San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

Yeah, funny that, considering it always starts with the provoking, huh? And who says I am being nasty? The only thing I am asking for is proof of this attack to really see the full picture, something which nobody wants to share, because according to you, and many others, I am also someone who supported it.

That would be awesome!

A fair few places I’d love to rp in like that.


I like everything I’ve seen about the new expansion save the new dragon flying feature that I’m “meh” on.

I feel like they shoulda done housing and they did some weird flying mini game instead which is nice but like… housing


See we’re different there, I’m excited about that feature :stuck_out_tongue: But particularly the customizable mount. I’ve wanted that for YEARS!


Thanks for reaching out. To put it all into context-

The main issue people have with the council is that it feels very cherry picked and the Devs are seemingly only focusing on what they say.

And very few council members have asked for any kind of feedback from the rest of the community.

Virtually no one from any Allied Race or Customization Communities where added, and Blizzard has show zero to negative interest in either new Allied Races or Customizations.

And with the nature of the CC Forum, it feels very much like we are on the outside looking in.

On this particular subject.

Blood Elves have wanted Runes since TBC Launch as it was on the box art. It is very much a Blood Elf thing that they have not gotten and has been dangled in front of them on the Box and on characters like Magister Rommath. It’s the equivalent of Night Elf Vines.

Blood Elves got very little in terms of new and interesting customizations.

They got a small Handful of Hairstyles. They got some new skin colors. They got no unique features aside for a few Armbands for Females only that are limited in colors. They got no Subraces like San’layn/Dark Rangers/Felbloods.

So when there was mention of giving Runes to just Mages, something Blood Elves have been requesting for many years along with a request to share their remaining hairstyles, you can see how it would not be taken kindly.

Not to mention Blood Elves and Void Elves (And High Elves) want to stand out from each other, not look more alike.

To use the Night Elf Vines example again, it would be like giving them to Druids alone, or giving Warpaint to Warriors and not Tauren. Things like this should go to the races it has cultural significance for first and foremost.

Runes for Blood Elves puts their magical affinity at the forefront, lets them pick Fel/Arcane/Blood/Light themes, and lets them resemble some of their Lore Characters.

As Fallynn mentioned, there is a list on the second post of this thread.

Fenelon has compiled several active Customization Threads on the bottom of the Void Elf thread.

And I have compiled a bunch of short list for all Playable races. (Note, it is still being actively worked on in my free time)

I will keep that in mind for the future.


So much this.

I’d like to add this link again.

I compiled a list of Blood Elf customizations from that thread as best as I could. (Oh I’m Kyuu too.)


To make sure the CC member can see it easily… I know its right under Drede’s where he marked it too but… just to be safe.


Personally, I feel that the unique Void Elf hairstyles that are popular should be shared with Blood Elves, and any hairstyles shared with Void Elves should come from other Alliance races like Humans, Draenei or Night Elves. But that’s just me.


Exactly. Granted, I’d be fine with a hair style share. Honestly, I hate that hair styles need to be exclusive at all. I’d be fine if we traded with night elves, orcs, trolls, whatever.

I just don’t agree with the one-way-street thing. As people know (and see me parrot), I’m against factions, flat out. I really want neutral guilds. I also hate restrictions (you probably know my attitude toward a class AND race being completely restricted, coming up… -.-) including on mounts & customization.

Especially after experiencing the customization FFXIV has to offer. Yes, I know, “Gross, FFXIV players are annoying” according to GD, but I’m someone who used to play WoW and obviously still has a lot of passion for the game. I want to see it get better. I want to be heard right next to the raiders, and it just doesn’t feel like that.

Sorry, random off topic rant, lol, but yes, pretty much. People don’t even realize most of my friends disagree with me on that angle, too. The ‘antis’ don’t want hairstyle sharing. Me? I do. As long as it’s SHARED. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Which is another reason why I’m baffled people scream at me for being ‘anti’ when I’ve stated about 50 times now that I’m actually pretty neutral.


I feel the same. But as a beneficiary of the sharing of Blood Elf assets, I also recognize that hairstyles are one of the last things that differentiate Blood Elves from Void Elves. To preserve some amount of differentiation between the two for those who feel strongly about visual uniqueness, there’s no reason hair proliferation to Void Elves has to come from Blood Elves.

There are a lot of Alliance races with hairstyles currently exclusive to them. Grabbing one or two styles from a few could easily add 5-10 “new” hairstyle options to Void Elves without stepping on Blood Elf toes again.


True, fair. I do love some of the void elf hair styles and wish I had it on my blood elves, though. Not to mention some night elf styles. There’s so many I wish we had and we just don’t :confused: The male night elves have the exact style of my OC, for example, and…ugh. I’m jealous, no doubt.

Not to mention I hate the direction blood elves are going and enjoyed them more with the darker themes. Seems like unless we get Darkfallen customization, gothic hair styles are out of question.


I support unique hairstyles for Blood and Void elves. Although sharing would be fair, I actually think it will just dilute our identities more. Maybe like you said, we could both share some hairstyles from other races. I’d say not from each other though, so I understand why some people don’t want to share hairstyles. And especially with cross-faction play upcoming, maintaining a bit of identity is important. Blood elves getting their own Darkfallen theme will help differentiate us more as well. I’m glad things are not too absolute among the sides x


That’s fair, so long as it isn’t just a one way street where void elves get hair styles from blood elves, but not vice versa. That’s the thing I’m really against.


I’ve wanted to share this thread on the Community Council in a few megathreads, since it does have importance to us in general. A member brought up the 50 character limit for accounts and how we could use more:

You can give a like to the post even without being a member of the Community Council.

We’re likely to get more playable races and classes in the future, so this will be an issue for those of us who are close to or have hit the 50 character cap. Nothing feels worse than having to delete characters to make room for newer ones as more options become available.

I’m very near the character cap myself and I don’t want to maintain more than one account, its subscriptions and expansions, and so on. Speaking only for myself, I’d happily pay to get more slots on my account if that were presented as an option.

Just wanted to support this thread as much as possible, so please share and like the post if you’re also interested in more character slots please! :wine_glass::bat:


Still hoping for San lynn, they cant be hinting them in bfa for no reason, something must be coming.


I feel bad for the San’layn community and the OP. They get little recognition from the CC and even when they do the people “posting on their behalf” post stuff like this.

Keep it real in here guys :+1:


A Helfer CC member what a surprise


I’m glad Blizz takes their feedback from multiple sources, and not just the council.


Blood for the Blood-Queen!

:popcorn: for me!


I may have been dead on the side of the road for over a year, but I still support this thread.


I’m glad you recovered from Dead and still are in favor of elves: now with extra spooky flavor!