San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}



There are a group of Furbolg that are allied with the Alliance anyway: the Stillpine Tribe.

So it’s not like it would be that odd for them to become playable.

Tribes of Furbolg have been quite cordial/allied with the Night Elves for thousands of years.

There are other examples of potential races to join the Alliance, but that’s one off the top of my head.


That explanation changes things for me then.

Thank you for the post and info.

However, do you see that for most Furbolg, these other ones are pretty much JUST targets?


Can the allied race system really be considered a failure?

It was pretty popular in general and was one of the better features of BfA. It also opened the door for certain races becoming playable when they didn’t have a chance as a core race.

Certainly, the system has flaws and valid criticism, but I wouldn’t really call it a failure. I don’t really see it as something to be abandoned, but refined in the future with some of the criticism addressed and changes made.

I’m still of the opinion that we’ll likely see new races in the form of core and allied races, in terms of how we unlock them.

Just my own personal opinion, of course. :wine_glass::bat:


No problem. :smile:

I see what you’re getting at though, yes.


If you’d like to see more, check out Fen’s wonderful thread on the topic!


The single biggest complaint Alliance side is that the AR’s given were “just” different versions of already existing races.

Lightforged Draenei are still Draenei.

Dark Iron Dwarfs are still Dwarfs.

Mechagnomes are still Gnomes.

The Horde got ONE such race, the Mag’har.

Otherwise, it was Vulpera, …

Yeah, that’s the usual issue A side.

Balancing issues to unlock each, both being unequal as well as not fun was the other major issue.


Sorry, High Mountain Tauren, too. So that’s at least two.

Please see below.

Taunka would have been FAR better instead, however, I do get at least somewhat why it was HMT.

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HMT are just Tauren with moose antlers. I know they get a cool culture and all, but I mean visually.


Okay, so I’m wrong.

The issue I think overall was that ANY of the new races were tied to prior ones.

Yes, I know that’s not by itself an issue. However, since when has Blizzard ever seen fit to truly do right by the races past Orcs versus Humans?

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If you look at the first four ARs, that seems to have been their original design goal. Basically quick “premium races” to force time played metrics. It wasn’t until later that they started getting interesting, not counting the half-hearted changed model that Nightborne got.


My issue with Nightborne is that Blizzard seems to be making a version of Night Elves that they like.

I would not be surprised if NE’s get written out of the game and NB take their place.



All year.

I’m so down for a female San’layn at this point.

My birthday is the great haunting day.

So, yeah… I’m biased. At least in a good way!

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I would not call that a plus.


Not to mention ANOTHER Elf Restricted hero class would not go over well.

Depends on how you look at it.

For some it was just a bunch of hoops to jump through for what amounted as a customization.

And a lot of empty promises that they where listening or that there was a chance for the races they wanted would get added.

Here’s hoping.

But I’m not going to give them credit on my hopes. They will have to earn it after the last two Xpacs.


Oh I only meant in that it would make them a bit more different from Hunters than you might initially expect.

The next class (if their is one) should be a Mail wearer, but it’s hard to imagine what that would be.

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The only one I logically see doing that is Tinker. Since I don’t see cloth or leather working for them.

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I really don’t see mail armour working for Tinkers.

They generally use mechanical bits for stuff, but they themselves aren’t really armoured at all.

You could argue Mekkatoque wears armour, but most racial leaders wear some sort of armour, even if their class wouldn’t.

Like how Anduin is a plate priest with a sword.

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Actually I can see Tinker wearing Cloth. Why would someone who sits in a mech suit all day wear armour? And I know this is a fantasy game, so int is for magic, but a class about building things using their intelligence as their main stat seems to fit.


I hope it’s necromancer…


WoW’s Tinkers tend to have a lot of metal bits attached to their cloths. Like Welding Mask, Steel Toed Boots, Utility Belts, Metal Guards on Gloves. Wich in my mind isn’t quite plate but not soft enough to be another armor type.

Technically it would be cloth shirts/pants and plate everything else.

Also. most of WoW’s cloth items are robes/dresses with skirts. Don’t want to wear that stuff around moving parts.

But this is just my opinion.

There is Int Mail. Only use by 2 specs of 1 class.

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True, but the same thing can be said of ranged weapons.