Ruin Leader Down

Double the numbers and they still lose.

For the horde!
5 kills today
next time dont drift so far from your raid


cheers buys you a beer


What a lousy leader


I have to ask what is with the zoomed in screenshots?

Because it doesn’t actually prove whether he was with people or alone.

So far only thing I see is 3 people around 1 corpse and makes me believe you all 3 just killed him 1v3.

Also the thing I notice most about ruin is majority of them aren’t even that geared, and power curve has gotten dumb to the point I was able to kill graveyard zerging group of 2dhs, 2 boomkins, and 1 fury all of which maybe had a health range from 350-420k without dying.
And that’s about the health range of the average ruin member so idk.
However Ruin (and other zerg guilds) only managed to get so big because of how the horde treated warmode at the start.

But hey that’s just a devil’s advocate for you.



5 times? FARMED KEK


RG has been doing large scale PvP for a decade. The addition of communities is what lead to what’s happening now.

Even if Alliance dominated WM, RG would still run with multiple raid groups.


was fun and yeah he ran from his mass 2 raid zergfest and we killed him on the road. he is a tank. he should have used more tricks to survive and escape. but was fun killing all them in mezz. and yes i died lol. still fun. :wink:


bc my ui is not for free.

Also, i think we can all agree that Ruin gm would never roam alone in wm on.

D e l u s i o n a l


If we wanna talk about delusional, we can talk about the time I 1v1’d you as Shadow Priest and you as Boomkin and you tried to run away, go on top of a tree, entangle me in air, net me to try to kill me and fail, and still somehow manage to die to fall damage.


any pet battlers to dodge pvp in the chat


does RG still spam chat with “Andrew #1” like they did back on bleeding hollow?

Oh my god that was hilarious watching her join a pet battle to avoid PvP and then dc’ing right after it lmao. Very unlucky.

Pretty sure I marked her, so that debuff will last a few days or so.

No shame in my game. Some of you get so bent out of shape over nothing.


Only thing bent out of shape was your body when you hit the ground. :thinking:

Other than that, not sure what you’re talking about.


Can u join pet battles in combat? I know tortillan u can but not pet battles

Btw hi lilah I sent u a mail on game

To answer your question, no, you can’t. We had a level 111 DH twink who was spectral sighting around and when he came close to finding her she joined a pet battle.

The pet battle was actually legit, if you look at my recent achieves. Something I’ve been working on.

Also yeah it was an unfortunate DC. Spectrum in NYC has been having issues.

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Ah, well congratulations. Honestly we were thinking of force quitting the pet battle on you but that DC happened instead.

Ew, Spectrum.