Rumor on Hammer of wrath CSAA working again

Can we get some tests and confirmations from people who are online and can test?

It’s working again for me!

Confirmed in hotfixes.


“should” scares me.

That’s just IT speak for the spaghetti is holding for now.

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Yes it does work

Nice. Wonder if they will actually balance it though. Csaa is still too weak to pick.

Most of the simms have it fairly close to TS lately, even starting to pull ahead at late gear lvls with more haste.

This of course has people on the hammer of wrath discord very angry, because they dont like the idea of a passive becoming competitive. Some of the top players are taking because its close enough, and allows them to have free globals in order to cast support spells without losing DPS.

I like it because my DPS went up by about 5k because I suck at rotations :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only haste, but if we add in faster swinging 2-hands in the equation it should do ok if it was balanced since csaa takes out weapon damage from the auro attacks entirely. How ever, with higher haste regular cs plus auto attacks should still easily outshine it.

not true

templar strike enables the gcd
so when you use sader strike,
you have freed up a gcd for a higher dps power, like blade of wrath forexample which doea more damage

That is only true if you choose the 2 charge talents.

And only on blades since it has a proc chance with art of war. Also if you go for high haste levels, you will have enough gcd anyways for the extra strikes.

He was claiming at high haste levels, csaa overtakes the other choices, which i do not think is possible (i tested the raw damage of each, csaa single strike is around 1k with my gear level talented into holy strike. Basic cs by itself does 2k damage without including auto attack. With auto attack, it easily outshines csaa)

The only reason i think, we should take csaa, is if we take a fast swinging weapon with low damage on weapon swing value. Then it may shine better, but even then csaa needs a bit more buffing to make it worth while. Espaicially if you plan to play with a shaman.

Really? ……

I don’t like the talent much though. If you can’t be in range you’ll never hit its auto attacks. Casters are out of control with cc and slows. When I go vs a frost mage I just give up.