Rsham Nerfs

Yep lets nerf Rsham and buff Disc even more.

Great idea guys, why dont we buff Resto Druid at the same time…

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serious reply: almost everyone who relies on armor to blunt damage is losing a lot of it, and it looks like rsham is losing less than the specs that it basically matched(does shield still bring you on par with plate? assuming so). as well, the dmg spells you press waiting for hst to come off cooldown got buffed by quite a bit

fun reply:

this “offsets” a mana regeneration nerf that drinking probably makes meaningless. lmao 30th season in a row of rdruid staying in or above A tier


Rsham got an overall buff. I’d take a 12% armor nerf (which is like what 4% more physical dam) for 20% more damage anyday

damage buffs mean nothing when soloq dps just run out of your totems so you spend every GCD trying to keep them up kiting you

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this is a class design issue. earthen isn’t good enough to stand in for half the non-warlock/plate specs. if you think a mage or hunter for example are going to just stand in your earthen then idk what to tell u

I think you’ve run into in solo b4 and i recall it being a wild time lol

rsham nerf was really weird

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I mean, are rshaman really a threat right now? They’re so mid, why did they need any nerf?

Still a buff tho

Rsham damage is my favorite part in playing one. It’s nice to have at least a couple healers that can pump.

Wild to me that people say this unironically as a bad thing.

Shouldn’t this be the ideal, and what blizzard should strive for, for all healers/classes?


sure dude right after they’ve gotten a library card to every child and invented a better mousetrap. good on you for having lofty aspirations

So you’re just crying because you want druid to be awful rather than wanting other things to be good more often? Such a typical garbage mindset.


what did i say that you would classify as crying?

this is a second wild thing to assume. i don’t want that. personally, i have a ton of fun playing druid, and i think it’s usually a healer that lets good players distinguish themselves

this statement indicates a lack of grip on relativity. it’s very rare for all healers to be good or all healers to be bad( by any meaningful consensus at least) since the presence of 1 healer on every arena team is a near universal requirement. for things to get better, the other things that compete with them must become worse.

this statement indicates a big ballooning head full of nothing but your own inhaled farts

The original thing I quoted? I figured that was obvious.

It’s not a wild assumption at all when responding to someone lamenting that druid is “always A+ tier”

It’s not rare at all for a lot of things to be A tier. In fact, we’re close to that now.


its funny cause restro is gasss.

I don’t think they said wanting it to be awful.

Just not the treant nourish spam zero-skill playstyle that is resto rn. as you jump up and down.

If you say something like “OMG what a surprise druid is A+ tier YET AGAIN like the past 30 seasons” it’s pretty obvious the what they’re implying there. Let’s not be obtuse.

I agree that should be changed 100%

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  • you are a bad classifier
  • you don’t know what lamenting is
  • you are a poor judge of history
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lol k