Running 20 WoW's on my Computer: Help!

Sup yall.
So, recently got very interested in Multiboxing. And I started my first 5 man, loved it so much i upgraded my computer to:
Alienware Aurora R9 - RTX 2080 Super 8gb, i7 9700k, 32gb ram.

So, the issue is:
I can only get about 8 WoWs open and logged in (on low graphics mind you)
Before my computer starts lagging. 30 secs for any window, freezing blah blah… cpu jacked to 100%.

3300$ and i can do exactly what I could do on my 15 year old Laptop, which mind you I can run like 9 before it craps out.

So… Now I’m a little interested in what needs to change for me to be able to accomplish my goal.

I thought my CPU was faulty but Dell experts (3 seperate ones so far) have signed off that it is not.

Can anybody with experience in this matter help me out. Do i need to spend more money on a new CPU i9 9900 (prob a motherboard too…)

Or what exactly am I missing? I see videos of people loading 20+ but my brand new 2020 Aurora R9 cant even handle 8 ? Doesn’t add up.

Please help! I am willing to try anything at this point.

you probably need to cap the fps of each instance of WoW to prevent them from hogging all the resources on your computer.

Cap the FPS to 30 and see if it improves.

So yea… I looked at a multibox site. and after all the stress and bulls*
This fine lady from 5mmb took the challenge.

A hit for anybody else in the future…
Foreground = 60
background = 30
set graphics on all toons to 3, envirement detail to max.

I had 8 wows up. maxed at 100% cpu, and instantly am down in the 45% range.

I also deleted the “voiceproxy”.

Enjoy!! 20 accounts is now achievable. Probably even more!

Why would anyone need to have 20 WoW clients running at the same time? Mind you, people who have more then 5 tabs open on their web browser trigger me so it is probably just my personal annoyance.

You could run your main PC at 48 FPS over 60, there’s a small noticeable difference between 48/60 but would most likely only save you a few % on the CPU.