San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

Well, I think to have them as customizations will be better than nothing. :bat:

YES!! :heart:

On your post " Character Customization in the Future of World of Warcraft", do you suggest to add the corrupted red skin color + the corrupted orange skin color + the corrupted purple skin color + the green eyes color from the Man’ari Eredar to the regular Draenei? :star_struck:

I would like that so much for them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I add some suggestions for other races here:

  • Pandaren:
    • More tail options (nub and long) for the male Pandaren
    • Blind eye options

  • Draenei:
    • Broken horns
    • Purple eyes (and green eyes too :blush:)
    • Rangari style tattoos and paints
    • Abs for female Draenei :muscle:
    • The corrupted red skin color, the corrupted orange skin color and the corrupted purple skin color
    • Man’ari Eredar skin options

  • Zandalari Troll:
    • More hair styles
    • Some new hair colors
    • Some new eyes colors (including yellow)
    • Some new tattoos

  • Blood Elf:
    • Dark Ranger skin (the red eyes color + the very white skin/grey skin color)

  • Orc:
    • Some new war paints
    • Some new tattoos like the Dragonmaw tattoos

  • Mag’har Orc:
    • More hair styles
    • Blue eyes

  • Forsaken:
    • Some stitching options
    • Beards

  • Night Elf:
    • Some new markings
    • Some new headdresses (crowns, flowers, Elune theme)
    • Some new earrings

  • Dark Iron Dwarf:
    • More hair styles
    • Some new tattoos

  • Kul Tiran:
    • Body tattoos (tattoos about the sea/sailor tattoos)
    • Some new beards (bigger beards for a pirate style like Edward Teach for example)

  • Human:
    • Body tattoos
    • Asymmetric earrings

  • Tauren:
    • Some new headdresses
    • Some new facepaints/body paints like the Grimtotem warpaints

Here some things I don’t see in your post:

  • Highmountain Tauren => Priest + Mage

  • Night Elf Paladin
    => Sunwalkers are warriors who wield the power of An’she, the sun in Tauren mythology
    => Zandalari prelates are warriors who wield the power of Rezan, the personal loa of the Kings
    => Night Elf paladin, warriors who wield the power of Elune, the moon goddess in Night Elf mythology

  • Gakkiz Blusterblast, a Goblin monk =>

  • Elementalist Starion, a Blood Elf shaman =>

  • Sunseeker Geomancer in Botanica =>

Over half of that was already in the post. :stuck_out_tongue: But I did add the rest.

Also moved Blood/Void Elves to the bottom so they don’t overwhelm people reading the thread with images. Lol.


Not sure if you’ve seen this but this person is very dedicated to NB and it’s a good read, it’s some requests but also some fixes to some of the hair styles etc


Added what I could make sense of, that thread is a bit all over the place and more complaining about what already exists than what they want lol.

Also, how am I just now realizing Blood/Void Elf dont have eyebrow options? I thought they did for some reason.


Can I just ask for a pet peeve of mine, if it’s not on there already?

Could worgen and human forms get matching scars… And could dwarf eyebrows matching the color of their hair instead of their bloody skintone (so that if I decided Sledge should be a brunette, she’d have orange eyebrows)?

I do hope Bliz is listening. Customizations are fun and, unlike borrowed power, still entertaining the players for years after the patch they were added in for.

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I have made an entire thread of compiled suggestions, feel free to copy any parts you need/want, or just post a link.

I also just added a special segment for Dracthyr.


At my most optimist, I’m thinking the “shared” Allied Race will be Darkfallen, with NE model for the alliance, and BE for the Horde?

Who know, maybe the WQ seed will “resurrect” some NE as technically undead with the power of Ardenweald, and on the Horde we get Dark Rangers and San’layn related to Kael??

This is my copium era :smiley:


If it’s a “shared” allied race then there is going to be a pretty good chance that it will be Darkfallen. Depending on how much work they put in the Dark Ranger crowd might be happy, the blood elf uniqueness crowd not so much.

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In my customization post i listed how many options there were for certain races, including vulpera and voicing how we need more options. We can’t always give the Devs an order list and tell the exactly what to implement. Their character design team have to use some of their ideas too and work with what they can. After all, they know better than us on what is best to implement and easiest.

Multiple guilds got together and made me a huge document with requests, for customization etc. There was also a mega thread made, so I have been in touch with people. We in the CC are not obligated to listen or hear from the community, but I choose to do so because I know I don’t sit on all the ideas.

Shared hairstyles was a main point in my post, and it was mentioned early. Keep in mind that long posts is harder to commit too.

Once again, everyone is free to reply to our posts on their own threads in the general forums. That way we are actually notified.

I had one small paragraph where I addressed High Elves. I touched on every single race. I just read over it again and I can’t see exactly what you mean. I am not a high elf player, nor do I play blood elf and void elf. These were all ideas from those communities.

That is a shame, but I was in contact with GMs on the US servers among other guilds and communities, sampling me a huge document of requests they had drafted from the community. People also made mega threads of wishlists that I went through and read, so I was in the forums. Even on the EU side.

It’s been a while now since I wrote my post on customization, and if you had any feedback, I did voice how you could make a forum post and directly reply to what we wrote. That way we are notified of it and we will see it.

We in the CC are not obligated to talk to the playerbase about suggestions and what people want, but I chose to do so because I have preferences and would not know what a void elf player would want for example.

I would also like to point out, I was not going to put allied races in with the customization post. As that is two completely different subjects! I like to stick to one subject when writing these posts. Allied races will be discussed in the future.

Could you add a section on Farstrider warpaint to blood elves? Stuff like what’s seen in WCII.

Here’s a mockup I did of the concept:


What were your ideas for BEs.

You mentioned them in the capacity of “why can’t all BE customization be shared w VEs for the HE players ” that’s literally the extent of you speaking of them.

That’s the feedback you gathered from BE players? Are you serious?

You didn’t seem to interact w any of the communities at all, nor have any idea of the content of various threads, it was very general and the few times you got specific was in the context of the poor HE rpers who must feel so left out after SL customization right.

Even if you took only one idea from each races custom megathread, you failed to show it.

“Tattoos for all” was some of the extent of your thread and that hardly takes a genius or much time talking to people to figure out.

You had some class based stuff which even one of the biggest Helfers on the forum pointed out to you more or less is a detriment to BE players bcz you wanted runic tattoos tied to class customization. runic tattoos you know the example on the BC box art that BE players have wanted since BC like Farstrider tattoos.

The only community I can believe you spoke to

Sounds like the HE community because they were one of the only explicit community shout outs you gave lol. W an idea largely benefitting them “share all BE customs w VEs”

With all honesty I doubt we will ever agree on your thread, I don’t know if people here who felt like “who the heck was this thread for?” will ever agree on your thread, the important thing is there’s a thread that actually engaged w community interests from various communities. If your thread was intended to be the most general idea of customizations while managing to give select communities shout outs so be it, I would have to assume you’d at least be happy someone put in the effort to make the communities that are involved w each races customizations heard.


I would say over all Maizous thread even if I vehemently disagree w him 95% of the time, is an accurate easy to access look of communities feed back involved w various races.

You can see exactly what is there for Trolls if you’re a troll fan because it’s lists like that w bullet points basically, and then go “oh I love this, or oh they forgot this” and so on the lists go w each race being mentioned and each fans within the community groups they belong to or are most active w either going “yes that’s spot on” or “hey can you add this under there”.

Thankfully so far the various communities feel heard w this particular thread, idk what to else say.

It can’t hurt for Blizzard to see what each individual community wants in a list form like that though.


Yeah… I have to say, “let’s give everything blood elves have to void elves” was frustrating to see. Not even a suggestion of sharing (I mean, the word was used, but the example was ‘put all blood elf styles on void elves’ and not vice versa) between them for things that were reasonable, like hair styles. Just… ‘give void elves everything’. It’s why even though I’m neutral and support sharing, I get really frustrated at the void elf community that pulls that. If anything more is given to void elves from blood elves, it should be an exchange, not just a one way street.

There was no suggestion of that in that post.

While Maizou and I have clashed in the past and haven’t gotten along, I do appreciate the effort he’s taking for this, and listening to folks here. And many folks, for that matter, specifically with regard to player customization. Though we had that misunderstanding before, it was resolved maturely.

Though it is frustrating that it’s the only way to be heard by Blizzard. We shouldn’t have to either quote tweet to get attention or beg for people to listen. :confused:

Edit: And returning to that post, there was a second paragraph stating all blood elf customization should go to void elves with no suggestion of blood elves getting anything. Are you serious? Yes, people are going to be frustrated. We have been for a while.

Edit 2: Shoutout to why the CC is frustrating and a mistake even though we’re finally being heard now, though. “WE DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU… BUT…” is… yikes. Just wow. :roll_eyes:


I’m viewing their thread as a non factor they should be happy another was made that seems to have made people happy.

The HE RPers they tried to cater to and what ever guild communities they seem to have spoken w (I would note HE RP guilds exist so I half wonder if those aren’t the mysterious guilds they worked w) can be happy w that other thread I guess. Hopefully blizzard looks at feedback elsewhere and the thread that is more inclusive of communities and sees what people really want.


Hopefully, yes. The whole “We don’t have to listen to everyone here but–” is just glaringly an issue, especially for people who have been here and making suggestions for years. You can’t blame us for being frustrated.

At least Maizou actually listened to many communities. The Tauren? Not at all. Maizou’s thread is far more thought out and continues to grow and cater to many communities, and he’s listening to folks. So yeah. Good on him.


For future reference, please make forum posts directly responding to posts to being up points you disagree with.

And also, note… I mentioned shared across all races. And even if it’s worded poorly, Devs will not read everything we do and take that and ONLY THAT into consideration.

I chatted with the communities months ago and ever since I joined the CC in December. It is a shame you missed it.

For future reference, maybe make direct posts responding to the CC posts, so we actually get notified. So we have a chance to add it in. That’s literally all I have to do… Edit it… Or add new comments.

Sharing indicates it goes both ways. If you want me to go into 100% detail, the posts will not be read. PLease give feedback instead of acting as if we ruined your chance. Not everyone will be happy, a ton of people are happy with what I wrote, and a ton of people seem to not me. I’d suggest reading thoroughly and then perhaps coming with constructive feedback instead of acting as if we are deliberately trying to be jerks and exclusive.

Not everyone will get what they want. Once again, respond, give feedback. Feel free to tag me, mention my things in threads. I did months of research and gathering feedback, months.

The point for me is the new customization thread feels more representative of requests and each races fandom / community involved.

I have no further opinion on your thread it was a non factor to me to begin w because despite claiming you had community help the only community you referenced explicitly was HE roleplayers, if you view your thread as beneficial then that’s great but I would think the addition of a new thread that satisfies various communities is to be applauded.