Rune Predictions, or ones you'd like to see in later phases

Titans Grip…

Priest tanking rune. I will live my priest tanking dream!

You can sorta tank on a priest in era, theres even a priest tank guide out there, up to ony tanking.

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SoD would have been crazier if every class could both tank and heal.

Hunter pets could lick the targets wounds, it’d be weird but interesting nonetheless, pet-based healers lol.

Groups would be so much easier to make, for one.

There are private WoW servers that let you freely build your characters from scratch, choose your skills and build your own class, kinda like Diablo.

I feel folks would certainly like it if that was an option.

It seems those “hero talents” from the next retail expansion are an attempt at that- letting you be “more unique” while still being a specific specialization.

Anyways, crazier runes would be cooler, as much as I like our older retail abilities.

Homunculi surprised me, in a good way.

At some point, people will tank with Priests again lol.

Only thing I care about is as a warlock, but not sure what I’d like to see. While getting something like the felguard would be nice, I don’t want to just pull from retail.

I’d like something that spreads corruption from shadow cleave/shadow bolt, maybe maintaining the remaining duration on the original application. Gives a reason to pair it with everlasting affliction.

-Purifying Power: Reduces cooldown of Exorcism, Holy Wrath by 50% and Holy Wrath now affects all targets. Demons and Undead are stunned for 2 seconds by Holy Wrath. Consecration and Holy Wrath mana cost reduced by 80%.
-Improved Hammer of Wrath: Instant cast, mana cost reduced and instant crit. Potential to be used at 30% hp up from 20%
-Greater Lay on Hands: Reduce mana cost of LoH to 0 and reduce its CD by 30 minutes.
-Cleansing Touch: Purify and Cleanse now remove multiple debuffs instead of 1.
-Augmented Seals: Seals now last 30 minutes and Judgment does not consume the Seal.
-Templars Verdict: x% weapon damage as holy damage strike. Auto procs active Seal. Causes your next Crusader Strike and Divine Storm to auto proc your active Seal as well.
-Aura Mastery: You can have 2 auras active at once and your auras affect the entire raid.

On tank shaman would be wiiiild

Why are these all Melee/PVP focused?

Lacerate should be Piercing Shots, if anything as that makes it useful for non-Melee hunters as well.

I’d much rather ones like Misdirection, Black Arrow, Silencing Shot, Readiness, Improved Stings (boosts Sting damage by X%, removes the “Must be out of combat” portion of Wyvern Sting)

Imo, this one should just be a book/tome, if they decide to add threat-tranfers abilities in SoD, instead of a rune slot.

It’s totally useless of a move in PvP, I’m trying to select runes that could be used in both PvP and PvE.

Lacerate just further builds into melee hunter, which has already been extablished.

More shots and stings would be good though, ranged hunter could use more.

Mages/Hunters are definitely getting their bloodlust equivalents. I hope to god they don’t share a slot with any spec defining spells/abilities.

Bloodlust wasn’t a thing until TBC.

If they do add it, raids are definitely gonna start to be designed around having it, with faster enrage phases.

Mage runes

Rewind Time rework

  • marks the targets place in time for 20 seconds. If activated within 20 seconds the target will return to that state of HP/MP
    CD increased to 2 to 3 min.

Empowered Frostbolt

  • Damaging enemies with any frost spell reduces the cast time of Frostbolt, frostfirebolt and spellfrostbolt by 0.3 seconds for 6 seconds stacking up to 3 times.

Priest Tank SoD guide: Priest Tank . SoD - Caperfin - Dungeon Priest Tank

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There’s a Priest Tank Discord, if you’re interested:

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Runes that allow any class that can’t heal to be able to heal.

Ooo, thanks!

Priest Tank is my specialty, if you have any questions, let me know.

Priest Raid Tanking is something I will soon be doing, if you’re interested as well.

I am. In classic era i was able to priest tank lbrs, scholo, strat, brd, and the last boss in ubrs. So fun lol

Please no knockbacks

This will never be added again, possibly one of the most OP spells to ever make it into the game.