Ruined within two weeks

one of the reasons i came back to wow was on the premise that we’d be able to gear through pvp again and not be forced to do pve like we were in bfa. but here we go again, blizzard has learned literally nothing. everyone gave them the benefit of the doubt until they updated their post to say that you can only get 550 conquest points per week max. its going to take ten weeks to get a weapon from arenas, and over TWENTY WEEKS to get a full set of gear. were not gearing up for this season, were gearing up for next.

my faith in blizzard was short lived. i was so excited to play tomorrow when the season starts, but knowing i wont be pvping until after i raid and farm all of my mythics hurts. you put in the pvp vendor as a giant tease and then ripped it away by making it useless with this new system, because you still feel the need to reinvent the wheel every single expansion.

waiting for everyone to say “dont worry itll get changed”. well we said that for two years all throughout bfa, dont get your hopes up. if it gets updated to something better then great, but this should have never even been what they went with in the first place.

link to blizzards post (make sure to read the bullet points)

PS - f*** you blizzard for getting my hopes up for a good expansion after 3 garbage ones. i know better then to get excited for your games anymore and i finally got convinced shadowlands was going to be fun. this is what i get for expecting anything more then a pile of crap with a cherry ontop.


5 months to get fully geared via conquest… What a slap in the face to pvpers…


For context:

Looking at the conquest vendor a 2-Handed weapon for my Warrior costs 1,800 conquest points which would allow me to purchase it in 4 weeks.

Edit: nevermind

“weapons are gated behind the 5000 conquest earned achievement”

weapons are gated behind the 5000 conquest earned achievement

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You need to earn 5k conquest before you can get the weapon.

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Ah ok. Well that’s just insane.

no you cant, youre required to earn 5000 conquest points before youre eligible to buy a weapon.

:thinking: But I thought you all said gearing through pvp was fine in my other thread? :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


it WAS fine until blizzard pulled this, because as usual they have to ruin the game SOMEHOW.


Truely a bait and switch.

Reporting the amount of conquest the day before season starts wasn’t an accident they knew this system was a joke but they wanted us all to comit to leveling and getting our char’s ready so we’d have a sunk cost that kept us committed.


Also what about the extra choices from capping more conquest? Aren’t we supposed to be able to earn a bunch of extra conquest so our weekly chest has more PvP choices? How does that work if it’s capped at 550?

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the weekly chest is based on honor earned from rated pvp, not conquest.

Imagine if they did this to M+ and raids where it was 9 weeks until you could even get loot from certain bosses even if you killed them.

God blizzard really likes screwing the pooch.


Rip pvp again.

Sl is garbage anyways


This is uhh pretty bad. Like the end of week reward better be amazing to justify this crap…

I keep hearing this “honor from rated PvP”, but as far as I know there is only 1 honor currency and no tracker to show whether it came from rated or unrated activity. Is it possible just all honor counts towards it? Anyone test this on beta?

Mythic Nath will have been out for 12 weeks by the time you can buy an ilvl 200 2h from pvp lol.

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theres only one honor currency, but the source of it is what matters for the weekly vault. you have to do rated pvp for your pvp section of the vault.

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Sounds dumb. Also this weapon gating is gonna screw melee more than casters.

:slightly_smiling_face: and you’re surprised why? They do this every xpac! :thinking: :shushing_face: