RP Quirks in Gameplay?

Are there any random, odd quirks of RP that you insist on carrying over into proper gameplay, whether for good or ill?

As an example, this character, Jonathan Harmarth, is a terrible cook and always has been. To that end, I have never learned the Cooking side-profession on him in the nearly 14-15 years he’s existed. Not just left at 1 skill, not even unlocked. During Warlords of Draenor, I stuck one of those Cooking “unlock Warlords of Draenor cooking” books in the bank to stop it from dropping off of every other mob. It’s still there, and it will never be touched.

Do your characters have any such quirks like that, that you feel obligated to stay faithful to?


This is a fun question!

My tauren druid Tarhoof is very reluctant to take the life of something without a good reason. So I’d often Hibernate and Root enemies (usually just beasts) if I ever had aggro while travelling on the ground between questing.

She is also a scribe, so when I learned that the drop source for the Glyph of the Doe came from randomly from killing deer in Val’sharah I bypassed trying to get that glyph because I couldn’t justify Tarhoof going on a deer-killing spree. :joy:


My fire mage always goes with a sword for her weapon. She’s particularly attached to the Horseman’s Slicer and the Pumpkin warriors it summons.

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None of my Night Elf characters will willingly attend a tauren chieftan’s concert.

“Death from the Power of the Horde” hits too raw a nerve.


Well, to throw another of mine in there.

This one ends up being an actual gameplay handicap, if a small one. My Tauren Death Knight, Beraine Shatterhorn, is very, very proud of her strength. Although she’s willing to use the Death Knight powers to bolster her strength and assault her enemies, there is one hard line she refuses to cross.

She absolutely does not, never has, and never will fight with risen minions. It’s a good thing she never went Unholy spec. But it is a little bit awkward now that “Raise Dead” is right there at the top of the Class side of the Talent Tree, so everyone gets access to it. That button goes unpushed, and always has. And unless something changes in her very brutal, very aggressive attitude… there’s a good chance it never will.

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I guess you could say a few of my characters have “quarks”. I’m not sure if this particular one has any off the top of my head. Though his brother is a ranger and refuses to use anything but his Bow and his axe. They are symbols of his connection to the Wilds as his Kaldorei family.

Actually, my Wildhammer DK has a similar thing. He was raised as a Frost Death Knight, as such I rarely use the Blood or Unholy Specs. One of the few times was for the Legion Artifact. During his training after he was raised into undeath he never quite mastered razing a corps, though it was able to control some.

Primarily playing non-meta or most efficient builds.

Best example I can think of, is Lone Wolf for marks hunters the most efficient or useful talent, especially in PvP? No, or at least not lately. Do I run it with every character that is suppose to embody just a plain archer, long bowman, hunter, Farstrider, etc? Absolutely.

Similarly if I have a certain spec that fits that character the most, they’re not changing from that spec. Doesnt matter how good or bad it is. My Draenei mage has been arcane and arcane only for the past 10 years.

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I think this qualifies:
I hate being wet. I hate swimming, being rained on, ect. I love it now but as a kid i hated showering. Haeven avoids water like the plague. I have backups for my backups for waterwalking. Will go out of my way to avoid getting in water over ankle deep. And when i do i get mad for a second. Definitely quirk.

Not sure if it is a quirk exactly, but when I first created my Albino Echey’ here he also had a doppelganger who was all black. I didn’t quite have his backstory or even much rp at the time. However I started collecting only White pets on Echey’ and only Black ones on the other. Not entirely sure why I guess I wanted a challenge.

To be fair while a lot of the Pet Families have either a white or black skinned mold, surprisingly not all of them do. So over the years I had to miss out on some families. Raptors for one example. which is odd, as they had the Ivory Raptor Mount.

Even to this day I rarely tame a pet on Echey’neahok that is not some share of white. I do tame a few on other Hunters though. The few I can name is:
– Black Lion from Barrons near Ratchet,
– Purple Draco Chromehound
– Crystalfang the Red Shale Spider
– Striped Purple Sandreaver
– A pair of Pink Elekks from the Brewfest Holiday.
None of these are used in RP.

Not by intention, but my insistence in wearing casual clothing or minimal armor actually coincides with the fact that paladins are pretty soft outside of their defensives.

In effect I die easy because I’m hardly wearing any armor.

Such interesting stories :smile:
I got a nelf priest who I refuse to play anything but disc on her, as her story is about losing faith in Tyrande after the Night Warrior fiasco, whom she has idolized since she was a child. And she will only wear one outfit, which is the mooncloth robe.

My Sindorei hunter, Ivylith, always plays with one or both phoenix pets out. Her story consists of being a former phoenix tamer and master in Tempest Keep until circumstances separated her from it all. Now a Darkfallen, she always has one or both with her. Who needs a lust pet when you got pretty birds :joy:

Last example is my true main, Nyte Shadeforest, a Kaldorei follower of Ashamane (Druid). She doesn’t stop to think before continuing her path of vengeance on the Horde for the loss of Teldrassil. Therefore, ingame I tend to just dive into wpvp in WM. Sometimes I come out on top, sometimes I don’t :joy:

I hope to see more sharing here!


I don’t like changing helms if I can’t get to a transmogrifier in short order. It doesn’t come up a lot since the last few expansions have had 2-handers as BIS for druids, but Ephram uses spears whenever possible.