RP in Orgrimmar and Silvermoon

(Kurukwa) #39

Oh it’s totally a melting pot. I mean, just look at each area in Org. We got a place for Goblins, Trolls, Tauren and Orcs… with some hobo Forsaken. I’m personally happy more Elves have come to Org to RP. I always hated how “exclusive” RP for elves felt. I always had to travel to SMC, and I was the odd man out. Or cow. Whatever.

(Chakris) #40

Im a morning rper, so my hotspot is org and occasionally port of zuldazar. Smc is deserted in the am :frowning:

(Sarestha) #41

I salute you, sir, for putting the “Moo” back in “SilverMOOn”

(Kurukwa) #42

MOOve over. There’s a new sheriff in town.

(Grumaar) #43

I remember when BC first opened up and how awkward - and fun - it was to bring an orc into SMC. Though I imagine the same thing could be applied to a blood elf coming to Orgrimaar seeing as the architecture is decidedly Orcish. I like the idea of it being kind of a big deal to go into someone else’s backyard. Same thing with bringing an Orc to Thunder Bluff or any of the tribals into Undercity. It brings a certain vibe to it.

(Zenrao) #44

Yeah honestly I don’t see the more obnoxious kind of RP that got big in MoP on Horde anymore. I get that that’s contradicted by the fact that someone came here to say they do it, but I swear OP, it’s not common.

(Versca) #45

Now I’m wondering what that skateboarding orc is up to these days :skateboard::thinking:

(Ariiah) #46

I have a Blood Elf Hunter who is …potentially very obsessed with Dinosaurs. She studies them, having been a passionate scholar of dinos since she got mauled by a pair of raptors in Arathi when she was quite young! And perhaps strangely, she is capable of getting preeeetty close to dinosaurs, even living among them for weeks on end in her quest to spread understanding and respect for the saurian species around all of Azeroth!

…she also has numerous dinosaur companions. A Pterrordax hatchling quite often liked to roost in her hair.

She’s a lovely lady but …understandably, might be considered a bit weird in the eyes of most.

She’s been writing a compendium about dinosaurs, and has considered making it into a series of volumes because she has -so many observations-.

Oh, and she generally doesn’t stay in cities long. She …gets a bit uneasy around people, these days. Trust issues since most everyone she meets seems unhinged. (AKA everyone seems to be a killer, not a lover). xD

Wait, what’s this about a skateboarding orc?

(Grumaar) #47

Wonder if his name was Michoangelozug

(Versca) #48

I honestly don’t remember if this was on WRA or MG but what I do remember is that the conversation quickly devolved into the two of us saying Skater Boy lyrics back and forth at the displeasure of anyone else that happened to be around sorry not sorry this is the RP I live for.

(Daiklave) #49

OP here. Sorry for being so quiet. Your replies have me really excited to get started on WrA. I might move my orc there. I’ll have to change his name though.

Oh man. (reading very carefully now)

(Zenrao) #50

What does this mean?

(Daiklave) #51

I want to know what you’re referring to, so I’m reading closely to catch up. lol

(Zenrao) #52

Ohh :ok_hand:

(Daiklave) #53

I finally finished the thread. I appreciate all of the replies and look forward to hitting up WrA.

(Dineran) #54

Case in point, Dinah here swears like the pirate brigand she is. XD

(Daiklave) #55

Money’s tight so I’ve decided to start a new orc instead of transferring over. Anyone who wants his name is welcomed to say hello if they see him noobing it up in Durotar. :smiley:


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(Raynell) #57

I used to thumb my nose at Org RP but man it’s so much better than how insufferably stuffy and sparse SMC has become. That and having to stare at BC era pixels sort of wore on me. UPDATE US BLIZZ


I was just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool on my Zandalari once. Just fishing.

Dude came up, started fishing near me, and we RP’d a little. Was kinda rad.