RP Servers & Starting Anew

For the last several years, I’ve primarily played on Wyrmrest Accord for Horde, and Moon Guard for Alliance.

I’ve grown kind of tiresome of these servers, at no fault of the community. I guess I just want to try something new. Is there any servers that have active communities for both the Alliance & Horde. Both for guild events and just open-world of city interactions?

Why not try Horde MG and Alliance WrA?

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Good luck my other RP realms were so dead a Valkyr couldn’t res them. So I went to WRA trying to restart here. Yet no one’s bothered to invite me to a guild despite me posting and asking in forums and in trade chat. Starting to think I’m better off giving up my RP hopes and going back to Illidan or Thrall where at least they recruit warm bodies for keys, raids, PvP and such. :sob:

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That’s odd. When I’m on any alts on WrA I get guild invites pretty often.

For RP their are really only three realms. MG and WRA, which I played on, and just didn’t enjoy the RP there at all. Then you have Emerald Dream. The RP here is more like a D&D game and less like a chat room. I don’t know your preferences. You can take a look around on ED if you like. There is also the Soldiers of Azeroth community discord. TinyurlDOTcom/wowsoa is the URL for that. I’ve played on alot of RP servers at one time or another and I like ED the most since it feels more like “what if WoW was a D&D game”.

Your best bet would to reach out instead. RP guilds are what you’re specifically looking for, there are very few guilds that just are a congregation of discombobulated types of RPers.

Looking for a strict military organization, uniforms and all? Want to do some Argent Crusade things? Scarlet Crusade things? Do you like going zug zug? Find what interests you and reach to them. For all they know, you’re an undead looking to get into a scarlet guild that… that just dont work.

I got nothing so I decided to leave WRA. Why bother staying if I can’t even find me a good guild or RP.

You failed your perception roll and drank toilet cleaner instead of your ale which you don’t know why was on the table to begin with but you now you suddenly feel like you’ll end up croaking soon.

“Thanks RNG…thanks…”

Laughs in Dread Lord

You should come to one of our RP events, seriously. We also have a guy from my guild who created a way to basically play a D&D game in WoW. The system is impressive. I’ve done some work in the table top RPG industry and I think it’s great, especially when you look at modern TTRPG games.

Also on that note it is way better than any “D&D styled RPG” that I’ve seen people come up with. If you go to the SOA site it’s been put up there. I have been working on a story to use to make a campaign with multiple parties that will end in a huge PvP battle.

I’ve DM’d D&D foro ver 2 decades. Made hundreds of pages of my own world’s lore, monsters, etc and such so it sounds interesting. I’m just exhausted and weary being turned down so darn much mate. I left WRA with a heavy heart and now am wondering why did I even come back to WoW?

Failed rolls are the most fun. I love seeing how creative people can be. Always being the hero is boring.

Wish I had players like you in my D&D games. I get tired of “but I wanna be mary sue and never fail” players. I like my games being hard and punishing poor thinking and bad decision making especially if you’re the hero.

In latest campaign my group let a princess die then all, but 1 or 2, whined and rage quit basically. They chose to not protect her using their tools and abilities then whined when things went south. I’m like well you chose this so what did you expect?

Blackwater’s system is very basic /20 without extra stats. One makes it easy for non-guildies to jump into our events without learning anything. But the RNG gods in WoW hate us, so failure is common and amazing. I mean, a bunch of pirates are not going to be rockstars anyways.

Blackbeard would like a word with you.


As having been on there myself I can see why. They could care less about actual RP. To them its all about having their ego stroked.

I’ve been running Ravenloft since it came out. I pretty much threw everything that I could at my players. It wasn’t a good fight unless at least one person went down and started bleeding to death. Good times! :smiley:

The person lying there bleeding to death “Am I a good time to you?”

Their is always healing! Plus I was taught to run D&D by a guy who used to be in the RPGA when Gygax was still at the helm of TSR. Gary told the RPGA and the people in the RPG spread that luvin around. So in those games, we would let people go to -10 or negative whatever the characters constitution was.

Also if someone was down and bleeding someone could spend their action for that round to stabilize the character so he wouldn’t lose anymore hit points. It made for some fun games!

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Someone else familiar with Gygax. A breathe of fresh air and true RPGism. I miss the old style of D&D and hardcore fun times. Now days it’s “I’m a mary sue I tickled a dragon and it died from 1 hit. I’m so great.”

No I’m sorry but my custom dragons will tbag you to death, use your corpse as floss and then hang your body outside as a warning to others. They don’t need your measly meat. They can eat elephants and things. Why would they want a twig?

Anyways about me trying out Emerald Dream…got a Btag so we can chat perhaps?

its the same on moonguard
people are just less social now days even in other mmos


It’s so sad that people as a society are just so anti-social now. It’s like ever since the plague happened especially people have just clammed up and seemingly are more anti-social and bitter. At this rate might be better off living in a mountain alone instead of trying to make it here in Ironforge.

99% of recruitment, at least from what I’ve seen on MG-Alliance, is done either in public (bunch of folks from a guild standing around ICly recruiting for their guild, which is cool) or via Discord servers. I’ve also had some luck using the guild finder, but I think the time of easily finding exactly what you’re looking for OOCly in game is a fading thing.

I think WoW has been around long enough that the community is much deeper into settling into various, relatively insular communities.

I peeked into WyrA recently and saw some guilds recruiting in /gen. However, they were huge ones so I wasn’t too interested - that said, I did have luck with the guild finder on WyrA horde, but it required some Discord-ing.

If you haven’t had much luck, or haven’t really been digging into the Discord communities, I would highly suggest giving it a go. The times are a-chaingin’ and whatnot. There are still excellent RP communities out there- the selection is somewhat more limited since there just aren’t as many people around anymore, but they’re there. It just takes a little bit more digging. Is there anything in particular you’rel ooking for? I can try to point you in the right direction.