San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed}

They already did.
They’re the Darkfallen skin.

Almost everything you guys are asking for is entirely made up.
They literally gave you guys what you were asking for.


Yes, I’m still in the camp that San’layn should be a full on Core Race or Allied Race for the Horde and for Horde players. :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated:


Still waiting for Blizzard to deliver:

-Separate the eyes from the skintone!
-Give more dead skin tone options for other skin tones!
-Allow the eyes on death knights!
-Give more San’layn options like claws, fangs, ears and scars!

Oh also let DKs use the red eyes…


Guess you’re easy to please?
A single skin? Wow.
Barely the bare minimum effort.


I’m glad it was enough for them.

I’m going to continue to request blizzard actually deliver personally, but I can’t begrudge them their enjoyment.

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I hope I don’t get into trouble for suggestion this but since there are so many Vampire theme players on this Post you guys should totally Play V Rising and Host your own Server with he San’layn Name so players from this post in WoW can join and kill time in the down time when we waiting for new Story and other stuff to be added to WoW.

I totally join your server online… and join the clans there if you did… Been playing this game on and off and is super fun!
Its like Vampire theme fans paradise… even the PvP (if the Host allows it on server) is super fun and engaging!

Anyway just a suggestion since this post have lasted this long…

Take care, see ya in WoW!

:wave: :grin:

This skin works pretty good actually but more vampire related customization exclusive to it would be nice.


I need to play it again now that they’ve put out a big update. My siblings and I were all playing it for a little while there till our interest fizzled out. It’s a pretty good game.


(Oh wow I can still post gifs)

Hello again, it’s been almost a year.

I decided to touch WoW casually again and figured I’d drop in and say hello. I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm and glad to see people still trying to ask for the San’layn I fell in love with years ago :slight_smile: I really hope folks get what they want.

I think letting DK have the red eyes, separating eye color from skin color, and adding fangs + claws would be great. That, and the addition of jet-black eyes (night Warrior for night elves, for example, but in the context of having eyes like Lana’thel.)

I’d love to see more lore for the San’layn and blood curse too. I know my love for the story of WoW has been dead since Shadowlands (and maybe even before that) but I’ve been very slowly making my way through Dragonflight (AKA I’m still in the first zone) and am loving it so far. I do love dragons though, so it’s a nice treat.

It’s heartbreaking to see some of my old RP characters and remembering all the stories before I left. But I’ve started up many intricate wonderful stories in FFXIV and am loving it there, along with housing. Still, it’ll be fun to explore Dragonflight casually. I am so happy to see Blizzard at least trying to add more customization in general. Warlocks for all is wonderful and I am sooo happy for folks, that and the pet varieties.

(Gods please update foxes, Blizzard. My hunter pet looks derpy…) Speaking of foxes, I still find the Vulpera adorable and am so happy they got added. I love the dragon that has a vulpera visage form. I also do love the designs of dracthyr and made one, but I have to level her in the future.

I can’t wait to customize my dragon when I collect more things. The new one added in 10.1 is awesome, I absolutely adore it, but want to take my time to enjoy the game rather than rush to it.

Anyway. I’ll drop in some ideas I randomly had, hidden as to not spam. I’ve not returned and won’t be regularly posting, but may as well contribute food for thought.

Also, it’d be cool if vampire customization was unlocked for a few races. Heck, I’d say all of them, like DK. Bonus points if Vry’kul get added, and they get vampire customization too.

'Class' route ideas.

If they do go the class route, they could do a couple things. I don’t like how evoker is just dracthyr. But, if they’re set on it, a “Vampire” class could be neat. The issue would be distinguishing it from blood DK. The following ideas I have could be for that ‘class’ though.

Note: If ‘vampire’ were to be a class, or something, it should be there for all races like DK, though, with special customization.

Anyway, the route that may make more sense is the additional spec option. We see Blizzard exploring a different type of class with that new spec added for evoker. Why not other options, too? Here’s my idea:

(a) Hemomancer - AKA blood mage. An additional mage spec. Ranged. Draw blood from the target, then use hemomancy to heal allies. A dual DPS/healing spec. Perhaps with ability to grant buffs, by ‘enhncing the blood’.
(b) Berserker - I’m not sure where this would go if a spec or if the name fits. But, it’s a tank that bites the target and drains their life energy, or slices with claws and laps up the blood. Could do either or. Anyway, they’re drawing blood from the target as a main sustaining point. Could also be DPS and give DPS buffs when they do this, or buff party members. Would need to be careful not to impede upon blood DK’s ‘blooddrinker’, but some classes have overlapping stuff, like locks & DH, so there’s that. It’s just one move.
(c) “Venom Biter” or “Toxicity” or “Envenomer” - Could be a rogue spec, but it would also need to not intrude upon rogues. Essentially, hollow fangs of the vampire envenoms enemies and debuffs them, and the vampire drinks the blood, the mixture of chemicals giving them buffs while the target gets debuffs. Could get inspiration from vipers or spiders, like neurotoxins, hemotoxins, etc.

Maybe if class customization were a thing, something like this could be unlockable. But yeah, (a) (b) and (c) above could all be specs of a ‘vampire’ class, added specs of other classes, or cosmetic skins for current specs/classes. Who knows? These ideas may be too intricate or encroach on another class too much, but I don’t have the answers for everything, just throwing ideas out there people could talk about.

(With that, goodbye again, and wishing you all well <3)


Like what?
Point at the features on a san’layn that different from a blood elf with the Dark Ranger skin

The first post of the thread covers that.


Honestly most detractors questions and contests can be answered by just reading the first post. lol


My worry about a vampire class would be that it would likely dilute the San’layn storyline, if any of that even gets addressed with it.

Sure, we have other races that are capable of being vampires, Vrykul being the most notable one, but the San’layn storyline is something I’d worry about not really being much of a part of it, if it even is a part of it at all. Even if San’layn would be a part of it, it would likely be a minuscule role at best without a lot of presence or much mention of them.

A vampire class also seems like a weird concept to me, somewhat like if Worgen were a class instead of a race. If that were the case, we may not have gotten much out of Gilneas and any storylines out of them, for better or worse. Not to mention that vampires in general would be able to have different class roles still, with vampiric skills being workable as racials.

I wouldn’t be entirely against a vampire class, but I would worry about how San’layn would be treated with it, if they’d be a part of it at all. Especially given the potential of storylines and such with them.

Just how I honestly feel, of course. Arguments could be made of vampires as a class of some sort and it could work, but I realistically don’t know how it would affect San’layn if they even get to be a part of it at all. :man_vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


Hey it’s good to see you again.

The Forums have been kind of empty and less interesting without you and other well known forum players within the WoW Community. I hope your time in FFXIV is going great atleast with the different races like Cat People, Bunny People, Dragon like Lizard People, Giant looking Orcs, and also player housing and stuff like that.


Welcome back!


Wish I had discovered this thread a lot sooner, so I could’ve been tossing in my bumps. When I first learned of the potential Horde San’layn during the BfA War Campaign, nothing could’ve had me more hyped (aside from Horde Ogres, maybe). I do love these darkfallen eyes and single skin-tone, so I could have the San’layn I always wanted (and this transmog / the parasol toy really does the trick) we NEED more customization for it to be more distinct from one another - though the Blood Prince skeletons would be absolutely splendid.


With a new month having arrived, it’s a good time for a new round of in-game race request suggestions!

With the beginning of each month, I make in-game suggestions for each race I want to see playable along with a mention of their respective megathreads on these forums. While it is far from a guarantee of seeing our dreams come true, I do think every little bit helps, and doing it monthly I feel is reasonable and not that intrusive or annoying.

If you’re interested in doing the same for races you want to see playable, I made a little guide on how to do so in-game here:

As hard as it can be to keep the hope alive for playable Horde San’layn, especially with Darkfallen as just a skin, I still feel that it is important to keep submitting feedback. It along with supporting playable Horde San’layn is something I’ll continue to do as best as I can. :man_vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


I don’t know if this was shared before, apologies if it has, but I came across an art piece on DeviantArt of a Blood Prince performing blood magic that I wanted to share. It was created by Galder and uploaded to the website on July 31st, 2018.

“Blood magic research” by Galder on DeviantArt

Wanted to share this since it shows off a lot of San’layn specific characteristics that makes them feel unique. It’s something I could see in a San’layn settlement, of blood mages researching and practicing blood magic. Who knew magic research could be a bloody good time?

I’ll keep an eye out for art pieces and other things to share for playable Horde San’layn idea inspiration! :man_vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:



So I’ve started looking at general vampire art pieces to share for playable Horde San’layn inspiration and came across a really cool one I wanted to share of a vampire in the air in a gothic scene. This was created by JasonEngle on DeviantArt and was uploaded to the website on July 2nd, 2015.

“City of a Thousand Steeples” by JasonEngle on DeviantArt

I’m wanting to try and show off vampire specific stuff to help showcase how San’layn as their own playable race have a lot of potential in various ways as opposed to just being slapped onto Blood Elves with minimal effort, and aesthetics would be one of them. That image above helps quite a bit in that regard, as vampiric themed transmogs would look great on someone who could turn into a bat as a race and flap in the night.

I’ll be looking for more sources of playable Horde San’layn idea inspiration to share in the future. Call me stubborn, but I still have some hope. :man_vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat: