RSS observation after Tues hotfix's

Agree with this assessment. Ran into a WW a little bit ago and it was just non-stop damage. Not sure how it will play out in the long run but seemed kinda crazy.

? How does effectively a 10% damage nerf on all relevant spells equate to doing a lot more damage now

maybe you didn’t read the pve buffs, that translate over to pvp. SP Castable spells got dmg buffs

terrible overall class design + arcane best mage spec and also most boring spec in the game

  • Shadow
    • [With weekly restarts] Focused Will provides 10% damage reduction for Shadow (down from 15%).
    • [With weekly restarts] Mind Blast damage increased by 15% (Shadow only).
    • [With weekly restarts] Mind Flay damage increased by 15% (this includes Mind Flay: Insanity, but not the proc from Idol of C’Thun).
    • [With weekly restarts] Mind Spike damage increased by 15%.
    • [With weekly restarts] Void Torrent damage increased by 15%.
    • [With weekly restarts] Devouring Plague damage increased by 15%.
    • Developers’ notes: These changes are aimed at improving Shadow’s single target DPS. The change to Focused Will is a targeted change for PvP to reduce Shadow’s survivability.

Mind blast PvE buff negated by bigger PvP nerf
Mind spike PvE buff negated by bigger PvP nerf
Devouring plague PvE buff negated by bigger PvP nerf
Straight up VT nerf by 15%
Straight up Death nerf by 10%
Instant Mind blast and Mind Spike proc rates nerfed

So that leaves us with 2 buffs

Void Torrent is virtually never taken for PvP because its against against Damnation
Base mind flay is potentially never casted in PvP. Mind Flay Insanity is actually pretty good damage but is also not feasible vs double melee.

So yes I guess if you let Mind Flay insanity channel fully every single time its more damage, but everything else is nerfed soo, not sure how the math works on that being way more freecast damage.

Nerfed by 15%, not 5%. :slight_smile:

Torrent is honestly very potent now, better than Damnation IMO.

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Its literally not. You can flick your screen around and you dont NEED a nameplate to play properly lol.

You have a target frame no?

yup, fixed it

It probably is into double casters youre right, but the overall point of the post still stands that damage is just nerfed even if allowed to perma freecast.

The new build is good. Void torrent pumps. You just have to get casts off which is tough into melee ofc

Against melee too IMO, just run precog.

But players are pulling the same if not more numbers with the casting build the damage profile is just different and requires more skill


You mathematically are not going to pull the same numbers overall. You might be able to fit in more damage in a very short window of mindgames → torrent/insanity because those spells were not nerfed or was buffed, but overall damage is just lower theres no ways around that.

God forbid

Im not even arguing that this is a bad thing im just curious about what this OP is cooking when he thinks its higher in a patch where its mathematically not possible.

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personally I like this new playstyle and find it more rewarding and skillful. nothing like juking for precog then blasting.

Honestly i’d rather they go further and just removal instant mind blast/mind spike procs entirely make them feel better when hard casted. Mind blast insanity is fun when it works and its a hard channel.

Come on bro this the most ridiculous thing ever for a game that’s been out this long.


Ok, so you’re not sure. That’s fair.

Oh, in one post, you seem to be much more sure.

Are you really, really sure?

Oh, now it’s mathematically impossible. I guess you’re sure.

Well if the vulpera priest is sure, I guess it’s impossible for shadow priests everywhere to do comparable damage in arena

Go watch stahps video. He has to free cast to get it off so ofc it needs set up but hes pumping