RP on Bloodsail Buccaneers? Yes!

I see this a lot, but there is RP on Bloodsail! And i’d like to help you find it!

I create a calendar each month that I post to the two RP discords, my own guild discord, and the server discord to keep everyone up to date on the OPEN RP events!

If you know of any I miss, then please do let me know so I can add them! Its my hope to help our community find the RP they crave no matter the guild of choice!

As of September 2021, these are the events I know of:

Alliance RP Events

Taken Candle Tavern
SW Park/Shadowmoon
A Tavern night run by the Lotus Accord

Drunken Friar
A Tavern night run by the Church of Bob

Felhounds Rest Tavern (Oh hey, thats me!)
SW Park/Varied (We now host a pub crawl once a month to hit different player run taverns!)
A Unique tavern with a openness to all types of character. The only Law is set by the owner and Bouncers creating a place where even a demon can let their hair go aflame. Run by Felhounds Rest

Strongale Saloon
Varied Locations (Announced the day of Shatt/SW)
Run by a not-a-warlock gnome with more puns and attitude then you can handle and some crazed staff that will have you rolling! Run by Strongale Company

Upcoming events from the guild <The Shan’ari> that run twice a month based around draenei customs and lore.

There is also yearly server wide events such as the Noblegarden Gala (2 yrs running!) and the Hallows Eve Fair! Hosted and run by multiple rp guilds that work together to offer fun, prizes, and rp for all to enjoy!

Keep a eye out, October is nearly here and we’ll be announcing the continuation of the Spiders Web and Hallows Eve Festival in the coming weeks!

Horde RP Events

Echos of Eversong
Silvermoon City/BootyBay
A Guild that run tavern nights in Silvermoon or Bootybay weekly!

Grannykiss Storytime
Monday & Friday
Stories from Grannykiss, twice a week!

These are all the ones I currently am aware of! As you can see, there is near daily events and we hope to see more! <3 To see more events and keep up with rp events, I highly suggest joining the Server Discord or one of the RP Discords. And please join the in game channel, /join RP This will help greatly!

Good luck and interesting stories to you all!


RP discord link (Buccaneers Bay) discord.gg/FD5RnzDfVm