San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed} (Part 1)

Deatholme would be a great place for the Horde San’layn faction to reside. They’d be close to Silvermoon, it’d be a way to keep any Scourge minions in check, and the area really fits with their theme.

I’ve talked about this idea before, but if they went with Kael’thas being the leader of the Horde San’layn faction, it would fit well with being so close yet so far from Silvermoon. Thus many reasons why the whole occasional organ playing that echoes throughout the zone idea just fits very well, though it could also just be whoever leads the Horde San’layn faction doing the music as well.

An organ piece I like to share for such a scenario, which I’ve shared a lot in here before because it is very fitting, is the following:

Imagine hearing something similar to that that occasionally playing in the Ghostlands, either being distant as you’re far aware or loud if you’re at Deatholme. All the San’layn NPC’s in the zone look towards it, some in Deatholme maybe walking up to the building where the organ is being played, either lost in thought or bowing/kneeling towards it while Blood Elf NPC’s in the zone are lost in thought to the music as well.

“Lament of the San’layn” or something with a similar title it could be called. It’d have multiple meanings in the title, especially if Kael’thas was a San’layn, and would just fit the San’layn in general and whole vampire theme very well, in my opinion.

Maybe if those old world revamp rumors ever become true and we got playable Horde San’layn, it could be something we see someday. :vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


So I’ve recently turned older and I did get Exploring Azeroth: Northrend as one of my presents. I’ll be trying to read through it to see if anything San’layn related is in it. Granted, the book’s point-of-view is from the eyes of a few Dwarves, some of which have ties to the Alliance, so I’m not expecting a whole lot of it. Still worth a look just in case, though!

In the meantime, I’ll celebrate by sharing this video of a young bat growing up:

I’m sure you can tell what part of my birthday wish is. :crocodile: :japanese_ogre: :bat: :tiger2: :bear:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


Don’t mind me I’m still salty many months later that void elves got any dark ranger customizations at all. :smile:


San’layn could have been an allied race in BfA. I’m sad they weren’t in the new allied races because we got the story for that in BfA.


I came across a neat San’layn emblem art piece on DeviantArt, which I’m not sure if it has ever been shared here or not. It was created by Laurenas and uploaded to the website on Feb. 12th, 2017.

“San’layn Emblem” by Laurenas on DeviantArt

It’s a neat emblem that looks like something that could’ve been on the top of a San’layn allied race banner in the Orgrimmar embassy. A shame that never happened in BfA, sadly, but still is a neat thing to hopefully inspire that happening someday!

I’ll be keeping an eye out for San’layn and maybe general vampire related art pieces to share in the future for playable Horde San’layn idea inspiration! :vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


So just wondering. The nightborne are getting some new customizations. What if we saw some san’layn neophytes of like other elf races? Which could lead to some bloody eye customizations. Something like the dk eyes but with bloody effects.

Would be cool. Nightborne will be getting some red hair. Some red eyes would be lovely.

As for the races that got some red eyes. Some bloody effects around the eyes would be a nice vampyr sort of customization.

With the trading post we can also get some more gothic/vampyr mogs eventually too. Bat/imp/ vampire capes.

It would be nice to get a Lana’thel transmog set. Since we got one based of wardens and now some night elf blades. It would be a nice way to get some san’layn customization too.


I really like that fan made emblem.

I do love that sickly fel green that is present in San’layn created stuff.


A new month means another round of showing playable San’layn support with monthly in-game race request suggestions!

With the beginning of each month, I make in-game suggestions for each race I want to see playable along with a mention of their respective megathreads on these forums. While it is far from a guarantee of seeing our dreams come true, I do think every little bit helps, and doing it monthly I feel is reasonable and not that intrusive or annoying.

If you’re interested in doing the same for races you want to see playable, I made a little guide on how to do so in-game here:

Gotta help make sure the San’layn aren’t forgotten and could be much more than shallow villains! :vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


I don’t remember them mentioning he’d have to atone for eons. He seemed to work through things throughout the covenant storyline. He doesn’t have to be there forever. And really, the Shadowlands should be erased anyway. Just yeeted and deleted.


This 100% literally, San’layn as a playable Horde Core Race or a playable Horde Allied Race would be absolutely lovely. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


So I’ve gone through Exploring Azeroth: Northrend which I got for my birthday awhile ago. There were a couple of mentions of San’layn, but it was more of a recap of events in WotLK as opposed to anything current or of special interest. I’ll quote the book where it was mentioned.

As a reminder, the book was written from the point-of-view of Muradin, Brann, and Magni, who have strong ties to the Alliance. So even if some San’layn were involved in the book, it likely wouldn’t have been too much of an event I’d think.

Book quoting as follows:

Utgarde Keep - P. 20

“The Alliance with the Scourge meant that the Lich King sent an ambassador, Prince Keleseth, to reside at Utgarde. Keleseth was a San’layn, which are a sect of darkfallen elves, all of them undead and obsessed with blood magic. He oversaw Scourge operations in Howling Fjord and made himself a general pain in the rear around the region, working with Ingvar the Plunderer to organize raids. Adventurers eventually killed him, but like all the most annoying Scourge, he didn’t stay dead. His dagger is just what you’d expect from a mage: not much of an edge to it, but it packs an arcane punch.”

Temple City of En’kilah - P. 108

“The necropolis Naxxanar still floats over En’kilah. but there doesn’t seem to be much going on there anymore. While the Lich King was active, Naxxanar was the command post for the Scourge in the Borean Tundra, run by Prince Valanar, the overlord at the time. It was here the brave death knight Thassarian faced off with Prince Valanar and discovered that he’d been trying to destroy the Valiance Expedition from within by masquerading as Counselor Talbot. Valanar had Thassarian’s sister, Leryssa, and General Arlos under mind control and was about to hand them over to the Lich King. Thassarian defeated Valanar to save the both of them.”

A couple of notes to make:

-Did not see anything mentioned about Prince Taldaram or Queen Lana’thel.

-The Violet Hold in Dalaran has a small section, but nothing specific about its prisoners like Blood Princess Thal’ena.

-Nothing really said about San’layn in general I saw aside from the two quotes above. Just the two instances in the past as opposed to anything current.

-The Scourge in general are said to be aimless and not really controlled by anything. More on this in a bit.

And some ramblings I’ll make with some of the information:

-There may or may not be any San’layn on Northrend. If there are, they’re hiding out somewhere. Otherwise, they may have left and gone elsewhere for…reasons. Maybe some did actually get free will and didn’t want to be near the Scourge? Wouldn’t blame them, given that they fought the Scourge in life.

-Unlike the Scourge, the curse the San’layn have may not be affected by the whole Helm of Dominance being destroyed and Crown of Wills being made event, which could explain why Vorath acted the way he did. Or it could be that San’layn did get free will, albeit still cursed with vampirism and have to deal with it and some either go mad from it or some control it and become power hungry or something. This could work well into their storyline in overcoming their curse and controlling it.

Several more questions pop up regarding San’layn than answers. I still think San’layn could be fleshed out to be much more, with plenty to work with them joining the Horde and becoming playable. Hopefully, Blizzard would see that potential someday as well.

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


Wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend! Even bats get to enjoy the holiday, kinda:

Hopefully San’layn will get to enjoy the Noblegarden holiday someday! :vampire:

Whatever your plans are, I hope you all have a fun, happy, and safe holiday weekend! :rabbit2:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


Happy Easter too.


I came across an art piece of a Blood Prince on DeviantArt I wanted to share, though I don’t know if it has been shared before. Apologies if it has.

It was created by the a user named breath-art and uploaded to the website on April 2nd, 2010.

“blood prince” by breath-art on DeviantArt

Seems like a waste of what I assume is blood wine. Ah well, I’m sure there is more where that came from. :vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:



What is a man but a miserable pile of secrets (a mistranslation btw)


I would love to see the horde really explore blood magic and actually tap into the dark animus as something more than fuel for titan robots.


Awhile ago, a new San’layn card was added to Hearthstone. It is called “Tenacious San’layn.”

Edit: Not sure why the preview link is just text when it appears in its preview box in the preview post area… Ah well. I’ll just leave it as is for now.

Taken from:

I like this line that they say: “In life, mana. In death, blood.” Sounds like something San’layn would say regularly, maybe as NPC lines when you click on them perhaps.

Will keep an eye out for more art pieces to share for playable Horde San’layn idea inspiration! :vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


Another art piece to share! This one is of Kael’thas in his Venthyr garb. It is from a post on ArtStation by Trolldaeron and was posted roughly 2 years ago from this post.

Image taken from here:

If you put a mask on him, he would make for a pretty cool looking Blood Prince/King in a San’layn form. Not sure if Kael’thas as a San’layn would still use his Venthyr garb or not, though.

Will continue to look for art pieces to share for playable Horde San’layn idea inspiration! :vampire:

-Still dreaming of playable Horde San’layn as a full race! :wine_glass::bat:


This is super cool, like wow, I’m impressed. :dracthyr_heart: :dracthyr_heart: :dracthyr_heart: