Salty Pirates

I see your /spit and i raise you a /golfclap.

Do you mean Scary Pirates?

:wink: what do you think?

I don’t know. You say /golfclap but all I see is /cry

yes because crying is the natural reaction to getting spit on…nah it just leads to camping stupid pirates.

All these flavors, and you choose to be salty.

Is this the server first “pvp happened on a pvp server” thread? Enthralling!

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nah those pirates just like to spit on people as they die. just plain rude.

You’re level 60, complaining on the forums about people /spitting on you, seems like the problem here is a fragile ego.

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Yes, yes it is. But in this case it seems like a sore winner. Nothing like someone ganking lower levels that gets upset when those lower level players aren’t too happy about that.

Your guild dooes the same thing but they do it to grey lowbies.

On a pvp server?!! oh my god!!! This is so unlike PvP servers!!! gasp

necro a post from 2 months ago. what a champ.

Yea it was on the first page still so didn’t take much digging.

I know it sucks being called out for being a hypocrite, maybe you’ll do better next time

Also just necroed it again, just for you!

22 days and still level 55. you level slow dude.

You’re not wrong.

With Scary Pirates would up their killing game.

More HK’s you slackers.

Stop. Posting. On. Your. Alt.

You just look like a coward tbh…


to be fair in vanilla our server (bloodscalp) had 2 kinds of guilds. the kind that would try to work together with the other faction in the world and the other kinds of guilds where horde/alliance was basically kill on sight no matter where or when. The guilds now are pretty much the same so that makes me happy. I’m glad salty pirates are super aggresive at 60 and willing to dive headfirst into victory or death despite making friends of the other side.

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It’s just a shame that we’ve literally never seen you anywhere in the world PVP groups. I find that interesting. There was a ton of talk from you buy so far this entire time you’ve never shown your face.