home world. They have have very sensitive hearing and a nose that is tuned explicitly towards blood. (as in they can’t really smell much of anything that isn’t blood or blood like).

A race of immortals who have been genetically altered to be part alien who were able to reverse engineer and understand alien technology this being some 7 thousand years ago. Yeah they thought of regular humans as little more than primitive savages who were too short lived to understand life as the Vampires did.

Yeah would be cool to have a story where they are stranded somewhere away from the sunwell and begin to suffer withdraws and some go savage and feral because of that. Otherwise it’s not nearly as interesting. Heck we even had Lady Liadrin stuck with us in draenor and the lack of sunwell was never an issu ewas it.

Aww thanksies. Yah I love sharing creative stuff with other creative folks. I love sharing lore hehe.


Reverse Vampires!

They heal in the sunlight and vomit blood into you!

That’s actually more horrifying…


go oooooon


Also since the topic of RPGs came up, Book of the Dead recently came out for Pathfinder 2e and it has undead options for Player Characters such as Vampire, Lich, Zombie, Ghoul, and Skeleton (free to read on Archives of Nethys)


Sorry I couldn’t make a longer response. I could tell you what FFXIV world/realm (can’t think of the word right now) from discord if you want ^^ Or battletag.

Been dealing with some really nasty harassers & narcissists, but getting through it. People really want to try and bring me down because I’m trying to push for vampire elves to be added to the Horde. It’s not going to work.

I’m still here. And we’ll still share our ideas & opinions in this thread. If people have an issue, that’s not my problem. They can start their own. Not my fault they’re not competent enough to do so.

I’d chat more but I’m tired, I will admit.

As for the patch, yeah, we might not see anything until preorder bonus. Who knows. But I have hopes now that the CC is aware of our ideas in a couple of threads, AR & customization, we might see some leeway.

Hopefully we see some good lore to come along with that.


offers hugs


There’s a zombie type survival game in this and I’d play it.

It’s more spite from them than incompetence.

Someone did make an Alliance San’layn thread awhile back. It just died is all.

They’ll do what they do. Best thing is to ignore em/mute em and move on.


I remember that, that’s because San’layn are a Horde thing not an Alliance thing, they need to become a Horde Allied Race or customizations for Blood Elves and the Horde. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:



Maybe that’s why they’re obsessive.

Because they’re not creative enough to push their own bloody ideas without utter spite, and the only reason San’layn joining the Alliance exclusively to “spite the horde”.

It’s pathetic, and I’m done. These narcissists aren’t worth the time of day anymore. They can swarm, screenshot, and harass on other media.

I don’t care. Again, not my fault they’re don’t have a creative bone in their body enough to attract people to their spiteful ideas.

The narcissists gave a good effort trying to bring me down, though. Didn’t work.


Ooo that sounds neat!!!


It isssssss

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They really don’t make sense going Alliance imo.

And I certainly wouldn’t want another sub-race tied into void elves… We’ve precious little enough story as it is.

If they were more serious about wanting San’layn for the Alliance and put effort into that rather than attacking Horde San’layn fans… Well… I imagine they’d be a lot happier.


I’m up for either or both. I’m probably easier to catch and chat to on discord than btag.

Aww. Ugh that makes me feel yucky. I hate that folks are like this. I get plenty of disagreements on the forums and elsewhere but I don’t go out of my way to harrass folks that’s just uncalled for. I can’t even imagine the mindset of folks who do such things.

I think some folks feed off the negativity. Idk for sure but just a vibe I get. I can’t really imagine that. Too much negativity makes me feel sick and I need to lay down. Whether I am giving or recieving.

I feel ya, all good.

Fingers crossed all we can do at this juncture as sadly blizzard is lacking on communication.

I’m just hoping they don’t make Calia the undead queen/leader. That’s all I want. She’s not a terribnle character but she doesn’t/can’t understand the traditional undead experience and therefor shouldn’tbe the leader. It should be our current de facto leader or a council or group of people. If it’s a group I don’t mind Calia being a part of that. I just don’t want any queen calia, she doesn’t want to be queen. Blizzard really shouldn’t force that narrative. I don’t wanna be running around with undead all like “bright lady watch over you”