Same pet WQ giving different number of charms

Friend and I both farming Jawbone daily in Bastion for the 18 pet charms it dropped. Between two of us had gone through at least a dozen 60 alts when noticed it changed to only rewarding 16 charms. Did that for the next 4 alts. Never seen anything like this before.

All were 60, from both factions on 2 different realms, and all seemed to have same buffs (although that shouldn’t have mattered).

Did a direct compare, two different horde discipline priests on two different realms, same covenant, equipped and buffed pretty much the same. One got 18, other got 16.

Anyone else come across this sort of thing.


The only time I’ve come across the WQs rewarding different items is for Night Fae (who haven’t picked up the Bunny Soul) then everyone else. Sometimes it’ll give the Bunny Soul option, but other times it will give a different option. Almost like the coding asks if they’ll flag a different reward for the day for Night Fae with no Bunny Soul, then it decides whether that different reward will be a Bunny Soul, or something else.

So, I checked all my characters just to confirm.
Looks like my Night Fae without a Bunny Soul have 16 in Bastion
Night Fae that have the Bunny Soul have 18 (this included a character that got it, and I destroyed it so I could try to still see the non-bunny soul have’ers, but clearly it didn’t work, lol)
All my other Covs, both 60 and sub-60 have 18


Thanks for doing the checking! Not really a big deal, I know, but just cannot figure out why this happens, or if it was something I was doing.

Only a few of my Night Fae guys have the Bunny Soul, seemed not worth bothering with and was annoying to have it come up over and over again. But I’m still seeing other Night Fae alts (I have a bunch) getting 18 and some getting 16 and none of them with Bunny Soul.

Another Warcraft mystery.


The weirdness with the pet WQs continues today. Checking Shadowlands zones to see what’s up today, Gorgemouth may show it drops a Flawless Battle-Stone or 6 Battle-Training Stones. And you never find out which reward you’re really going to get till you actually get there.


At least Thenia is giving us a nice 20 pet charms today :slight_smile: but yeah, I was excited for Gorgemouth to give 18 pet charms (6 flawless stones) but instead got 15 pet charms (blue upgrade stone). I imagine it’s due to some weirdness with the change from covenants/shadowlands/rewards/dragonflight?

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You are correct, by the way, and I’ve put in a report about it. There seem to be two variations of rewards if stones or the charms are involved.

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Just to make it even more bizarre, yesterday were 3 possible rewards from Stratios in Bastion. Different toons got 16 charms, 19 charms, or a Flawless Battle-Stone.

Also you may have noticed that what you see on your world map can differ depending on where you are. Today’s example, checking the map from inside any of the four Covenants, Sylla in Revendreth always shows she drops 15 pet charms. But passing through Oribos it’ll start showing 20 charms, which is what I’ve been getting consistently.

I’m guessing these are glitches from all the software upgrading and will eventually be fixed, but until we see how pet WQs work in DF, who knows.