[RP Community-Kingdom of Stromgarde]

A piece of parchment can be seen posted around Alliance capitals, garrisons, and outposts around Azeroth stamped with a red fist insignia known by many as the symbol of strength, independence, and patriotism…

What’s up Moonguard!

Ive been seeing a whole lot of my fellow Stromic RPers around Stormwind these days. I see this as a perfect opportunity to set up an RP community for us, and anyone that wants to come and hang out with us. I have established a very small discord so far and will continue to grow it as time goes on. This is NOT meant to be an exclusive community, so if other players, even Horde types that want to PvP in the Arathi Highlands want to reach out, come on over!!!

For those perhaps unfamiliar, Stromgarde has a long history and established lore dating back to WC2 and have been widely regarded as one of the most formidable alliance related kingdoms on the continent. They also fell on a lot of hard times over the course of WC3 basically until the Fourth War. They also have a Holy Light background. So, if you want to take a crack at making an alt and try something different, now is a great time.

What I would like to us achieve:

1: Monthly events/start a campaign with interested players
2: Get us out of Stormwind a bit and back on the front where we belong
3: Grow a small but quality RP community

See you all soon!
|Discord link- KUeGD9EbXG|