San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

Me on discord: I just love the blue eyes and the fact Blood Elves are actual High Elves

You: thats nice Lann I want claws and fangs and scars xD we’re opposites for sure

Somehow our friendship survives


The zandalar moonkin form is the best!


This is something certain toxic folks just don’t ever seem to get~


Me in discord AND on threads here: I HATE LIGHT OPTIONS. NO. (with more complex reasons but I’m paraphrasing)


Me: somehow not destroying Lann cause… oh wait we’re adults!

Not to mention my anti-faction stance and your pro-faction stance. There’s some who love the idea of Lightforged undead, while I hate it. Some who love Venthyr, while I hate it. And we’re all, somehow, still good friends.

Because we can disagree. and. still. be. adults. (and friends, as a matter of face :slight_smile: )

Weird how that works.


I love that cat.


Hahaha. You support there toxicity. Want proof?

Oh look, a like there from you.

Proof of me supporting opposition to someone who harassed a friend?

Sorry, I trust Avarie’s word over the person being discussed.


Toxicity is supporting a sexual harasser and attacking a good person like Somand.


Imagine thinking defending the person who came forward after being harassed like that is the bad look.

Like no… that’s actually the only valid stance, because taking the opposite side is pretty messed up.


I didn’t want to get involved in that thread but it’s bled into here (not that I mind, a certain toxic person brought it up), and yeah, exactly. It’s really disgusting how some extremists defend a fellow like that after what he’s done just because he likes high elves.

Actually quite alarming, but go off, I suppose.

“Why do people call us toxic?”

It’s a mystery for sure.


Oh, so it is a word, which means there was no evidence to actual incident?

Keep twisting my words. It really helps your case.


It sure didn’t take long for your nasty side to come out after days of trying to be ms nice.


Huh. That’s one way to expose yourself as incredibly fake. Alls it takes is one simple word that accurately describes how I feel about certain posters.

And then the truth bleeds out.

Poetic for this thread.


I’m not an extremist though. And I wasn’t exactly defending him. It derails the High elf threads when this matter is brought up and is unfair towards those who are not related to the subject… :confused:

That tends to happen when it’s all an act and she was just pretending to be nice/neutral.


Love the kitties! :heart_eyes_cat:


The solution is really simple and obvious. Make a thread unrelated to the unsavory person then. Why in the world would you even want someone like that leading a main thread for you?


I wasn’t following the thread from the beginning so I don’t know how it started or why, but I do know that poster has a history that several have confirmed, and when I heard exactly what happened, I was very angry. My post was more pointed toward the other person in this thread I have on ignore, but I’ve seen that fellow (the one in the other thread) be defended just because he likes high elves, which isn’t cool.

I don’t have a strong opinion for or against void elf paladins (though would be annoyed if they got it without blood elves getting druids, and if they got it when everyone else got…well, nothing else.) I have seen people completely flip out over void elves not getting paladins, spamming multiple threads, and what not.

The issue comes up often because this person tries to maintain the guise of innocence after pulling some really nasty stuff. Honestly, if someone with a truly horrible history (homophobia, harassment, racism) agrees with me on something, I just put them on block.

On the subject of said specific poster, rather than formally apologize and accept that what they did was wrong, they continue to try and twist things & people jump up to defend them. I’m not naming any specific people, it’s just frustrating to see things being twisted into something they are not.

Though yes, I can understand such a derailment is frustrating-- I’ve been there, in this thread, and am dealing with it in a completely different way now. But I wouldn’t want people with that sort of history pushing options with vigor and staining the movement. People bring it up constantly because they keep getting away with it and keep getting support from the more toxic members of the playerbase simply because he likes high elves. I think people would be far less angry if either they were ignored or called out by more than the opposition.

In the end, I’ve outright just not posted in threads I agree with because the poster has a history (sometimes with me personally) of being absolutely terrible. I don’t like wandering the forums much, especially lately, and especially after certain people (this is referring to no one currently participating in the thread) caused drama outside of the forums and caused a massive amount of anxiety. Having experienced some of the extreme-end people will go to defend pixel elves and flip out over different opinions, yeah, I’m very frustrated.

You said the short and sweet version of everything I just said and lol I love it. Why do I overexplain so much :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, yes, this. Exactly this, pretty much.


Lmao I always love your posts Starla