Rumor is Classic + is 60-70. Surely not?

I can’t believe that anyone at actiblizz would be silly enough to start classic plus from our current 100% botted and gold selling economy but who knows.

Not to mention everyones geared to the teeth.

Majority of players want a “FRESH” economy and gearing so my guess is blizzard will do the opposite, well because that is what they do.

What do you gents think?


dude, i heard about this thing in discord / a streamer chat, IS IT TRUE???

these threads are getting tiresome :expressionless:


That seems to be the only place they want to share news, even their own ‘official’ announcements tell you to watch a stream or podcast.

Not to say this is true, just me expressing frustration.


The last several leaks over the years have been to streamers so its not outside the realm of possibilities.

What do you think?

there’s zero chance
it’s just TBC fanatics huffing hopium :expressionless:

I always go with whatever the dumbest thing would be and thats generally what actibizzle does.


They aren’t gonna slap classic+ onto era servers if that’s what you’re worried about

That makes absolutely zero sense

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I would hope not but they have done some questionable things. Look at Diablo 4 :d

wont you lose all of your progress and gold if you go fresh?

An even starting field is apparently worth it to a solid chunk of folks.

This. Super this.
Pick the dumbest option and then ruin it. That’ll be what’s next.

but your hard-earned progression is worth it to you.

Well actually I rather enjoy starting over, the early game, struggling for money, etc. For me the journey is like 95% of the fun, the award is a notch on a wall. But I never needed Fresh cause I just start a new character and don’t twink them. Easy. If I want to get REALLY serious I’ll start on a different server/cluster to make sure I’m not tempted to aid them. But most players are either Fresh or “I Already Won” minded.

Classic+ is never going to happen for the simple fact that everyone has a different idea of what that entails.

I think a classic-based lower level experience for Classic+ might be cool. Like a level 30 cap, for example.

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I can honestly say that it’s impossible to predict what Blizzard has planned, because usually our brains operate at a somewhat common-sense level so it’s extremely difficult to guess just how creatively bad they’re going to do whatever it is they do.

Whatever it is, I will almost certainly laugh out loud and get red in the face from second hand embarrassment.


Can relate

I would definitely play an alternate expac spinoff from Classic.

These fake posts are tiring. Take off the foil hat and get some fresh air.

They are not really doing a Classic+ right? I mean don’t get me wrong, if this community designed it, it would be amazing. But this is just giving Blizzard an invitation to make a retail version of Classic. That’s all they can do. Why would anybody want to play that?