Rough M+ Affixes for Disc--Grievous + Spiteful

Not even going to run M+ this week… just like last week.

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Just told a hunter in an 11 theres no healers because people cant help but stand in stuff and not interrupt the big shots, thats why theres no healers.

He told me no and said something.

Like, theres spiteful. Put down a tar trap ONCE IN A WHILE. Theres a guy away from the tank, PUT HIM IN AN ICE TRAP ONCE IN A WHILE.

They did do good dps, so I’m happy about that. Its just horrible when you get these guys doing 2k dps who just take nonstop damage and arent using half their abilities. Its frustrating.

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There’s ways to deal with the affix, but it’s the biggest time waster on some maps. Healers can’t drink for 12s after everything dies.

Then you throw Grievous on-top to make you have to spend twice as much mana to full health people and make Pridefuls extremely hard.

Not worth the hassle.

Yeah. I don’t really feel like drinking a huge number of mana potions anymore. Even that isn’t enough to keep it moving anyway. Maybe when they buff divine hymn? or its… symbol of hope I think. The mana one.

I dunno. Just not worth the trouble. I’ll do some lower ones where ppl can be stupid and its still not hard.

Lol just made a group called Its Grevious we dont want to play stop asking.

Getting so many whispers.

Lol. It’s weeks like this that “Appear Offline” comes in handy. This needs to be a feature with your guild as well though, sigh. I’d probably not have left half the guilds I’ve joined if this was a feature–well, and one that also made your character invisible to others on your server, lol.

Strange thing to want.

It’s an age thing, I think, if you follow.

I think nail color has a positive impact on ability for priest.

Yea I did a 15 NW and the DPS weren’t on top of interrupts and I could never get a drink going. Pretty much have to survive with what you have between each pride

I managed a few keys yesterday but it was rough. The tank dropped after dying once in one key–and three quarters the way through when we might have timed–and prior to that with only one death. In another the tank also left halfway through. There were no offheals, and going into pride with zero mana and mana pots on cd was not fun. Some melee were consistently getting hit by spiteful.

My guess is it will get better soon. People or rather puggers anyhow, usually catch on after a day or two. With guild groups, you just never know.

This week sucks so much. Did my 4 weekly keys and called it good

Well, damn girl. You wimping out? I have healed more than 15 keys this week as disc, baby. Some were fine, to be honest, but lots of puggers out there continue, well… Clueless… Lol!

Go help the cause and comment here:

I did a 14 for the vault and ten 12-10s for another vault. I like to get 3 choices, it also helps other ppl who need a healer.

I can’t see a reason to go above 14 though, so… I just don’t.

It can get really bad though, just depends who is in the group.

I healed a 16 with a friend of mine tanking on a bear. Two of us thought it was a 15 though, and did not even look at the timer the whole run… These guys were uber though, and I did not have to stop to get mana more than once or twice. It was amazing!!! I also healed a two chester 15 at Mists, but the deeps had some serious skill and got all of the kicks. Unbelievable!

I can’t find any good pugs. I just sit in the group finder getting a bunch of 1k IO huntards and warriors

Yeah, if you can avoid melee, do so. And huntards? Most never learn, but I dunno. Best tank this week is probably bear if you have a choice.

When is bear not the best choice haha.

I do prefer DH for the magic damage though. Gotta make my parses

Most Alliance DHs run or fly out of range of heals at some point most runs. That earns them a spot on my avoid list. Some are good though–horde ones with good scores rock.

Just did a 2, 4, 5 to help some newbs out. Wonderful

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It is fairly brutal. Timed a +12 HoA - but it seems that some still don’t understand you have to cc the spiteful mobs and can’t stand in junk for more than a second or two or you’re dead. Period. The second boss in SD is absolutely terrible this week.