S4 should ALSO be purchasable with arena points

I mean how do you mean exactly You just have to get the rating and buy the season 4 gear And every single arena point is going to get converted into honor ?

I don’t understand what exactly you’re complaining about or upset about with this if I’m being completely honest?

no this is such a bad idea and y r u talking about this when we could be talking asbout rdf.

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blizzard have already responded to rdf. There’s absolutely nothing more to add or talk about regarding that topic.

we can talkj about it more and protest and no its more important it will ruin wrath so why care about season 4 when we can talk about rdf
together we can make a change

together we can overcome


So spend arena points before the season ends?

Flagged for trolling, no need to derail the main topic for something that’s already chewing up too many threads

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Obvious joke lmao

It won’t ruin wrath for pvpers. Who cares about dungeons? Get out of our threads and go to one of the 300 other RDF posts.

do we know if all these arena points would be lost?

I would imagine them to simply overflow eh?

Umm you aren’t losing anything…

Arena points roll over into your Honor points…

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What happens if you have max honor points?

They probably go poof

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So then “Umm you aren’t losing anything…” isn’t really true


Buy something then? Why do you complain to me about this? Got a problem take it up with blizz lol

If Blizz gives you a heads up and tells you that your points are going to turn into honor and you purposefully stay honor capped you have no right to cry about losing some points. The season is over and the gear is about to be trash in the new expansiion.

I get that you are trying to pull a “well achschullly” card but my god man how petty could you be?


Most people that like to pvp are capped on honor and arena points.

We are capped on honor, arena points and BG marks…

I am confused? Do you expect to go into wrath with leftover arena points?

No, he doesn’t want to waste his arena points or lose it druring the conversion because he is honor capped.

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i’m sure this is also blizzards mindset as they don’t know how people play the game aswell lol

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