San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed}

The light is attacking the Shadowlands. I have done Loremaster of Shadowlands (sadly one of the requirements is bugged so I may have to redo the Revendrenth part on an alt : /). We see that Revendreth has been attacked by the light for something they did before. I am unsure what that is, I found no in-game references for what they did, but I would assume it has something to do with Sire Denathrius who is now the villain. And may have helped Zovaal in the past before he got Jailed.

We also see in Bastion that the Kyrian faced of attacks from the Void. Both of those forces wanted to get into the Shadowlands. We know the light can choose to heal or damage a person based on the intent of the user, so I would like to know which entity is currently waging war on Revendreth.

I think that is more for foreshadowing for a future expansion/content based on a war with the void and light. In Ardenweald we are exposed to the forces of life as well, and have to consider who is the Winterqueen’s sister.

I have seen Venthyr in Oribos, I will keep an eye in the future if we see them in other zones like Bastion which I think has sunlight, or some sort of illumination in the sky.

I would be interested if the Venthyr had angered An’she who is Elune’s brother, that would be funny. As An’she represents the sun.


Yes, and when closing the portals they could bug and summon 3-4 mobs with 50k health ontop of you that would mind blast you and zap your healthbar into non-existance.


I have to say that there are a couple things I am really enjoying in Shadowlands.

  1. The return of old characters with Draka and Zuljin being the tops for me so far. Hope they add in some lore/story with those characters in future patches.
  2. The fact that our covenants lets us go out and help the other covenants. Nice to see that we get to help you lesser covenants out. :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Torghast isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Glad they got rid of the timer. I like the skills I get in there also. I only did it once but I plan on going back till I get that Maw mount. I hate running in the Maw. Hoping to see some special, and maybe even secret, characters in there in the future.
  4. I actually like the soulbinds. Far better imo then Azerite traits because I actually can pick what I want for most of them and not handed ones I hate.
  5. New cosmetic head pieces. Would love for them to add in more cosmetic items for other armor pieces but it’s a start. I like the drust most of all and then the masquerade.
    ` Six Fun Cosmetic Helms NOT Restricted to Covenants In Shadowlands - And How to To Get Them - Wowhead News

To each their own.


This is clickable, I think you have TL3.

Also I didn’t know he was back, best bring back ever.


I enjoy those parts too! (1) is super neat. I’m excited to see Kael’s return. Zuljin I kinda hope he gets better? I dunno. I don’t think he’ll ever get over his hatred for Blood Elves but I can’t really blame him (even though I love elves). Draka I really enjoy in the Shadowlands–particularly her “We protect the weak” line I recall her saying. She has a different (and in my opinion stronger) mentality than most in Shadowlands.

Hahaha true, and the rewards are great too if you like gold.

Been so busy so have not dipped in. I haven’t tried it yet extensively, but yeah my goal will be the mount as well. I wonder if they’ll add more rewards in the future!

Yeah I LOVE that they’re adding more cosmetic craftable, I hope they continue. It’s good for the economy and those that are mog collectors. I’ll be able to make the Candle on my alchemist soon :stuck_out_tongue: I just need to stop being lazy and get the rubies for the recipie.

Also grats on TL3!

Edit: also I’ve been going for and it seems like, most likely, it’s once a day chance per boss. I farmed for HOURS on some toons and saw nothing, but have not seen comments where someone gets it after such, only in the beginning of killing bosses. Though reading into it more, some say you can get it after farming a while? I dunno anymore x.x


I just checked, and Warsnarl has Trust Level 2. If you want to know how to check your Trust Level, this is one way:

Keep at it, and you’ll be at Trust Level 3! :smiley:


Thanks everyone, even if it isn’t true, lol.

I have no intentions of getting TL3. Too much work and the community manager and I don’t see eye to eye. Too many bans over very stupid stuff that should’ve been caught imo. No thank you and good day. :wave:


So I came across video from the beta that shows off dealing with Kael’thas as part of the Venthyr covenant campaign, which I don’t believe is in the game yet. Most of it isn’t voice acted, but some of it is.

Note that the video does contain spoilers and is also from when it was in beta:

Figured I’d share it in case someone notices anything of interest. I’ll keep an eye out for any videos of this when it hits live servers eventually. :bat:


I’m kinda wondering if this is intentional as a plot point/reference.
It does have me a bit curious.

I’ve not gotten to Revendreth yet. Looking forward to it though. I think it’ll be a bit yet, as I’m just finishing up Maldraxxus.


Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing what the deal is with Kael’thas. It doesn’t seem like he’s a Venthyr, as they all have that distinct look, and I watched “The Accuser” turn a soul into one last night on one of the side quests (actually paid attention that time).

Also if they are redeemed, I’m wondering where they go. Rebirth? Another covenant? Another part of Shadowlands? It doesn’t seem like they’re meant to stay in Revendreth if they’re going for redemption, unless they dedicate themselves wholly to the cause. Most, however, seem like they’re just on a journey.


Being on a journey to your final destination in the Shadowlands seems to be the most likely result. There are apparently more parts of the Shadowlands than we visit, so others could end up there.

If the talks of some of the dead arrivals in Revendreth being capable of becoming a Venthyr and joining the covenant that way are true (which I haven’t gotten there and haven’t seen anything yet about it), that is also a possibility.

Seems like Maldraxxus is a final destination for some so far, with Bastion being either a final destination or just a stop on the way to being ferried to wherever. I don’t know much about Ardenweald, though it seems to deal with higher beings able to be reborn from my understand, but so far it sounds like Revendreth is just a connecting flight for the most part, so to speak.

Then again, the more I try to look at and make sense of it, the more my head hurts. I imagine it could be quite the challenge to write for this area, as I don’t think I could easily write multiple afterlife areas and such. x- x


Just wanted to say, love how this thread is alive and going, I support more races and diversity, San’layn is no exception. :+1:t4:

While I know Shamans are very unlikely… Blood Shamans could be a thing, no elf like race has shaman available, while game play wise be similar but could draw their powers from else where.

Goes great if you picked Venthyr :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll be honest, I dream of an elf race in WoW that could be a Shaman.

Edit: the San’layn could get their Shamanism from the fallen Loa god Hir’eek, they’ve found a way to bring him to their cause in un death, spirit wolf form could be a bat, bat like totems, I don’t know just spitballing here haha


Myself included, lol. Most of my toons are going there. Only thing I really don’t like about that covenant is the mount.

I have to get over to Revendreth with my lock because of the post you did where Kael is tied to that covenant. I thought he was not tied to any covenant but I didn’t do any research on his part so I was wrong. :frowning_face:

That would be a good idea. Something to separate it from the other 900 elf races we have. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After doing this quest we learn more about the light in Revendreth. It seems that Sire Denathrius stole a Naaru and was using it’s power to defeat his enemies. So he was basically doing what the blood elves did with the Naaru back in BC. In a sort of way. The Naaru is in the Sanguine Depths dungeon. They also say they are keeping it in a place where they first got inside shadowlands and away from the Venthyr. So it seems the Naaru may unintentionally harm the Venthyr. But it is still allies with the Venthyr covenant, I will keep an eye for any light to venthyr connections. More lore quests will open when we get more renown over the following weeks.


I forget which quest/npc said this, it may have been the Accuser, but if a soul is redeemed in Revendreth and chooses not to stay and become a Venthyr, they are returned to the Arbiter for a new judgement. The Arbiter then sends them to whatever part of the Shadowlands is now appropriate for them.

With the Arbiter out of commission, that may be why the soul the Accuser rescued became a Venthyr without a choice, since the option to go back to the Arbiter is unavailable and the only other option was the Maw.

We’ve been told that there countless areas of the Shadowlands, each meant for specific beings. The four we see (and the Maw), are only a tiny fraction of what is likely an infinite number of afterlives. Future content patches may add new afterlife zones to the Shadowlands for us to explore.


Yeah I hear ya. I have an idea in my own writing of how afterlife works, but it’s less ‘infinite worlds’ and more ‘this his how it works’. Seems like it’s extremely complex for WoW, and then there’s the whole ‘you’re deleted from existence if you die here’ which I still, personally, do not like one bit. I know it ‘ups the stakes’, but eh, again, it’s just a personal gripe that I do not enjoy down to the core.

Thanks so much for your kindness, I really appreciate your words :slight_smile: Also, I honestly love that concept! I didn’t even think of that. I think in WoW lore there’s blood shamans, too, or something? I did a quick lazy google search and saw nothing of significance pop up, but I could have sworn I read that there was ‘blood’ as an element, and ‘corrupted shamans’ could use it. The concept could be applied similar to void elves, demon hunters, and warlocks, where something considered a ‘darker magic’ is controlled by someone strong enough an adapted for use to aid Azeroth as opposed to harm it. (This also applies to the lovely Death Knights, whom I adore <3 My heart is always in the Ebon Blade. I love antiheroes so much.)

Yeah same here, or a druid. I know I have a knife to my throat while saying that, of course, but either shaman or druid could be cool. And they could easily replace paladin with shaman in this case, since while paladins make sense just fine for undead (it’s supported in lore entirely, and if I’m challenged, I will link it here), it’d bring a more unique flavor along.

Haha I love these ideas! People have brought it up for druids as well, like tapping into drust magic for shapeshifting ability (since they are undead) and tying themselves to Hir’eek (who I still think should be redeemed fully. He was meant to be a ferry for the dead and benevolent, after all.) Though shaman, I feel, works in this case as well.

Here’s another factor to consider for your idea. San’layn have been pretty low-sight for ten years (since Wrath), right? And suddenly they do pop up. Where? In NAZMIR, and looking for a home in the Horde. How long have they been in Nazmir? They could have taken some examples from Blood Trolls and melded it into their own use of magic, I reckon. Food for thought for sure.

Haha yeah I think people would be more open to the idea with that, along with monster bat forms and/or ugly options or bat-like options.
Example of what I mean (BAT LIKE, not ugly.):


Huh, the parallels to blood elves are interesting. Also noticing very heavy parallels to Nightborne as well with them.

That’s all interesting, thanks for clarifying! And makes sense too that they’d be able to be re-judged. I hope we get to return to Azeroth and deal more with the scourge in a patch as well, the ‘flavor of the month’ prepatch just wasn’t enough to sate that and I hope it’s addressed more too. We’re just in the start of the expansion though, so surely we’ll get to return home and do stuff too in time.


So…since this hasn’t been brought up. On Dreadlords…Sire Denathrius is probably THE first Dreadlord. In Spire of the Unseen Guests (in their own language ‘Nathrezim’ means ‘Unseen Guests’) in Revendreth you can loot a book called ‘lost journal’. It contains “Enemy Infiltration-Preface”. Flavor text is “A report written by an unknown hand. The signature upon the final page has been rendered illegible.”

To our most wondrous and resplendent Master, (Denathrius)

I am pleased to state that, after a lengthy study of our rivals, I have completed my observations.

Please accept this briefing in advance of my complete report, which shall follow forthwith. We anticipate that certain of our targets will be more challenging to topple than others. But each is prone to manipulation in different ways, and our agents have already woven themselves into their very fabric.

This is, after all, the solemn duty for which you sired (Sire Denathrius) us. As you are fond of saying: Once a desire is understood, it can be exploited.

Enough prologue. Allow me to summarize our findings. In many ways, the titans will be the easiest to manipulate. Their singular goal is to impose structure upon everything they see.

Show them a force that opposes their drive for Order, and they will be consumed by their urge to eradicate it.

Their pantheon, so seemingly united in purpose, is vulnerable to fracturing. The void lords all but welcome us with open arms. They are so preoccupied with their thousand truths that they ignore the lies we sow in their very midst.

I believe we can leverage their vast reach to position them as a foil against our other rivals.

We remain wary, though. Since they are observant of multiple outcomes, it is conceivable they could anticipate our coming. Similar to the titans, the naaru and their keepers are singular in purpose. Their adherence to a linear path is an obvious shortcoming.

They savor nothing more than being proved right, so if they believe they have converted one of us to their precious Light, they will trust that agent implicitly.The adherents to Life are the most insidious of opponents, perhaps because their nature is so antithetical to our own.

Still, we learned much from observing the link between their plane and Ardenweald, and we have high confidence that a vulnerability has been identified.

Our operative has already gained the trust of her target.And as previously discussed, our position within the plane of Disorder is proceeding flawlessly. Consuming fel energy is not a pleasant process, but a necessary one.

The deception you have architected will bear fruit in the ages to come.As ever, we shall serve as your unseen hand. We will poison every host foolish enough to invite us into their midst.

I remain, as always, your faithful servant."

Soo…Dreadlords are actually creatures aligned with Death and the ones in the Legion were just infiltrators who consumed fel in order to trick the Legion. The one who infiltrated the Light is probably Lothraxion (the ‘light forged’ Dreadlord).


Remember the blood moon with the shadowmoon ally orcs? Bloodlust is also our signature horde ability <3 San’layn blood elves would be cool. Even Venthyr who seem to use Ash golems/elementals and sinstone golems.


Here’s the book for you, source!

That’s very neat, now I see why there’s such heavy speculation on it. I mean, looking at his legs, they are demonic.

Quite like, well, dreadlords. Also, he has horns, unlike… pretty much anything there. So, I can definitely see it. That would be very neat, I’m not going to lie, if the “Master” being referred to is in fact the Sire. Since it was looted in Revendreth and he pretty much looks like a dreadlord without wings (and actually doesn’t look half bad, unlike other dreadlords :stuck_out_tongue: ) the key points are gleaming.

So I still feel that the vampyr curse upon the San’layn can be traced to the dreadlords and Venthyr as well, if they’re all connected. Holding a lot of hope for that one, not going to lie, as it’d be a really cool web of connections that would make a lot of sense–and open up playable San’layn, most likely, with Venthyr-like options being made available (because again that’d only make sense.)

Bonus Dread Jaina!


Sighs One day I too shall reach T3 and will be able to post pictures :frowning: But this is such a huge lore bombshell. Most rank and file Venthyr are pretty much just mortals who were redeemed via their stint in Revendreth and chose to stay and become Venthyr to redeem other once-wicked people (at least that’s what they’re supposed to do). Which explains why they don’t look like him. Dreadlords are presumably his own ‘offspring’ (He’s even called ‘Lord of Dread’) so to speak and are sent out to infiltrate the other forces (they according to this were directly behind the creation of the Legion because they manipulated Sargeras to turn against the other titans), Lothraxion tricked the Light into thinking he was ‘converted’…what makes me really curious now is wondering what agent infiltrated the forces of Life.

I like this separation because it makes it clear San’layn are still their own thing and I still stubbornly cling to hope that we’ll get our vampire elves. As pointed out, Venthyr are vampiric (as Dreadlords themselves have always been described as vampiric), but San’layn are actual vampires since they feed on blood.