[RP-A] Boos and Booze Halloween event this weekend!


Boos & Booze is the first big event hosted by the Valabar, a tavern on MoonGuard owned by Kass and Eilleanda Valanar.

Who currently have a debate going on…

Who is more superior, vampire or werewolf?

A celebration for All Hallow’s Eve on October 24th

  • 8 PM MoonGuard server time
  • Stormglen Villiage, Gilneas
  • Cross faction & server

JOIN US for a night of spoops!

  • Walk around the fairgrounds, visiting every vendor/stand
  • Haunted trail tours held through out the night
  • Costume contest
  • end the night under Tal’doren with the MONSTER MASH!!


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Here’s ya’lls first heart for an epic event! <3 #excited

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Not sure I’ll have time because there’s a bunch of events going on for other stuff that I previously committed to, but I wanted to let you know that if I can’t make it, it’s not because of lack of interest! It’s because I’m a terrible scheduler!

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Event on the 24th , let’s party it up!