Sad day for me

I was excited when I heard they were reopening classic with fresh servers.

But then…I saw the reality. They weren’t fixing botting and hacking or adding online GMs.
They even added increased XP so that character development meant even less than it did in times of massive boosting. I just have to accept that the McDonaldization of WoW Classic and the apathy of Blizzard execs to the destruction of their legacy has the same energy as protecting women in their workplace.

Now you’re going to bring in console players? As if the WoW community didn’t already have a rampant and unhinged toxicity problem. I guess I’m glad you’re going all-in on something, even if it is destroying a classic.

Season of Mastery…really? A Classic annual ladder? I know I’m one person and my departure doesn’t matter, but to those of you who stay, I wish you the best in your effort to enjoy what it has become.

Seems like you have some unrealistic expectations.

Life will be interesting for you.

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And that’s saying a lot coming from you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ret is the most fun spec. :man_shrugging: