<Salt> Raid 1 - Recruiting

Immediate Openings:


Who we are:

  • Insert bs no one reads.


  • Personality, Raid over Individual mentality.
  • Have most of your pre-raid BIS/BIS gear.
  • Have your gear enchanted.
  • Be able to make raid Sunday @ 6-10PM EST and Monday @ 8-10PM EST.
  • World buffs strongly encouraged, flasks not necessary for farm content. Personal consumes expected from raiders.
  • Ask questions! Take criticism and feedback and apply it. Listen to the RL during Raid.

2 week trial period - no loot. Loot Council Loot System.

Whisper Capitalgains, Valesty or Kidsister in game.


Come play games with us.

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Bump for you guys because Kidsister is bae.


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Bumpity - still looking for a rogue.

bumping it.


people be quitin bro

:frowning: Looking for the hunter love

Join up for some sick-nasty BWL action here in a couple weeks :slight_smile:

Bump it up

:rofl: Sorry I had to


I’m interested. I come with 39+ other raiders. We’d like to keep our guild name and raid times, so hopefully you’re willing to switch those over. I’d also request that you adhere to our policies, utilizing our raid leaders and loot rules. But as long as your willing to accommodate these requests, I’d love to join. Hit me up if you’re interested.

you might be right on that one. bump

bumpity, bump bump.

Bump need a Priest.

Bump. Let’s kill some dragons

Bump for my first guild on Kromcrush. Honestly Salt has proven they are an outstanding group. Any hunter without a solid home should jump on that opportunity.

Thanks buddy. Grats on the time tonight.

Thanks for the kind words Benson.

Need 1 Mage or Hunter for BWL.