Same Faction BGs and Retaining Subs

I think I see the scheme now. You’re gonna do same faction bgs every month and a half so that if Horde want to enjoy them, they have to stay subbed. Very cute. Very fun. You can’t even trust the validity of the greatest expansion ever made. I can’t do this anymore Blizzard. Have fun with your almost monthly nonsense to try and keep us hamster wheel’d for participation metrics and sub padding.


This tin foil hat is getting a bit sweaty


Godspeed young Blood Elf paladin.

You will be missed.

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I’m sure they’ll be permanent at some point.

At which point I will resub.

Welcome back?

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I’m actually subber til august so I am remaining unsubbed

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BG Groups led to the idea of rated bgs. Now you take that away from TBC for a single faction? Risking half our enjoyment of the game playing with a squad of people we enjoy playing with.

You’re overloading on changes when I think same faction games can be the solution to queue times. Yes, adding incentives to queue will help, but there are players who wont want to not play in a full premade and will refuse to queue anyways.

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I can’t hear you over the sound of my 5 man squad devouring your whole team.

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Say what? To play the game they have to stay subbed?

Wow! What a clever trick! Gee, I wish I thought of that!

Did anyone tell Comcast about this? I hope they don’t. I’d hate to start spending $90/mo for high speed internet again…

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Just for the sake of making you understand the analogy… What I’m insinuating is similar to Comcast charging $90/mo for high speed internet but throttling your internet service for 25 days out of the month.

What’s funny is this didn’t even exist in the greatest expansion. This is not something made it the greatest.

I’m honestly surprised at how much communication, thought and consideration they have put into their implementation, given their work the past two years.

I’m impressed


Pvp was very much in the greatest expansion but when only one faction gets to participate and actually gather resil in a reasonable time frame it leaves many more people excluded from the best part of the game.

Really? Explain the gap in time where blues say absolutely nothing. Not a single response to their original “testing” thread. Not to mention this new slew of “solutions” lol. You’re telling me Blizzard can’t figure this out? Players have already made real suggestions.

Blizzard is just trying to keep the subs rolling until they can monetize their solution in the near future. Guaranteed.

Seems like an excellent observation and imo 10000% accurate. actiblizzion is about money not their players

I do think that blizzard is lining it up with sub refreshes but I doubt that it will be an ongoing carrot on a stick monthly basis type of situation. I don’t think even blizzard has the level of greed and disrespect for their players to do this, but then again they’ve proved me wrong before.

Prepare to have your mind blown then. The first clue was introducing the boost.

You know what else? Blizzard also knows there are players out there who will just spend money creating a new account to have their Horde toon and all the advantages without any downside now.

If you keep going along thinking Blizzard care about you as a player when you don’t stand up for players, then they will continue to walk over you the player.

Makes sense actually

Stop Dling all that pronn and you won’t have this problem.