[RP EVENT] The Racket Rumble (March 29th 8pm Server!)

:fist_right:t4: THE RACKET RUMBLE :fist_left:t4:

Welcome to the Racket Rumble!

What is the Racket Rumble?
A not-so-secretive and exclusive open monthly Fight Night for some of the best dirtiest brawlers Azeroth has to offer that runs within Stormwind City! The location of each fight night changes, so please make sure you're keeping your eye out for the next one!

Hosted by Josie Fox
Sponsored by The Pyrewood Racket

:rotating_light: In Character Hooks :rotating_light:

Around the City, flyers would start to be handed out by some shady-looking individuals. Whispers of a Fight Night would be offered to those who know the right person.


IC Rumors

It will be located behind the large House near the Embassy on a picnic blanket!
The winners of each fight will win gold!
The last fight of the evening will be a special one!

Josie Fox and the Pyrewood Racket are not responsible for any injuries caused by the bouts.

OOC Information

Date: Wednesday, March 29th
Time: 8PM Server
Location: The Picnic mat behind the large House near the Embassy in Stormwind

Contact Us!

Ingame Name: Josiefox
Discord Name: Winterfang#0018
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FQEh4VU?event=1057108366293483521
More Information: https://racketrumble.carrd.co


Key will be there with her totally legal goodsβ„’.

She’ll have a variety of dusts: tinyurl.com/rumbledrug
And she’ll have some additional goodies: tinyurl.com/rumblegoods

There may or may not be some rumors of Josie plushies floating around for the Rumble.


We are still accepting fight sign-ups!

You can sign up to fight here, in our discord, or at the event! Just drop your IC name and OOC name there for us!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/FQEh4VU

This is in just about 30 minutes! Come have some fun and watch some fights with us tonight!