Runelocked Chest


So there’s a WQ for one of these runelocked chests near the Hungry Hungry Hydras area. First of all, requiring 5 in a row of any color could take forever, since at 3+ the gems will match and smash apart. So you have a WQ awarding a pathetic 181 AP that could take you longer than all the other WQs in the zone combined, or you might never get the right combination. Lastly – here’s the BUG part of this – there’s absolutely no way to get out of the puzzle – all the usual tricks to leave puzzles / vehicles don’t work. So either you win, or you hearth out / ALT-F4 to get out of this ridiculous WQ.
Matching 4 is doable, but 5 takes far too much luck and/or time for such a pathetic reward. Consider retuning the requirements of making the reward worth the effort – because right now it doesn’t even come close.

(Gylvanas) #2

I did this world quest in a matter of a couple minutes. Just takes patience and a little time. Look at the moves around you and try to get them to fall into place. WQs like these are great and supposed to be fun.

As for the rewards, yeah sure, they could be better. That’s the point of these tests. I really don’t think this is considered a “bug” though.


The bug was that I couldn’t exit until I won. Nothing short of hearthing out (I started just to see if it would work) or ALT-F4 would get me out, and I didn’t want to hearth back to Mechagon (where my PTR is bound) so I just stayed and eventually got the puzzle.

(Phillrie) #4

it seems like if you miss it enough times, play long enough, it kicks you out, so you don’t have to hearth. But there should be an exit/leave button IMO


It keeps kicking me out of the game when I’m doing it. been trying for 45 minutes now and every time I get close, someone brings mobs over and it kicks you from the game. blizz pls nerf this quest it takes too much luck and way way too long

(Bustacap) #6

I hope everybody involved with making this quest gets diarrhea in traffic


Haha i havent found a 5-jewel yet on live. I keep getting ley locked lines.