Rookie RP looking for patient guild

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing wow for a while, but I’ve decided to try the RP now.
Looking for a horde guild that’s patient with new Rp players, because i’m kinda lost in game rn.
I plan on making a Sylvanas loyalist Belf and haven’t found any loyalist guilds yet so I decided to ask.
If there aren’t any I could just keep it on low profile, the important thing is I want to learn how to RP and would really love the help of a guild. Thank you everyone!


I unfortunately can’t help so much with ‘new’ player filled guilds, but theres all types of guilds for RP, there’s plenty you can discover if you go to Silvermoon, for Belf specific guilds or just the Valley of honor for a general everyone guild.


Welcome to the RP community! I don’t think you should have any trouble with most guilds, especially if you just let them know that you’re learning how to roleplay. I’ve had a lot of good experiences with folks on this server since I’ve transferred here!

I can’t think of any Sylvanas loyalist guilds off of the top of my head, (I think I saw a few some months back, but I’m not sure how many active ones are still out there.) but if you’re up for trying out other guild themes while having the loyalist thing be a secondary aspect of your character’s story exploration, here is a directory of some of the active Horde guilds: Horde Guild Directory Thread

I also highly recommend the following addons:

Total Roleplay 3 (This is one of the most-used addons for roleplay. It allows roleplayers to make custom profiles for their characters, and tends to be an easy indicator of who roleplays. Not everyone who roleplays has this addon or one like it, but a large number do. There is also a separate add-on called TRP Extended (you still have to download TRP 3 separately - it doesn’t come WITH TRP 3 included) that adds additional features.)

Cross RP (Allows you to see the profiles of people of the opposite faction, and lets you know when the item Elixir of Tongues is about to expire. Elixir of Tongues is a potion sold in the sewers in Legion Dalaran by a goblin that allows you to speak to and understand players on the opposite faction when they speak in /say, /yell, and /emote.)

Listener (At events or in areas where a lot of people are roleplaying at once, your chat box can get filled up easily. This addon helps you distinguish who is talking to you / people you’re trying to see the responses of / brings up a certain subject /etc. It highlights words of interest and you can add custom words of interest (by default, it highlights your character’s name or parts of their full name) and makes an instant message-like noise when it detects a word of interest, or when the person you have targeted says something or does an emote.)

I hope that any of this has helped! I also really recommend keeping an eye on the forums for public events. A lot of people host open roleplay events that anyone can attend. Some are faction-specific, but most are neutral. It’s a great way of getting to meet new people, and practice getting a better idea of who your character is.

What’s nice about events is that you can often meet potential guilds you’d want your character to join, and there’s no pressure or commitment to join. You might just spend an afternoon roleplaying with a group from a particular guild and think to yourself, “You know, these people really reflect a lifestyle that I would want my character to live! I should ask about joining.”

Like with anything else, roleplay just takes practice and trial and error. It’s also very normal for you to start out with one idea of who your character is, and to wind up with them being totally different as you start roleplaying with them regularly. That happens to me all the time!

Ultimately, just go with what feels “right” for what you enjoy for your character and their story, and don’t give up if at first the learning curve seems a little challenging! Yeah, there’s a lot of things to be learned: Character building, lore, etc., but the majority of people don’t expect perfection.

Honestly, roleplay anxiety reminds me a lot of “new job anxiety”. People tend to worry a lot about performance, their skill level/capacity, and how well they’ll be able to do all the tasks, but really the most important part of doing well is just showing up consistently, trying your best, and having a positive attitude!

As long as you keep putting your character out there and initiating interactions regularly with other folks, you’ll do just fine!


Is an amazing guild that loves to help out new players, we have several members who are brand new to RP and sometimes even the game itself! And we absolutely hold a stress free, no pressure outlook in terms of guild activity. We want members to take their time and feel comfortable in the game and with their guild.

Everyone is very very helpful too, we try to help whenever we can and have something akin to almost 2 events a week, though events are always optional and real life always comes first! You can contact myself or Shaysynn in game or even look us up on the guild finder and drop us an app if you can’t find anyone online!

Welcome to RP! I hope you find what you’re looking for either way!


Honestly, most guilds I’ve encountered have been pretty understanding of new players. The trick, as with anything, is finding the guild you jibe with.

If you’re looking for guild that would accept Sylvanas loyalists, though, that is definitely something worth considering. She’s kind of public enemy #1 at the moment. If you’re low profile with it, though, most organizations shouldn’t mind.

I know the Royal Apothecary Society has its share of loyalists, although it might be more a matter of the guild’s RP stance being pro-Forsaken, no matter who’s in charge.

And in Firebrand Enterprises, we could care less about your political affiliations so long as it doesn’t get in the way of business. Goblin brand hyper-capitalism often has a way of making a mockery of peoples’ deeply held convictions and ideologies…

We are a larger guild, which can be overwhelming for a lot of people staring out, but we’re active and have a large potential pool of contacts to draw from, including a handful of people new to RP! We’ve also recently revised our intake process to help better ease new hires into the whole thing!

But as mentioned before in the thread, you should definitely shop around by looking at guild ads, hanging out in the VoH, and attending some events to see what jumps out at you!

And welcome to the wild and wacky world of WrA RP!


Nazgorak plays a Mantid who is accepted at places such as the teahouse & at SWU events. If a Mantid can find a welcome where Pandaren hang out, so can you.


Nazgo’rak is very thankful that he hasn’t been maced with bug spray as often as he expected to be! Non-insectoids really aren’t so bad! :laughing: (Seriously, it’s so adorable how sweet people have been. It warms my heart, and gives me all of the fuzzy feels. :heart: I’m a sucker for unexpected friendship-type stories. [Disney’s Fox and the Hound “Best of Friends” song plays in the background.] I really didn’t expect things to pan out that way, but I was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events. )

There are a lot of sweet people on this server. :smile: