San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

The point for me is the new customization thread feels more representative of requests and each races fandom / community involved.

I have no further opinion on your thread it was a non factor to me to begin w because despite claiming you had community help the only community you referenced explicitly was HE roleplayers, if you view your thread as beneficial then that’s great but I would think the addition of a new thread that satisfies various communities is to be applauded.


How was it brought up to the rest of the community? People generally inform me, and I look at GD a lot, regarding chats like this. People in GD will also join threads and talk about what they want for customization when it comes up. I missed it because it was never brought up, and people in general didn’t see it.

If it was just high elf communities, yeah, they’re going to be among the only ones still playing because they’re the very few who were catered to.

It doesn’t feel like you did. People are being honest with their frustrations, and yeah, I’m frustrated. You repeated what you said there before.

I’ve been here giving feedback for years. Four, to be exact. On a very many customization threads across many communities. Many of us have as well. So trust me, there’s been a lot of gathering of stuff and suggesting from us here too. Once more, I didn’t see any sort of call for suggestions here in general discussion. Can you link the thread where you asked for feedback?

Once again–we shouldn’t have to quote and start posts when there’s feedback for many customization ideas on here constantly.

All in all, I feel Maizou did a great job at addressing the concerns and will support his thread. I think this conversation is over, at least on my end. I’m not satisfied with how it was handled, have expressed that, and we will agree to disagree here. I feel the many communities weren’t addressed, and the research was lackluster at best in that case.

If you disagree, that’s fine, but it’s time to move on. We’re heard by Maizou’s thread, and that’s good for us.


But not enough according to this CC member who after consulting w them came to the conclusion of “why can’t all BE options be given to VEs” :roll_eyes:

It’s all very disingenuous and I’m over it, we’ve moved on there’s a new decent thread which got us to stop caring about the thread we felt was lacking in so many ways.


With the little stuff I wrote about High Elves, you sure like to act as if eeveryone I spoke too were high elves. I think the majority was actually horde players.

Read my forum post at the bottom!

If you want to be heard, then that is the easiest way. I was tagged by people very happy and engaging to talk with me, I should not have to scurry the internet for 10 year old posts because you don’t want to engage with the CC. This is the situation, I am sorry you feel ignored by Blizzard, but I am no Blizzard employee.

I asked for them to be shared, sharing means from both ends. I mentioned it as a brief example as we are not supposed to write ten pages worth of wording, because that gets lost and overlooked.

For the future, as I stated in my initial forum post, I adviced and encouraged people to give us feedback! I can go back and change the text to better suit your view on it.

I think you should just work w Maizous thread by supporting it myself

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I have edited the text now and hope it is better.


On the topic of the AR people are suspecting is added, I think it’s possible it’ll be one of these:

Lightforged undead have come up, but I have major doubts. Blizzard will likely want to add things that will get people to join again, and there’s understandably been a negative reaction to the idea. Alliance already have human models, and many Horde I’ve seen want nothing to do with the idea of LFU. Just from my observation.

Covenant races could be a thing, but it’s doubtful given people’s focus might want to be on Azeroth. Who knows. I’m not interested in souls that have gone through the afterlife being playable myself, and I know people have pointed out they don’t want to be reminded of SLs. There’s more of a following for them than LFU. I myself am not interested, unless it’s Stoneborn. Not venthyr.

Tuskarr I’ve seen asked for but much, much less. I suspect, though, the remodels might have a different tone. Still, I don’t know who would be pushed to preorder because of Tuskarr. Same with Gnolls, though I personally favor and would play Gnolls, especially after those cool remodels.

Then, there’s Sethrak. I think they’re the highest contender, though I’ve seen a ton of people suggest Darkfallen too. (Why not both? :stuck_out_tongue: ) But yes, Sethrak have been asked for a lot, they are a cool reptile race, and they’d have multiple classes–which these dragon people will not have. This also applies to Saurok. Those like myself who want a playable reptile race on multiple classes would love both of those.

Darkfallen, finally, yeah–I’ve seen people suggest Night Elves for the Alliance, and Blood Elves for the Horde. Elves are popular, there probably would be a lot preordering for it, but I can’t speak for people. I know I want them. However, the problem is people are indeed sick of elves, which might be a block. Honestly? Who knows.

All of that said, Darkfallen customization would also be great for Blood elves, yes. I know people are questioning whether or not San’layn people would be okay with it, and I would. I just hope it’s more than red eyes & undead skin, is all. I’d love some lore, like a Night-Warrior-like questline, but as people have pointed out, it’s not technically necessary (even if I really want it :frowning: )

I’d also hope DK would have access to said customizations. Different eye colors for DK, for example, would be a start.


I think that’s fair, the newer thread is valid for people that had issues w yours so the cross link and support is appreciated


These are great suggestions and I am aware of all these races. They are noted down! It will be more a concern with lore and how it will be fitting into it, of course, that is up to the Blizzard team. Allied races post will be up in the future!


The problem is that seperate posts on the same subject tends to get overlooked and those that have said their opinions on my post might not want to write the same thing again on a different post. But we are communicating!


An AR thread would be super interesting, I know there’s an index here in the second post I’ll link if you wanted to look into it:

(I’m not going to post the entire thing, I think if you click it, it’ll go right there)

But there is some stuff lacking there though, like no Taunka megathread, sadly. Some of them just haven’t been mentioned, but I’ve seen them around!

Then, there’s the ‘these could be an AR but they could also be customization’ side of things, which is where Kelfin fall. And Darkfallen. Maybe Eredar too. But given how ARs work, they could also be ARs. Those ones would sort of be a toss up.

Whereas things like Saurok, Sethrak, Arakkoa, Ethereals, and such like that would definitely need to be an AR as opposed to straight customization on an existing race (In my personal opinion!)


I understood your point about ARs being a separate thread.

However for example Maizous thread w customization addressed ARs that could be tied w customization means the way VEs effectively have two distinct visual sets of options.

He mentioned San’layn in that regard and Kelfin (I’d have to go back and look for others) but it feels pertinent to mention those avenues as customization routes since fans have brought that up as an acceptable alternative to an outright AR should blizzard choose to not make them an AR.

They would overlap of course bcz they’re also an AR request but they are different than say Sethrak which is really an AR request that can’t fit on an existing model for customization.

Like AR requests that could be customization seem pertinent to mention in a customization thread as much as an AR thread until one of the avenues to deliver the request gets met. They do differ from ARs that only work as ARs.


Oh right there’s also Jinyu (another one I’m surprised has no thread, at least right now). Arakkoa had one a while ago.

My personal want is Mantid but I know lorewise they won’t work (At least for now.)


To me customization of these races only is a non starter, they need to be a full AR.

Not us being so desperate where we keep cutting our standards until we settle for san lynn sleeping bags in game usuable by the player.


I FEEL SO CALLED OUT RIGHT NOW! That made me laugh, I’m not going to lie, because you’re so right it’s unreal.


That’s fair, I would like to see a second visually distinct set of options for BEs the way VE players can use void options and options that detracted from any sense of visual uniqueness for BE players.

So it would be nice to see both points addressed as quickly as possible. Arguably giving VEs non void options, and dwarves wildhammer options etc are very impactful whether the most desired route or not, I’d rather see something impactful done.


Too much to hope for furbolg?

I doubt it cause they weren’t mentioned directly but I can dream.

The Ankoan thread is also for Jinyu.


Oooo yeah, those work too. I believe those got remodels as well, right? I feel like any remodeled race would definitely be a contender–anyone that’s relevant. So yeah, Furbolg would also be likely, moreso than Darkfallen, to be honest, because of remodels.


No word yet but the Gnolls and tuskarr in the same zone did so I hope so.


Yeah, they’ll most likely have some cool remodels then! So I would say:

Would be the list of contenders for the supposed AR (which is a leak but given the leak got everything else right…). I mean… it was a singular AR mentioned, not “ARs” but if they want to generate hype, multiple ARs would net more preorders, realistically.