San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

True, fair. I do love some of the void elf hair styles and wish I had it on my blood elves, though. Not to mention some night elf styles. There’s so many I wish we had and we just don’t :confused: The male night elves have the exact style of my OC, for example, and…ugh. I’m jealous, no doubt.

Not to mention I hate the direction blood elves are going and enjoyed them more with the darker themes. Seems like unless we get Darkfallen customization, gothic hair styles are out of question.


I support unique hairstyles for Blood and Void elves. Although sharing would be fair, I actually think it will just dilute our identities more. Maybe like you said, we could both share some hairstyles from other races. I’d say not from each other though, so I understand why some people don’t want to share hairstyles. And especially with cross-faction play upcoming, maintaining a bit of identity is important. Blood elves getting their own Darkfallen theme will help differentiate us more as well. I’m glad things are not too absolute among the sides x


That’s fair, so long as it isn’t just a one way street where void elves get hair styles from blood elves, but not vice versa. That’s the thing I’m really against.


I’ve wanted to share this thread on the Community Council in a few megathreads, since it does have importance to us in general. A member brought up the 50 character limit for accounts and how we could use more:

You can give a like to the post even without being a member of the Community Council.

We’re likely to get more playable races and classes in the future, so this will be an issue for those of us who are close to or have hit the 50 character cap. Nothing feels worse than having to delete characters to make room for newer ones as more options become available.

I’m very near the character cap myself and I don’t want to maintain more than one account, its subscriptions and expansions, and so on. Speaking only for myself, I’d happily pay to get more slots on my account if that were presented as an option.

Just wanted to support this thread as much as possible, so please share and like the post if you’re also interested in more character slots please! :wine_glass::bat:


Still hoping for San lynn, they cant be hinting them in bfa for no reason, something must be coming.


I feel bad for the San’layn community and the OP. They get little recognition from the CC and even when they do the people “posting on their behalf” post stuff like this.

Keep it real in here guys :+1:


A Helfer CC member what a surprise


I’m glad Blizz takes their feedback from multiple sources, and not just the council.


Blood for the Blood-Queen!

:popcorn: for me!


I may have been dead on the side of the road for over a year, but I still support this thread.


I’m glad you recovered from Dead and still are in favor of elves: now with extra spooky flavor!


Hopefully something comes of the ‘More issues in Northrend’ implication.

I stand by saying it’d be really cool to see San’layn on the side of Azeroth forces against the scourge, as they are powerful tacticians & would know the ins and outs. It’s been proven in lore, and why they’re so dangerous. Having insider information like that would really help us with this rampaging problem.

As for me, yeah, I’m tired of being thrown under the bus but used to it at this point. I can’t really find myself angry anymore at much, just tired. I’ve been trying to push story & lore for these elves, and other requests, for years and giving very detailed feedback on how it could be done to make sense.

It just doesn’t seem like Blizzard cares for any sort of lore suggestions beyond their vision that would add a lot of nuance. The whole ‘all members of [x] race are evil’ is such a bad trope. Especially with intelligent races that have free will. A ‘hive mind’ race is boring and makes for a bad story. Also why I’m pretty against factions, or at least being forced into one without any neutral option.


I’m glad, at least, they didn’t go through with the threat. At least there’s that. I will acknowledge that I appreciate this work being there.

In terms of customization, yeah, I personally would be fine with it. Not the best outcome but better than nothing. Though I’d love it through a Night Warrior-like questline to include lore as well. It doesn’t have to be too long or anything, just… it’d be nice to have story ties. And it’d satisfy those who rightfully want lore explanation.

It’s a pipe dream but I’d love a ‘cloud of bats’ mount. It’s a shame no such mount was given through the Venthyr. The bat models from Revendreth, however, are very cool. I will say that. I have it on this character and it looks lovely. I never realized I wanted a ‘saber tooth bat’ until I saw it.


It was a mean thing to say / threaten but at least they did the right thing in the end


Yes, I agree entirely. And do appreciate that. I know they’re against San’layn but it’s nice they included it anyway. Granted, they did say they want lore for it.

And I definitely want that too, trust me. It’s why I push so hard for a Night Warrior-like questline. Having no lore would make me sad. (I’m not quoting by the way because I don’t want to come off as pestering)

That aside, it’s a shame I have no art to share lately. I’ve been so busy though and suffering burnout, I think. Also need to save money for an audiobook adaptation of my writing, so yeah, pause on vampire art for now.


I don’t necessarily see needing lore to explain where things came from as an obstacle…

After all, dwarf mages just sprung up out of the ground in Cata and nothing exploded. I prefer a smidgen of lore explaining where and why, though. Which is why troll druids are cooler than dwarf mages even though they came wheeling in from left field.


This might be the first thing or one of the only things I can agree w you on

I don’t think lore should be an obstacle to the options.

Look at your Void Elves you’re not real High Elves but you make do, RP tools are more impactful imo in the long run

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I’d rather have San’layn canonically in the Horde, though, so roleplay elitists have no ammo to argue against me playing them. That’s one of the main problems on not having these options --if there’s no lore, there will still be people screaming about how ‘they are only evil’ and ‘you can’t play them’.


I think your stance is valid and I get it.

I’m more of the if they add explicit lore cool, if they don’t and its just implicated through the options they give and they have a “do what you will” approach thats fine too imo.

I do feel lore has to be added to the main themes of various races. So Blood Elves are High Elves so seeing some HEs return home is in the category of the main theme, actively seeing new Void Elves get corrupted by the void that sort of thing.

But as far as impactful options like these, I’d rather get them than not, and the second getting too hung up on I want lore for them becomes a detriment to actually getting the options I disagree myself, only because we’ve seen what they did for VEs at the expense of BEs visual uniqueness already, so if the time came and Blizzard said “we wanna do this for BEs too… oh but wait we aren’t gonna do the extra quest stuff they want… so we’ll just pass on them for now” I’d have an issue bcz then it became a detriment to getting the options.

Idk if that makes sense

Because realistically there isn’t anything stopping people from still fighting for story once we got the options if at first explicit story didn’t come


I mean, we both agree on a lot of things. Maybe not about void elves, granted.