Rotations are boring

We need more dynamic combat that will enourage the use of different ablilities and buttons but also enhances team synergy.

They could add a combo system where you uses certain abilities in combination which will trigger an effect. For example, if I press rampage 3 times consecutively then my next whirlwind does a knockdown. They could add team combos like if a warrior does rallying cry, the next chain heal invigorates the team with more damage or whatever. Maybe you have a team full of light magic users which synergizes each other or a warrior hunter combo that can synergize like Legolas and Gimli, like when charge is used the next hunter aimed shot on the charged target is instant cast after using disengage.

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you are in the wrong game and wrong genre.


Seriously lol 20 year old game is NOT modernizing ever dude

And that’s ok

May I suggest you play FFXIV? I mean of course not, but at least that game has what you’re talking about in Limit Breaks.


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I might try it. Everyone keeps suggesting it. Thanks!

sounds like a balancing nightmare

Your name needs some vowels.

Unless you’re Jewish and actually speak Hebrew.

In that case, carry on.

Well what genre is it? They keep moving towards an esports oriented style and less rpg.

I don’t think your in the wrong game, just try healing. It’s more dynamic.

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Players already have hard time stoping a cast and pressing W for 2 sec. We have more than enough ‘‘dynamic combat’’.

The thing is that rotations are essentially priority lists nowadays. I don’t know if I could tell you of a spec that is a rotation and not just a priority/flow chart based on cooldown/mob health conditionals. Perhaps disc priest would be enjoyable for you, but know that it is changing in 10.2.