San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

It’s outright alarming. The only customization thing I can recall the council talking about was garbage like locking runes to mages only. We need less restrictions, not more. What happened to player agency?


Agreed. This locking stuff is ridiculous. They’re pulling it with Dragonflights via a double whammy: Race AND Class, which is pretty ridiculous. I’m in the minority, apparently, in that I love the new designs, but it’s sort of soured by even more restrictions.

It’s just very tiresome. So many people who have worked hard to give suggestions for years weren’t added onto the council. Yet if you were a streamer, your chances went up by a landslide.

Makes me wonder why I bothered with this place if they’re going to choose to ignore the rest of the community in favor of streamers. Sigh.


And sadly, not even just streamers, either.

I’ve seen some very questionable people on there who aren’t even streamers, but just generally rude, arrogant, unpleasant, unhelpful people who couldn’t possibly contribute anything of value to what the council is supposed to accomplish.


The Evoker class only being available to Dracthyr and Dracthyr only being able to be Evokers is disappointing. New races to me should be able to have a variety of classes available to them, and has been the standard for MMO’s in general. Otherwise, it kinda makes them a bit one note and a waste of resources long term, in my opinion.

Imagine if in MoP, they did that with Pandaren. Only Pandaren could be Monks and Monks could only be Pandaren. It really makes them one dimensional and not really having nearly as much depth as Pandaren who would be able to take up other classes. Not to mention that not having Monks available to any other race would be frustrating for those who like Monks and wanted to make a specific race of it.

It’s something I hope isn’t a trend, as it would be a waste to make future playable races that limiting. I wouldn’t want say, San’layn to only be able to be Blood Mages or doing something like that with Ogres. I don’t see many new classes in the future, but I hope that future classes will have more race options and that future playable races have multiple class options.

The only good thing I can see from it specifically is that it doesn’t really completely deny the chance of Sethrak and Saurok from being playable. Those races would at least be able to be multiple classes and they’re different enough to be their own thing while adding something new and refreshing to the game, even with a playable dragon race.

Granted, it has caused an issue in the Sethrak megathread with people thinking theres no point now that we have a reptilian race finally, and I suspect I will see that off and on in my Saurok megathread. Silly as an argument it is, it is a frustration I expect to continue off and on. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the forums without silly arguments, I guess.

As for the council itself, I’ve looked at it off and on and haven’t really seen many topics of interest. When applications were opened, I recall hearing that you needed to show off anything you’ve done outside the forums as part of the application process, and since I’m not a content creator and don’t use social media at all, I kinda felt that I’d have little chance of getting on there. Maybe if applications open again, I’ll look at it, though as I said, I don’t know how effective I’d be on it. Especially if I don’t have others to bounce ideas on and such. You can only get so far with good ideas by yourself.

But in the meantime, I still march onward in support of races I want playable. Horde San’layn included. :wine_glass::bat:


It is ridiculously limiting.

I can sort of be okay if the Class was extremely specific to the lore of a race/place.

But to have a race be only one class, and have them have no Melee Classes or TANKS as a Dragon is a step too WAY too far.

Every race can be a Warrior, except this one because reasons?

My thoughts exactly.

I had not even considered them doing this in the future… And now I’m mildly horrified.

Not on topic, but I find it weird that the Seth’rak cover themselves, but these new Dragonkin don’t…

I, and many others, do not feel represented.

And there’s starting to be an increasing rift between other players and the council, because they don’t feel like they are really representing their interest.

The locking does sour my opinion on it as well.

I would be much happier if we could have Envoker on other Races or if the New Race could be other Classes.

Also, I don’t hate the designs, I just want more, and thing we all deserve more.

The varied Allied Race communities deserve far better.

That sounds alarming… Got a link?

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Ah, I missed that part.

Runes are already near the top on the list of unimplemented Blood Elf things, would suck to have that fantasy shelved for a very niche Class Customization.

Especially since Blood Elves can get Fel/Arcane/Blood/Light Runes and not just Arcane.


at least give it to locks too.


but all would be even better.

this expansion seems to be trying to force people to play certain archetypes race and customization wise though unfortunately.

Ah that the guy who just wanted to take from Blood Elves with no reciprocation too?


Hello there, sad to hear you guys do not feel represented. I worked and asked around for months before I decided to finally sit down and write about customization, and I feel I pointed out much more than just mage runes. It is a rather big list and of course, runes would preferably go to every single race/class that would fit it in lore.

I know I personally ask around a lot, engage with threads and forums because I wish to have more ideas than just my own, represented. If there are anything other than mage runes you would like for me to add or look into adding, please let me know!


I know there was a CC member at one point that had offered to share a customization megathread index. I’m particularly frustrated because some of us have been sharing for years (this thread has been up for four and was on the old forums), yet many forum regulars that have contributed so many detailed ideas were passed over for folks who barely participate. It’s super frustrating to try really hard and get ideas out there, only to have a: “Actually, we’re only listening to the council now who might represent you all despite how much conversation and suggestion sharing you’ve done for years.”

That said, it’s nice that you engage with threads on the forums and such. I don’t think people have stopped into the customization or AR megathreads on the council with questions or much to say virtually at all. Nothing relevant, anyway.

I have a megathread index on the second post in this thread that I wished was talked about more on the CC forum and visited by CC members more. Not even specifically this thread, but customization people are interested in general. Some of these have been active for years and time and again just… ignored for the shiny new thing, not to mention trolled, and all.

It’s just frustrating, honestly, to deal with a lot of toxicity from the community for just sharing ideas (that does leak out of the forums, which is the worst kind of drama…) only for the implication to be they’re only primarily listening to the council.


It was slightly annoying to see the call for BEs sharing hairstyles w VEs

Yet VEs have two visual themes. Where’s BEs second distinct visual theme? And you already called for us to give our hair styles away lol.

Looking at your thread you spent a lot of time talking about “why can’t all BE options just go to VEs”


Dracthyr should have other classes available.
Evoker…I’d let other races be an Evoker or I would include all the other races as “visage” options for the Dracthyr. It’s weird they’re not.
You can make a green dragon but can’t have it look like a night elf?
What if someone wanted a character similar to Ebonhorn…no tauren option?
Why is it only blood elf male and human female?

I really would have preferred them being juvenile dragons going out into the world to learn and help. A rebuilding of the flights, instead of test tube creations of Neltharion.

Mount form could have been the customizable dragonriding mount. That’d be their true dragon form. Let them be druids and use that form as their feral and guardian forms.

Why is there no black dragon tanking spec?

I’d also like to see the bulkier version in the fan edit going around be an option.
A lithe and a muscular body option would be great.

Supposedly there is a bulkier version, but what does it look like?
It just says “slightly bulkier”

There’s also rumors of covenant allied races being added…eh…I’d much rather have the various races people have been asking for for years. It makes more sense, but if they did covenant races, then that means there is ABSOLUTELY no reason they couldn’t add the various races people have been requesting.

We really need a dedicated dev team who are there to add customizations, races, and classes. It’s something that’d be extremely popular.


…I really hope they add races people have been asking for years for as opposed to things that should stay in the afterlife. Not to mention San’layn are actual vampires. The only afterlife race I’d be interested in are Stoneborn. They at LEAST aren’t reformed souls of someone who had previously been alive. I personally (THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOODY OPINION BY THE WAY, which some people just go off the rails over, but my gods I’m allowed to have it. I’m fine if people disagree but calm down and let me have my own opinion while having yours) hate the Venthyr and would not ever play one. Everything about their look and lore is something I despise.

Red shirt guy on twitter implied allied races might be Darkfallen though, so who knows. I’m just frustrated that so many suggestions have been given. I want to see AZEROTH RACES added. Not the flavor of the week reformed souls that make death completely pointless.


Just no more elves please. Enough with the elves.

No. More elves!


please lord NOOO

If it helps, I support options like ogres, Saurok, Sethrak, Arakkoa, and more too. But I’m definitely not going to stop asking for what I want.


It doesn’t :frowning:

That’s a shame. Well, best thing would be to mute this thread then and possibly put me on ignore. Along with supporting additions you want to see added/giving suggestions. Might help you get what you want too. You never know.