Ruined within two weeks

The 5k achievement has to be a mistake from the old conquest values. Even if you make it like 1k, the fact that it’s going to take the entire season to get ONE SET OF GEAR is nuts.

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i dont see how it could possibly be a mistake

Lick my grits bliz

right now in game each conquest piece costs the same amount of conquest as the combatant piece costs in honor (ie. 700 conquest for sinful shoulders / 700 honor for combatant shoulders). Shouldn’t that hold true for the weapons as well (1750 conquest points or 4 weeks?).

Where is this achievement that everyone is talking about? Can I look it up in game?

Because it was 5k on beta at the old conquest values?

go to the conquest vendor and look at the achievement thats required to purchase one.

My conquest vendor doesn’t show the weapons. How are ya’ll seeing them?


for those of you asking about the weapon requirements

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Thank you! Now for the real question. Why can I not see the weapons on the conquest vendor? Is this the case for other peeps?

not sure, but its not like youll be getting one anytime soon anyway LOL

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:cold_face: :cold_face: :confounded: :confounded: oooooooooooF!!!

Well least I was right about this, lets hope they change the amount of conquest we get each week, that would be a solid change.

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Not anymore. Removed the achieve.

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the 5000 conquest achievement to buy weapons has just been removed (source wowhead)

Achievement got removed

No one in the Night Fae covenant can see their PvP weapons at all. A day before season starts. This is uh kinda screwing the pooch before this announcement.